Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, which captures images with elongated fields of view (in the form of photograph). An image showing a field of view of approximation, or greater than, that of the human eye – about 160 ° by 75° – may be termed panoramic. Although panoramic photograph is a generic technique in photography, digital photography (image capture and / or possess post) enables the development of computerized technique (algorithms and software) to sew single rows or multiple individual images into a single image high resolution with a large field of view. The below we will show-off 40 Examples of Panorama Photography.

Panoramic Photographs is a special photography technique, also known as wide-angle photography, different vote’s cameras are using the same, photographers use special lenses to make these photos, and they also use better photo tools for this and point Auto and Photoshop. Panoramic photos can be extremely beautiful when properly capture the photo because it gives a full perspective of a demanding landscape. A panoramic photo is simple all images that have two or more shots stitched together to make it appear as a great photograph.

Creating a panorama is very useful if you do not have super wide lenses, as often you can achieve a similar effect. Shooting Panoramic Images can be an impressive type of photography and, when done right, can create truly stunning images.Panoramic images not only have to be horizontal, you can also combine images vertically. Many try to capture a full 360 ° of its environment, and some examples of Panoramic Photo Showcase are shown in the pictures below.

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