Our world has become a global village due to a large numbers of creative innovations and marvelous discoveries. This is the basic reason that the communication and transportation approaches has enhanced many a times that gives us an opportunity to access any Goods or Services related to the any region of this planet. This results in lots of business activities as compare to the past times when the trade was only secluded to the limited boundaries of an area. The concept of advertisement is now become a fundamental part of any business entity especially if it is linked to the modish region of the Earth. To achieve this task exclusively, there are many resources has been invented which can be adopted without difficulty and from all of them, one is the giving the detail of any ideology in the form of the presentation.

The utilization of presentation is a very basic theme which we can observe even in the kids of school going. In this day and age, the thought of delivering presentations has been improved outstandingly in the shape of some sort of presentation program. It is basically a software package which can be used for the prime purpose of displaying information in the shape of beautiful looking slide shows. It provides you three main functionalities which include any kind of editor that should permits text to be added and formatted, a system that will aid you to insert and manipulate graphic images and a technique of managing a slide show to display your content just the way you like.

These kinds of programs are equally helpful for both the speaker and the listener as the speaker can express his ideas easily and the listener is able to get the desired knowledge effectively. You know that these days, the ideology of online presentation is going to be popular at every second passing because of its unique features. It is available anytime and anywhere if you have a device and internet connection. As you are connected online in these types of presentations, so you can access to more resources within no time to acquire more info. The collaboration with your love ones and officials is also obtainable whenever you are in a need. You are given the option of acquiring the dynamic functionality to obtain the data from both the public and private approaches to make your presentation evergreen with the latest info.

Last but not the least, it has been proved to be the best result oriented but low cost method of delivering the presentation to maximum numbers of people. As the benefits of online presentation are unlimited that’s why this is the main drive that I would like to introduce you The Best Online Presentation Tools in which I have included 10 tools that all are outstanding and can be acquired with no trouble to get the preferred results just according to the requirements of your assignments.

1 – Slideshare


Slideshare is a complete and comprehensive source of sharing and uploading the presentations of PowerPoint and the other documents. You will see that lots of presentations has been added on daily basis and it has been made an immense collection of stylish looking documents already. You will discover useful prepared documents in it in which you can adopt one that is able to fulfill your demand. For the intention of giving you full support, you will find the option of “Top Presentations of the day”. You are able to brows by the presentation or user and upload your own creation as well.

2 – Google Drive

Google Drive

If you are a user of internet then you must be familiar with the remarkable services of Google. It is a reality that it seems to provide us everything at the moment that’s why along with storage and synchronization facilities; it gives us the facility of uploading, downloading and sharing a wide range of files via Google Drive in addition. This services is available free of cost in which you can get the characteristics of Microsoft Office. After the designing of the required docs, they can be shared to any person living in any corner of the globe with the internet connection.

3 – Knovio


“Knovio” is designed and produced primary for the advanced users who are now fed up with the services of PowerPoint but by the same token, it is beneficial for everyone who is a need. The procedure of documentation is very simple and trouble free with “Knovio” as you are required to create and bring flat PowerPoint slides to bring them into life with the help of your webcam and microphone. There is a choice of editing is also added from which you are able to make some sort of changes for which you do not need to have any kind of video editing software and specific skills. Once you have completed your task, you can share them to anyone instantly.

4 – Prezi



Prezi is a software company which belongs to United States, the working of which is to produce the cloud based presentation program for its users. This helping tool is very useful which gives you the services of presenting ideas in a storytelling mode on the virtually created canvas. It is well equipped with the latest technology of Zooming User Interface (ZUI) that means any user is able to zoom in and out of the presentation Media. The viewer is allowed to display and find the way through information in a perfect manner. This documentation system supports you to organize and share your philosophy just according to your wish.

5 – AuthorSTREAM


If you are in a need of any kind of resource from which you can become capable of sharing your PowerPoint slides based production on the immense universe of internet then you should try the services of it at least one time. It provides you the choice of getting rid of the e-mail procedure because of its significant sharing facility. It will support you to convert all your PowerPoint slides into an eye catching video. The collection of already made docs is very large that can be acquired whenever you like which is continuously increasing every day.

6 – JUX


When you are looking for the best showcase from which you become able to present your stories to anyone who is in the need then the way of JUX should be your top and excellent choice. By the utilization of JUX, anyone can share words, images and even videos with an uncomplicated manner that will create a powerful impact on its viewers. It provides you the option of viewing in full screen mode on every screen. It is available for desktop as well as Mac devices.

7 – Zoho


Every business entity wants to run his activities marvelously and if you are a business man and have a bundle of documents to be created, shared or displayed then the resource of Zoho should be your topmost option. It will allow you to fully focus on all of your trade related things as it take care all the rest with the help of apps. It will guarantee you to obtain more sales, get the payments, fully support your valuable customer that makes you business more productive as compare to the previous times. It offers you the facilities just according to your demand because of the fact that more than 8 million people are working online with Zoho who are adding useful content at every moment passing.

8 – Collage


It is a wonderful dynamic media creation suite that enables you to turn your unique photos, random videos, any kind of text material and audio clips into interactive stories in a tremendous way.  The docs created through COLLAGE can be embedded, syndicated and published easily into any website, blog or even on Social networks sites. It is useful for everyone but especially for a photojournalist, photo blogger and student who likes to share the useful content with the rest of the world. It offers you image cut-out and masking tools together with Layer positioning, Compositing and the Hot Spots which allows you to link with media, text and other  webs.

9 – Vcasmo


It is the easiest, best and the powerful platform that is utilized only for work purpose. It is well furnished with lots of features which include Flash / HTML5 delivery and fully supportive to old IE to new iPad. It gives you the facility of cloud video streaming and well equipped with SSL embeds code. You will find a vast variety of presentation and amazing looking layouts that can be customized just the way you like. You will get the fully control on your docs and can protect them with your own password as well.

10 – Timeglider


Arrangement, management and then reviewing the docs are the requirements of every business body these days. Timglider is beneficial for students of history, business planning authorities and the project planners or anyone who is in a need of quickly enhance his experience regarding past, present, and future. This web-based timeline software is designed and developed for the prime objective of creating and sharing history, project planning and more. You can put together a timeline for a big series of your docs and it works automatically and performs the functionality which you want in an outstanding manner.