What is ChocolateChip-UI? How it Influences People?

If you are the one who want to make your own mobile web apps then you must get your opportunity with ChocolateChip-UI. This is the latest framework that helps to make mobile web apps. This covers three different elements CSS, semantic HTML5 markup and JavaScript. To create an app in successful mode using ChocolateChip-UI one requires at least judicious experience working with JavaScript. This is so one can deploy templates creating Ajax proposals and take a grip over callbacks for user interaction.

ChocolateChip-UI deploys semantic HTML5 markup and some features. One can customize CSS themes to make fit with the purposes. By using ChocolateChip-UI one can write one app with its exclusive layouts user interactions and widget. After this, you give the exact CSS theme for the positioned operating system.

Some Other Details of Chocolatechip – Users need

ChocolateChip-UI works on its own JavaScript library, Chocolate Chip for DOM manipulation, different Ajax requests etc. This is same like as jQuery. It was created particularly to makeover the creation of ChocolateChip-UI. This is ranked for mobile devices and small, in fact smaller than jQuery and concerning the same size as Zepto. This loads quickly; if you are the one, who loads jQuery on instant basis then must learn ChocolateChip.


Attuned with jQuery

As per the 3.0.3 one can deploy jQuery with ChocolateChip-UI. This stands with jQUery 2.0.3 if you are one who wants to use jQuery due to need of jQuery Plugin must be alert that the Plugin is attuned with the jQuery 2.0.3. If someone like to work on the earlier versions of jQuery then if you have any issues then support is not responsible for the encounter. This JavaScript framework does not include jQuery. If you want to use it you will need to cover it in your link of CDN or project.

Reasons to Use ChocolateChip-UI?

This is an amazizng framework for creating web apps. This provides users an attractive user experience of iOS 7 Windows Phone 8 and Android Jelly Bean. In addition, this is quick and executes all the users’ applications features and functions in quick mood as compare to other libraries. When minified Chocolate Chip-UI is extremely small and loads on instant basis. Having a quick loading framework is no doubt significant to get rid of the pondering that your app holds too long to introduce. This UI is created in a style to make users’ app feel snappy.

Wondering for the Name

If you are astonished about the name, it all started in quick time after the prelude of the first iPhone. The ChocolateChip JavaScript library was made-off for mobile web-development. It was designed for the confined than jQuery that it is. As it was so tiny and worthy to use it was named after a knob of chocolate. On the same moment, it was deployed to create a UI framework for mobile web apps. One will have good experience with this app using JavaScript framework.