Successful businesses, especially online, are in constant need to introduce new technology and hash out powerful innovations in order to stay on top. Especially when the offer itself does not really change, it is quite hard to constantly reinvent the features and services offered. One industry that knows these problems quite well, is the online casino business. Gambling sites are all about one thing: entertainment by casino games and the chance of huge winnings.

This has not changed since the first online casinos went online in 1994. For them it is imperative to constantly update their games and features in order to keep the tables busy. We dove into the online casino world and took a look at the latest innovations and features.

innovations and features

More realism

More realism

One thing every online casino is concerned with is the effort to make the Casino games on their sites more believable, more realistic.
Better graphics, especially the jump from 2D to 3D engines did worlds of good, but also sound design and realistic physics engines found their way to the gambling tables.

The top casino took a step even further into the real word. What could be more realistic than a real game? Nothing! So, the providers built real gambling tables, placed webcams and hired real croupiers and dealers to host the game. Take a look at live games of playtech brands and get an idea how far the sites are willing to go in order to provide a realistic gambling experience.


gambling tables

Better Usability

Better Usability

The habits of computer users are evolving constantly – just look at how different operating systems and browser look today in comparison to five years ago. More intuitive navigation, tap browsing, touch screen features etc. make any online experience today easier and more comfortable than ever before. Of course, online casinos need to keep up. Many players complained about complicated navigation or confusing game sites.

The providers took this criticism to heart and are constantly shifting the design and code in order to improve usability. Playtech, the leading company when it comes to online casino software, just released the next generation of casino software, which includes multi-window gaming, easier cashier features and better support. Most of the features are know from the newest operating systems or browsers and are a nod especially to Android and iOS users. 

And, of course, games, games games

The easiest way to stay on top of the online casino food chain is to release a stream of new games. New rule variations of classic games like roulette or blackjack, new arcade games or some exotic Asian game of chance are a sure fire way to keep the tables busy. Especially the slots are perfect for new technology and innovations. New interactive extra and bonus features that are often small games by itself, new ways to align the symbols and, of course, new themes emerge literally every week.

Marvel heroes

Thus, we now see practically all Marvel heroes right beside James Bond and the gladiator from the movie with the same name. While the underlying system never really changes, a new superhero theme or snippets from a successful movie create a whole new gambling experience.