What is Trigger.io?

Trigger.io is actually a multiplatform device for modifying HTML5 / JavaScript into applications for different devices iOS, Windows, Firefox, Android and Chrome. This is alike to Sencha, PhoneGap and Appcelerator rather claims to be quicker and much better.

How Trigger.io Works?

The working of trigger.io with apps is quiet amazing and preferable. This has a longtime action. It develops apps with best techniques like with Forge. This is the best framework that supports you to maintain supportive native applications for different platforms from a solo HTML5 codebase. It contains upon the JavaScript API that reveals device different features and UI components like Contacts, Tabbar Navigation, SMS and Topbar. Apart this service consisting upon the cloud to wrap your app for every platform that user prefer to support.

Triggor.io Link with Technology and Mobile Apps

Apps developed with the use of Framework are quiet native they can deploy different device features/UI elements and can be inserted to different galleries like Google Play and App Store. You HTML code works inside the native wrapper. The native covers the following:

  • Native UI elements like the topbar and tabbar
  • Executions of native characteristics like Contacts, SMS and Camera as well
  • A bridge linking JavaScript and native so that your JavaScript code can memorize Gorge API’s to hold up native features.
  • Your native wrapper is covered with color build service consist upon the configuration of your app, rather your code is never transferred to the servers.
  • This is a full-fledged extremely fast, patent-pending created procedure. On the other hand, users can even create iPad / iPhone deploying a Windows machine.
  • The native connecting is ranked up for high speed and the hallmark reflects it is up to 5x quickest as compare to alternatives.


Make Packages for the Apps and Sends it to App Store

A Meekest way to build Amazing Mobile Apps - trigger.io


The tools provided by the Trigger.io help users to pack up and sign to the applications prepared for submission to the App Store as well as Google Play. And once users get rid of the app for examining or in the stores, users can shove the updates to the HTML code in your app quickly with the use of Triger.io reload. Users can even recycle the same codebase to create for the web and experience to Heroku.

Triggor.io Has its Own Influence and Better than other

PhoneGap / Cordova

This is considered the best because it has multiple APIs that performs out-of-the-box wrapping up native UI modules and some cloud integrations with Flurry, Facebook, Parse and some others. The simple dev procedure that does not need users to maintain their machine for local accumulation.


The customers lets know the team about the dev procedure that is simpler without any requirement deploy a specific IDE such as Aptana that is familiar to users that you can reload much for the mobile web code and web as well. Reload supports you to update your mobile applications at web speed.

PhoneGap Build

Most creates with Triggor.io holds just a couple of seconds in spite of 2 minutes and are extensible worthy with custom modules and hooks as well.


Trigger.io has factual UI elements for the best and attractive impression and performance without any compromises mingles up the superb Best HTML5 and native experiencing Trigger.io native modules.

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