Our world is consisting of a very large numbers of different types of scene, natural beauty and even things which we want to observe again and again. Every one living in any region of this modish planet love to see pretty flowers, monster looking deserts, eye catching mountains, beautiful cities, attention grabbing seas and much more uncountable things are spread around us which capture the attention of every person in his very first glance. There is a common practice of capturing the pic of each and every much loved thing from the utilization of some sort of cam that is available in the Smart Phones and other hand sets as well at the present time of superior technology and innovation. At this time, almost every hand set is well decorated with lots of exclusive images that represent the memorable moments of life, the pics of our love ones and others.

When we check this concept in the devices that have iOS operating system, we come to know that every picture that we capture makes a very basic problem of transferring them to other apps or importing them on the vast universe of internet. When you have iPhones or any other kind of Mac device, you do not need to worry as these devices are designed and developed in such an exclusive manner that it makes you able to get the remedy of any problem very easily in a trouble free approach through the utilization of some sort of application. In the similar context and to overcome this difficulty, I would like to give you a review of an amazing app that I have used personally and satisfied perfectly that has been proved to be the best option for my iPhone the name of which is “SnapNDrag Pro” which is produced and announced exclusively for the users of Mac devices.

Overview of the SnapNDrag Pro

If you are a big user of using the images and photos on your iPhones and iPads and you are in a need of some sort of tool that will help you to manage, organize and utilize them for the basic intention of sharing them with your friend and family members or other professional purposes then the photo management app of “SnapNDrag Pro” should be your one and only choice that will serve you in a unique way. By the launching of this remarkable app, the world of screenshots utility has entered in a new and stylish era. It is a versatile and a lightweight app that have many powerful tools which will assist the users of iOS devices whenever they are looking to grab screen images. it offers you an outstanding user friendly interface together with its flexible method of performing actions just like taking the screenshots in any image formats that will help you for getting the job done in a rapid and effortless way right on the screen of your own iOS device. Although this app is well designed for the professional users but anyone who is a need can use it and it is especially planned for the trainers of software, reviewers, travelers or any other person who like to capture screenshots on the devices of Mac operating system.

Working with SnapNDrag Pro

Manage & Import Your Exclusive screenshots in an artistic way - SnapNDrag Pro Mac App

When we capture any screenshot on our Mac device and check this on the built-in tool of the iOS operating system then it looks like perfect and give us no issue however it has some weak points that we will discover while we like to take its screenshots by the approach of either the whole pic or the some part of it. For instant, you probably have already observed previously that the screenshots which you like to take additionally will be saved at the desktop of your Mac device which may be not an appropriate place for you to save images. To get rid of this trouble, the Mac users have to open these images for the purpose of importing them into other apps that may be utilized for the further procedures such as some sort of presentations or the editing on web.

Just like the other apps which you may have already in your iOS set, when you check the functionalities of the app of SnapNDrag Pro, you will see an icon of menu bar that will make it easy to get a quick access to the interface of different kinds of utilities. After you initiate this app, you will be facilitated with a window that will help you to take the screenshots as quick as possible in a right mode. If you require some bonus options then you are able to use the dropdown menu that you can obtain by clicking the icon of the menu bar.


On the whole, this app is made for the basic objective of dragging the screenshots to the desired place. This modus operandi can be explained with an example, in which we suppose that we need to post any screenshot using any kind of tool such as Mars Edit and to accomplish this aim, first you are required to create the screenshot with the exclusive services of the SnapNDrag Pro that will keep in safe in the window of the app and then just performing the action of drag & drop, you become capable to put the image on your desired application which you are able to open in OS X preview by double clicking the image.

For the prime intention of capturing with the help of “SnapNDrag Pro”, you are given 4 modes that you can find in the dialog box. You can locate your captured photos in the dialog that will show in the thumbnail form for the dragging purpose and performing other actions. The dialog window tool is very useful as it permits the users to select the format of your file just like JPEG, PNG, and TIFF in addition to some extra benefits such as whenever you saved your screenshot in the JPEG form, you are provided the facility of specifying its quality level as well that will aid you in making the quality of the pic and the file size just according to the requirements of your project. Another option of changing the file size is available in this app on the dialog by scaling the selected images in addtion.

Some Unique Characteristics

Manage & Import Your Exclusive screenshots in an artistic way - SnapNDrag Pro Mac App

SnapNDrag Pro is a tremendous app that is well furnished with lots of exclusive features which make it the one of its kind screenshot organize app. The screenshots which you have captured through this image app can be saved in the form which you like. The option of providing the desired file name is also included and you are able to copy them on the clipboard in addition. The app provides you some supplementary tools from which you become capable to add, edit or change the selected image in some extend as you can see the option of adding a border around the image that you select in changeable widths or leaving it off. The scaling of the chosen image along with its dpi can also be changed through the app and even the timed screenshots is also possible. This process can be done by telling the app to capture the shot in the given time that you are able to set. It will help you to get the data even you are not personally working on the app at that time.

When you check its interface, you come to know that it is very user friendly that will aid you to configure to launch it through the automatic system at the log-in, or manually. For the basic target of capturing the images with different methods, you are given the approach of menu bar for accessing the app or the mode of dock which open a small but useful window in from of you on the screen of your own iOS piece of equipment. In SnapNDrag Pro, you are provided a complete and comprehensive Toolbar and Preferences Pane which will help you to access any useful tool in an easy and effortless mode. The preferences pane includes global hotkeys, date and time, stamps, and the choice of assigning filename with prefixes, the option of saving each and every captured image on a clipboard automatically and others. The toolbar is designed in an innovative mode in which you are able to add or omit any option just the way you like.

The Final Thought

Although the Mac devices are well decorated with the built-in OS X screenshot commands but its features are very limited that can not fulfill the demands of the advanced users. It will not aid the users for performing some actions just like editing, annotation and sharing the screenshots. SnapNDrag Pro is the best choice to get rid of all the hurdles which makes your work simple and give you the surety of providing you the progressive features with the help of its robust tools that are well competent to fulfill the demands of your assignments. There is a free of cost app version is also available for testing purpose but to get its full features, you have to pay.

Luckily, these days, its price has become low so acquire it as soon as possible. The only issue that I have discovered in SnapNDrag Pro is its working on duel screen devices as taking a full screen shoot does not take hold of the both screens. It is a matter of fact that you are not given any mode to work on duel screen devices in this application. This problem can be solved by importing the image from the second monitor to the first one for the time being or by unplugging the second display. I hope this problem will be resolved in the later version of the SnapNDrag Pro because it is produced with the well known developers of “Yellow Mug Software” are always deliver the quality apps for Mac users.