It’s a clear truth of this age that smartphones have replaced a lot on your photography package, they get your task done in no time and give you everything in one place, you no need to walk-through here and there to pick some of best tools to produce a nice piece of art but how to select a best camera phone? Of course smartphones have brought impressive improvements to photography world but selecting a best one is very difficult job as the mobile market is blasted with numerous smartphones with different features especially the Android camera phone market, however if we compare some famous Android manufacture, we will be able to conclude the result.

When you think about an Android phone to shoot, many names may come to mind especially the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One as it seems that most interesting fight of this year. Do you remember that last position of HTC for last year? It was not too good but now HTC looks very excited to compete their smartphone in the world even they introduced the trend of ultra pixel instead of mega pixel that is successful, an ultra pixel HTC One does pay attention of quality instead of quantity. The HTC One shines with just 4 megapixel camera but its Ultrapixel camera offers remarkable result that you can come up with.

The HTC One

The HTC One

The HTC One comes with, as I said above that, 4 megapixel camera that is UltraPixel, there’s also a 2 megapixel camera on the front of phone that usually can be used for video chat. The main UltraPixel camera of HTC One packs a CMOS BSI sensor and optical stabilization. You have 4x Digital zoom to enjoy with the phone.
You may think that HTC One’s camera is weak than the megapixel quality but it’s not true as the phone has larger pixel than the Samsung Galaxy S4 that are known as UltraPixels, it’s worthy to note that UltraPixels uses more space of senor, however the file size would be small. So you can take pictures with more light to capture something clear that you need, it’s all about brightness. Interface is resemble and it’s easy to navigate to switch features. You have the HTC Zoe toggle button to use on one side for quick access. The HTC One offers following modes:


  • Scene Mode (Normal, Portrait, Landscape, Backlight, Text, Macro)
  • Night Mode
  • HDR Mode
  • Sweep Panorama Mode
  • HTC Zoe (new mode)
  • Sequence shot
  • Always Smile
  • Object Remove

Many of modes are old, however HTC Zoe, sequence shot, always smile are new to me, the HTC Zoe newly introduced mode to make fun with photos, you can take 20 still frames with this mode in one period and even you can make a 3 second video. Another interesting mode is sequence shot that will turn into drama shot through Galaxy S4, it takes one moving object again and again.

The Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4

image credited by mobileutil

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 13 megapixel rear camera and 2 megapixel front camera, there’s a back-illuminated sensor in phone and you can stabilize the camera digitally. It has more megapixels but photo pixels that you take with phone are about half than the HTC One due to lack of UltraPixel quality. The zoom quality is same that you can get with the HTC One, 4x Digital zoom.

The interface of phone’s camera is simple, you can access to mostly features easily in no time that saves you valuable time, we should not compare the resolution quality of both because it’s same 1920×1080 (Full HD).

You get Auto Mode, Beauty Face, Best Photo, Best Face, Rich Tone, Panorama, Sports, Dual shot, Drama Shot, Animated Photos, Sound and Shot and Eraser. The Drama Shot, Animated photos, Sound and Shot are new to use. Drama Shot and Animated photos capture one moving object, however animated photos capture GIF file that gives you a still frame.

The Galaxy S4 also owns many brothers named Galaxy S4 mini, Galaxy S4 Active and Galaxy S4 Zoom. The Galaxy S4 Zoom is especially manufactured for photographers and offers many extra features. It’s best choice for dynamic photographers as it does not lag behind image quality.

samsung galaxy s4 mini I9190

image credited by gsmarena

So what to note?

Both are good camera phones, the Galaxy S4 grab attention with amazing balance while on the other hand HTC is worthy to try because of HTC Zoe. But what to do judge? Which is best smartphone for a photographer to spend the life? You can leave your thoughts using the comment section.