Whenever someone discusses about the JQuery it directly relates to image carousels creation. The popular jCarousel was released in 2006; it was the same year when jQuery was released. However with increase of users now working on mobile devices for their internet browsing on iPads, iPhones and the like it becomes compulsory for jQuery plugins to support an awesome user experience on all devices. Here are best responsive Image Carousel Plugins that one can adapt for mobile and tablet devices.

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Free Responsive Image Carousel Plugins

bxSlider – Free Download


bxSlider is fully responsive, can be adapted by any device. You can use it in different modes like vertical, horizontal and fade as well. These slides consist upon video, HTML content and images as well. A swipe support is built in with an advanced touch that uses transitions for slide animation. Moreover it entertains the user with bending features like small file size, easy to implement and fully themed. This supports all major browsers like Chrome, iOS, Firefox, IE7+ and Safari too. Users also have tons of configuration options.

FilmRoll: jQuery Carousel – Free Download

FilmRoll: jQuery Carousel

A lightweight jQuery plugin that develops a carousel that emphasize upon one item concentrating in the view. This has the revolving features like employing CSS classes for simple transitions and styling. This provides next and previous buttons and pagination automatically and centers on an item in a view. Until now swipe is not available, but it will be as it defaults for auto scroll with pause on hover.

OWL Carousel – Free Download

OWL Carousel

OWL Carousel is touched enabled jQuery Plugin that permits users to create an attractive responsive carousel slider. Users will enjoy with it as it proffers bundle of features like mouse slide events, CSS3 3d transitions, JSON, completely customizable, custom events, selects the number of items to be shown. One can use multiple sliders, responsive touch events and custom events. Also you can have helpful callbacks.

CarouFredSel – Free Download



CarouFredSel is fully simple and amazingly powerful as well as flexible to include carousels to your website. One can use both WordPress Plugins and jQuery on millions of sites to boost up their contents. You can do easy Carousels in jQuery & WordPress. In wordpress Carousels gives thousands times better impression. It holds the awesome power of the carouFredSel jQuery plugin and combines wordpress so one can create numerous carousels on the WordPress site without influencing any code. You just need to upload your images, then resize them and include some captions and then go ahead.

Responsive CSS3 Slider – Free Download

Responsive CSS3 Slider - Free Download

iOS devices never work with labels properly. It indicates if someone does click upon a labe,l it must highlight the object is for. One can easily replicate the entire element using: target in spite of :checked that will be resolve the problem rather indicate just have 1 particular feature per page.

Amazing Carousel – Free Download

Amazing Carousel - Free Download

A stunning Carousel known as amazing carousel that is very easy to use on Mac App & Windows and it supports users to create a circular responsive jQuery Carousel as well as jQuery Image Scroller. You can publish carousel as WordPress Carousel plugin, Drupal Carousel Module and Joomla Carousel Module.

Jssor Slider – Free Download

Jssor Slider - Free Download

A slider with both jQuery Slider Plugin without jAuery version known as jSSor Slider associated in touch swipe image slider with 360+ JavaScript slideshow effects. This slider will freeze and then hover to the direction that indicates swipes to.

SlidesJS – Free Download

SlidesJS - Free Download

This is the best responsive slideshow plug-in for jQuery (1.7.1+) comprising features such as CSS3 transitions and touch. You can check this by giving it a try.

Cycle2 – Free Download

An exclusive versatile slideshow plugin used for jQuery built for an easy use. This supports a declarative starting style that permits complete customization without any scripting. Cycle2 includes the plugin, announce your markup and Cycle2 just do the rest. This comprise numerous features like fully declarative, fully responsive, support all browsers, easy customization and dynamically extensible and smart. Though this has out of the box functionality for captions, pagers, overlays and next/prev controls.

Cycle2 - Free Download

Also this supports for swipe gestures on mobile devices and you can enjoy scroll, fade, shuffle, carousel and tile transitions. Cycle2 also entertains users with bookmarkable slides and much more. A large number of demos in this suite employ fluid slideshow designs it can adjust slideshow as window resized. This can be achieved by an elegant style rule such as cycle-slideshow { width: 45% }. The slideshows can be used with fluid width or fixed width or they can be selected to media query breakpoints.