Ever wanted to own an online business? Having an online business is exciting. As the global recession is still ongoing, this type of business is very popular because it reduces expenditures such as commercial rates for hiring a shop. Like all businesses, there are many software programs that can be used. For a freelance writing business, the only software programs that is typically required is Microsoft Word. However, there are some programs that can be embraced by a huge number of companies that are then accessed on a cloud network. So, what programs are there that can play an active role at an online business?

Perfect for scheduling shifts

An online business typically has a huge workforce that is scattered around the world. When demand is high and a large order or important project has to be completed to a strict deadline, a business has to make sure that a sufficient number of people are assigned to it. Shift scheduling software can help in this situation because it can allocate the relevant number of staff. It doesn’t matter if a company has a huge workforce or only a handful on their payroll because it can be difficult appointing the right staff to a particular project. This software can bring peace of mind because, when a manager refers to it, they will know that enough staff are working together. When a minimal number of people are working on a project, those who are involved can be stressed but this doesn’t happen because of this software.

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Accounts can be updated

It is vital that a company’s accounts are kept up-to-date. If staff claim for expenses but they aren’t logged, it is inherently difficult to claim them back at the end of a tax year. When a company’s accounts are updated, it is very easy to file a return with HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). Accounting software can help in these situations, especially as they can be accessed on a cloud network. Receipts can be submitted by remote workers and accounts updated as soon as an invoice has been paid. When income is logged as soon as it is in a corporate bank account, a company knows which invoices are yet to be paid.


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Photos can be shared

There are many benefits to a software program that is able to share photos. Perfect for real estate or construction companies, the photos that are taken by surveyors and architects can be seen by everyone that is connected to a cloud network as soon as they have been uploaded. For companies that specialize in fitting kitchen and bathroom suites, photographs of key areas can be taken, such as proof that a gas cooker has been installed. Software programs such as this can also help to save time because copies of invoices and gas safety certificates can be taken until a physical copy has been brought into an office. Although the many software programs that have this function are free to download/purchase, a small fee might apply to those that have more features.