Once again Google penguin 2.0 has rolled down web-spam! All of us knows very well that SEO’s and webmasters play by the rules. During May Google announced their latest penguins 2.0 algorithms updates and came with most latest consequences assault on spam.  The previous version 1.0 of the penguins was declared on 24th April 2012. When the first version was released it brought several refreshes. Hence, penguin 1.0 and penguin 2.0 are very much different from each other, the latest version peeps at a much wider set of pages. For many years it is coming with several warning signs and one can examine the directions given by the preceding Google Panda and Penguin updates. Unluckily, if you are also hit by the penguin 2.0 then you must follow the following scenario:

  • You have been considering it and can consider the risks of the strategy you were taking
  • Your SEO team is using irrelevant techniques that spoils your website ranking, you must have complete knowledge about relevant using SEO techniques

Though people are afraid with the latest version of Google penguin but the fact is that it must be deserved. If you are one of them who are playing the rules the chances are you might be remained connected static or have obtained from the algorithm update. However it is far too early to finalize the require levers that Google has pinched up with a penguin 2.0 the initial indicators are as follows:

  • Multiple link networks have been underestimated
  • Bad and irrelevant neighborhoods have been affected
  • Link confidence will become a more significant element with the less confident link source being affected
  • Link velocity- link pricking may be ignored and instantly link growth developed
  • Additional anchor text devaluation: The thresholds at the segments of generic anchor text usage have boosted.
  • Contextual connectivity will become extraordinary significant and links that are not contextually related have had their worth reduced.
  • Brand identification can play a significant role in moving ahead like brand that are not links
  • There is an opportunity of social signals could perform an additional vital role in penguin 2.0 rather the present is mere speculation.


Additional Plenty come from Penguin 2.0

Additional Plenty come from Penguin 2.0

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The Google head of web spam Matt Cutts has an opinion that Penguin 2.0 is now completed and influences 2.3% of English US queries and it means it detracts the non-English queries as well. In his opinion the scope of penguin modifies by language like language with additional web spam will watch more impact. The factual experiment of the statement can be examined from the results, the roll out was complete and all over the world fluctuations at major label has been occurred. We realize this is Google twisting the algorithm to demolish unnatural results and to make sure the update hit the deserved sites. This indicates that your traffic and ranking levels have not been adjusted and further movements can be happened.


The penguin 2.0 update was set to be huge and brought up at the start of the year, as the Google head of web spam delineated the following words:
“The update will be significant and one of the most talked about Google algorithm updates this year.” Penguin 2.0 has an adjustable size impression and has particular mixed the consequences up. Rather the update was not strong as it must be but users can see a wide catalog of sites that are being boosted up by paid links.
What does Penguin 2.0 mean for you?

  • First of all one thing must be clear to all penguin 2.0 is not a penalty this is an algorithm update. Google does some modifications in its working style and launch the realistic style of working. However if you are one of them who have been affected by the latest version and your traffic and ranking is being affected, this occurred because of your devalued links, if you will remove them it will give you a better position.
  • Your present ranking depends on what your site deserves consist on the ethical factors of your link profile. If you are injected with B scenerio then you must move on with specific change agency and then move ahead. Be careful this time because Google penguin 2.0 is more aggressive and want to give users a complete make over.
  • If you are one of them who are affected by the penguin 2.0 then the impact will be worsened. On the other hand if you are not affected then it doesn’t mean you are safe and clear you still need improvements.


What next? Happening in the Future!

The Google Penguin 2.0 Update- Will it Stable Your Website Position

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One thing users must keep in mind that Google 2.0 is not a penalty but it is an algorithm. This is going to give users full opportunity to transform the strategy to get back to where they were in the previous stage and now it will take time. Users will have some time to penetrate as how to come at the top. If you are some of one who are badly hit by the Penguin 2.0 and don’t know how to secure your future when penguin will get more aggressive then must follow some techniques and rules you will definitely experience a recreated success.

  • Use technical and sustainable strategies that must be 100% ethical and unique
  • Use unique, attractive and attention grabbing contacts that have enough information to grasp the readers attention and compel them towards action.
  • Generate fruitful links that can bring long term success and this all is possible with execute strategy.
  • Design dynamic business plannings do your business with organic search and never use black hat techniques.


  • Penguin 2.0 is an important update to Google natural query results ranking algorithm, sketched to more decreases the impact of spam on the natural SERPs.
  • Penguin 2.0 is jurked by the google and will influence on the media in future.
  • Web site owners are a bit worried about the current situation because if they follow the ethical SEO as well as link building they will might be improve their sites.