Top Amazing iOS 7 Features That Makes it isolated and Unique! Must Know

If you are one who is still unaware about the apple products then penetrate about iOS 7. It will let you know about the latest executive features of the Apple recent product. The new interface is sleek and a bit minimalistic expression all rather compiling a ton of new features that superbly set the iPhone apart through the competitors again.

Top Entertaining Features of iOS 7 that You Will Enjoy

Design – iOS 7

Design - iOS 7

The latest design will hit you first of all. Well Apple has been gone from many changes but the latest form is loaded with great attractions. The app icons are translucent to permit for a “there but no there” realization. Moreover it aids seeing the background more better  ever before. By passing light the way applications discloses and close has a sleekness to it. This is something that users’s are unable to see in the picture but the way apps unlocked and close, the process the phone locks and dims, the process users’s transform from one page to another page, the entire covers a smoothness.

Control Center – iOS 7

Control Center - iOS 7

iOS 7 no more better as compared to its previous versions but the introduction of Control Center has eliminated the need of the jailbreak. Through an instant swipe through bottom to top users experience access to airplane mode, Bluetooth toggle, screen lock, airplay, airdrop, wifi toggle, do not disturb, audio control and brightness. Now you can control your Bluetooth without having dive 3 menus because the app is the latest addition. Moreover new flashlight app is created by Apple. The control center is completely a useful tool and users will enjoy its performance.

Camera – iOS 7

Camera - iOS 7

I have experienced several camera apps but no one inspired me a lot as iOS 7 did. This time Apple has built a really impressive and amazing camera features. It is HANDS DOWN the instant iOS camera app available. While  for capturing photo users need to deploy lag. The screen will flash and a live view can be seen. Now it has no lag either time between pushing the shutter down, when the camera is in standby mode to capture another picture, this is instantaneous. You can also see your pictures in square mode. If you are lover of instagram you will love.

App Folder Redesign – iOS 7

App Folder Redesign - iOS 7

12. Was the catalog of application that deploy to fit in a Ios folder. The latest version of Apple has redesigned the folders that users can experience as many apps as they prefer. 9 at the moment of display for every page and you blow side to side to avail rest. Again Apple has decreased another cause to jailbreak. To experience this ability users need to have jailbreak phone and download infinifolders.

Air Drop – iOS 7

Air Drop - iOS 7


Take a nod through OSX Mountain Lion, iOS 7 includes AirDrop natively. If you are using the same network as used by other iOS 7 user the it is easy for you to send and receive images, videos, files and much more instantly, to share you just need to tap on it. By using a control panel you can know who can see and send your files. The choices are for everyone, contacts only and off as well. Much more you will experience with this refreshing application that delivers amazement at every step.

iOS 7 – Photo Sorting

iOS 7 - Photo Sorting

Photo sorting is the best app that will give you no surprise but deliver you fun and entertainment, iPhone is known all over the world for its camera. Hold that for a second. Not Leica, Not canon not Nikon and Fuji…. With all previous years that brands were in existence, they can beat with the comfort and sketching of iPhone. Now Apple is offering a tool for users, in the latest version it covers up sorting by logical events and years as well. You have no need to search the entire roll just search through the years and see your desired pictures. Just need to drill down one collection and you will sort out your desired collection.

iOS 7 Multitasking

iOS 7 Multitasking

Multitasking is not new for the Apple products but this time it has been improved, since we are using it for is 4, while iOS 7 multitasking has obtained an amazing makeover. Users no longer need to watch out the icon of what is working when you cope up, tap the home button. Now users have the opportunity to watch the preview of what’s actually working. This provides users an instant look of what’s happening inside of the apps that permits you to finalize if you really like to demolish the app. This is alike to the way that multitasking reveals your windows on a Mac.

iOS 7 Today Mode

iOS 7 Today Mode

The significant element that has modified with IOS 7 is the competency to watch the notification center through the lock screen. With an instant impression top to bottom hold your avail to watch your notifications but with a latest twist. Now in spite of watching all of your notifications users have the option of choosing to miss, entire or my latest favorite, today. The recent reveals the weather conditions, day, date and appointment details as well.

Automatic App Updates

iOS 6 has modified things a bit for app updates. Users no longer need to type password just need to update apps that they have on phone already. iOS 7 is featured with its advanced form and fully automated the app update procedure. Now you don’t have a need to go to the app store for updates download because your iPhone performs it quickly. To let you know which app have been updated users just need to launch app store and choose updates. You will watch a catalog of the apps that have been updated and word disclosed next to them. This feature no doubt chooseable. If you don’t wish to automate your phone the you can turn it off in the settings.

Block Calls

Are you tired of the wrong numbers and still want to get rid of this continuous disturbance then Apple has included a call block option. This is quite straight forward and you can disconnect anyone to whom you want. It is easy and so simple to use.

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