A Guide toward Responsive HTML5 WordPress Framework – Reverie

Website is the hallmark of any business in these days because they give you that you expect. This is the way to spread news of your products to other people. If you want to build your own website without paying to any professional designer or to a programmer then use website builder techniques. With today’s new generation of website builders, you can find on internet the best websites that you ever want to design. Reverie is also the key to design an energetic website.

What is Reverie?

Reverie Framework is a dynamically versatile HTML5 WordPress framework contains on ZURB’s foundation, a worthy tool for creating prototypes on all types of devices. Reverie pursues HTML5 boilerplate standard and hNews microformat ready. This is ranked for Search Engine rather at the same moment improves readability. This is very simple and easy to create your blog, brochure, CMS, and some other types of sites with Reverie. Users can look some samples on ZURB and how they create these prototypes.

Reverie Framework covers all the cool features that one user needs from foundation and wraps with different other appealing features to rank up the experience for WordPress and HTML5. This includes customized productivity for WordPress menus and caption. Reverie develops Foundation’s grid to execute layouts. This is very simple and easy to begin building your desired layouts. Moreover, also you can read Foundation’s papers presentation for how to work on these dynamic and cool features.

Some Systematic and Useful Basic Features You Need to Know

Reverie Responsive HTML5 WordPress Framework


Basic Reverie features

  • This is ranked for SEO
  • Compulsory CSS includes users can use it as a final theme
  • HTML5 Boilerplate standard and this is hNews microformat ready.
  • Foundation documents are separate; users have the power to update Foundation without any issue. No doubt, this is always a fantastic concept to use some influential backups.

The Surpassing WordPress Features

  • Simple and clean image HTML productivity for TinyMCE, just class and alt are revisited. Post heading will be automatically deployed for alt.
  • Custom menu productivity for ZURB’s sub nav.
  • Custom filter pictures will dynamically cover images with figure tag.
  • This has two widgets one is footer and second is sidebar.
  • Custom caption productivity for HTMl5 figure and also figcaption tags.
  • Double menus footer information menu and top navigation menu
  • Template structure is influenced by roots. Separate loops grabbed from templates, for authentic WordPress practice.
  • This gives a good impression what if you do not want these features so you have the option to turn them off.
  • Multiple custom page templates are involved in the package. A folder name custom is deployed for storing all users’ custom page templates. Users can share their custom templates in the forum.
  • Moreover, this includes bbPress.php, compatible with bbPress 2.0. This gives good impression without styling, so look at the ThemeFortress to experience the forums.

Mobile Devices?

Reverie is also deployed for mobile devices! It is positive having the power of Foundation. Reverie uses general media query to maintain all types of devices starting from computers, tablets and phones as well.  Reverie is also use for optimization of iPad and iPhone too. Loading Pages and icons will be show off when you save your website as a stylish Home Screen app.

Reverie For Developers

This is also useful for the developers because it is an open source project and you can participate on GitHub. Discover a bug or have some piece of knowledge and advices, post them at GitHub for tracking.

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