Concept of Design Collaboration

For designers, collaborating and sharing design concepts can be frustrating. The process is often initiated over email, while we wait for feedback and sort through comments and revision notes. However, there’s a wealth of excellent collaboration tools to make it easier to get feedback and approve artwork in a timely, professional manner. For freelancers or small agencies on a tight budget, these free tools can make sharing design concepts in real time a breeze, without breaking the bank.

Know About Prevue the Amazing Design Sharing Tool

prevue design sharing tool

Prevue is a fully featured app that lets you upload and share concepts with your clients. You can add your own logo, upload your designs and start sharing quickly and easily. The feedback is in the form of annotations on each image. Prevue also boasts password protection for secure, private projects. Though accounts are free, there is an option to upgrade for extra features and space.

Concept of Design Sharing Tools for Ideas Display

Design sharing tools are the way to present your ideas, concepts and your pictures and get online feedback. This is a public procedure to hold a design project and share multiple flavors:

  • Sharing Work of Art
    Some inspiring design projects, innumerable design artifacts like mockups, style tiles, prototypes, sketches and other tools too.
  • Bits and Pieces
    Some particular design sharing tools just distribute teasers, previews of the venture. Let’s pay attention upon the cropped previews on limited trailer snippets or Dribbble for the next movie.
  • Alphas
    Some reasonably give a link to the project at its latest level.
  • Sharing stories
    Some projects carve up progress by discussing stories of techniques, process and lessons learned.
  • Sharing tools
    Some exciting organizations, projects use the sharing tools for best results.

Advantages of Designing in the Open

Advantages of Designing in the Open

When it comes to the design sharing tools innumerable concepts and multiple online feedback resources come into your mind from the whole world.


  • Avail Tips, Resources and techniques from Community
    Communities are the best place for taking advice and sharing resources. If someone works on post discussion, a specific tool or challenge, the community can reply with energetic resources, solutions and worthy advice.
  • Collect feedback
    If someone is searching for feedback then share your design procedure because this can be a useful way of getting the community responses to design directions and more.
  • Develop Community and Interest
    By sharing work samples, under progress work one can gain followers and fans of their desired next project.
  • The Makers of Indie Game
    Though movie was very religious about discussing their process and progress as they edited and filmed and again its effect, a huge community came into existence of those people who are interested in their project. With the passage of time they announced the film, they had summative millions of people who were wild to buy the project.
  • Present Yourself as innovators and Leaders
    Lead by an illustration by sharing how someone is accessing your project.
  • Have an Influence Far Beyond the Scope of User Project
    The most powering altruistic advantage of web designing in the open is that it supports concern people in their required work. The entire replicates very elegantly back on user and their client.
  • Drop the Big Reveal
    You and your preferred customers can learn how to feel comfortable with sharing works in progress and working leading additional continuous and iterative procedures.
  • Link-up Design Decisions
    Through design sharing tools one can describe in better way why particular decisions were made, reasons to avoid directions and why final results came out the way it did. This is dynamically useful in the major organizations with innumerable pseudo-stakeholders conjecturing why they weren’t asked?
  • Assigned to the Project
    Designs need a proper public attention; by designing publicly, people are involving the audience away from people staying around a meeting room table. Users become in more consideration to additional people that lights a fire under user asses to check the project through.

Web Design to Get Online Feedback

Nothing can become perfect until it is not criticized or get some feedback from people the same is with web design sharing tools, by using these sharing tools you can share your designs and give back online feedback. For designers this is significant to get critics and necessary piece of advice on how to make better designs. This is because they manage designs; create them that will be useful for some other people too. Obtaining an outside standpoint this helps spot problems and authenticates design choice.

With the web competency to connect us to people through the whole world, receiving feedback has never been simple. Users will find websites devoted to offering free design critiques and beneficial tools that can be used to organize usability testings with real people and check out the efficiency of design.

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