The Easiest Way to Build a Website from Scratch

People think it’s hard to build a website because it entails a basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Some even hire a web designer and manager to help build a website from scratch! That’s why building a website can become really expensive – except if one builds a website with the help of.

That’s right! It’s so easy for anyone to build his own website with 1&1 or any similar hoster – and there’s no need to tinker with any kind of code!

How To Build A Website With 1&1

1&1 has a package for anybody who wants to make his own website from scratch, even with no previous knowledge of HTML or CSS. Below, the steps involved in making a website via 1&1 are enumerated.


  • After signing up at 1&1, building a website is made possible by a menu that helps anybody add elements to the web page. The menu is easy to navigate. The interface is also easy to use, even for first-time website builders.
  • The website builder allows any user to choose a layout that caters to his needs. There is a specific layout that works best for a photo blog, for instance.
  • Choosing different colors and font styles is made easy by the free web templates available for use. Each template has a unique set of fonts and colors. Customizing the font size and color of each element of the web page can be tedious! Instead of tinkering with each and every element, one can choose a ready-made template. From there, the elements can be customized further if necessary.
  • Through the website builder, different elements of a web page can be added and moved around. For instance, a photo can be added to the home page. If the photo needs to be moved a few centimeters to the right, it can be dragged and dropped to a more preferable location.
  • Different pages can be created as well. Any website should have more than one page. Aside from the home page, there is usually a contact page and an about page, for instance. With the addition of new pages, 1&1 automatically sets up a navigation bar that can map out all existing web pages. If a page needs to be deleted, it can be dragged towards the trash bin icon.
  • Unique elements can be added easily through 1&1’s web apps. These apps allow widgets, such as a window for YouTube videos or a Facebook page stub, to be added to a web page without much effort.
  • There are also stock photos available for use. For instance, any of these photos can be used to change the pre-existing header photo. They can be added as elements of the web page as well to provide a pleasant visual experience for website visitors.

There is no need to memorize any code when building a website with 1&1. All that is needed is an internet connection and a computer. Owning a website has never been this simple!