Spritesheet and Texture Packer

In computer graphics sprite is known as two dimensional image or animation that is used in large screens. Sprite sheets are used for the direct purpose of creating video gaming artwork,in order to get the best performance of a game. As a web developer uses sprites extensively in their games to create characters, backgrounds and other items.

Users find a problem when the process of getting sprites into any game can be fiddly and time consuming. Texture packer is an amazing tool that makes it extremely simple and effortless to produce these sprite sheets with the click of a button.

Creating a Sprite Sheet With Texture Packer

Creating a Sprite Sheet With Texture Packer

Texture packer creates and optimizes sprite sheets in user’s games. The first thing that anyone needs to know is to download a copy of Texture packer. After installing Texture packer it will load the images quickly and intelligently lay them out with the sprite sheets.

Texture Packer App

TEXTURE PACKER is a best little piece of application that allows users to pack textures, assets and pretty much anything that a user wants in an effective little sheet that is compatible with many frameworks. It does an incredible job of letting users to optimize their sheets with multiple options such as color, depth, auto scaling, dithering and trimming invisible pixels. It supports many formats compatible with COCOS 2D, CORONA, any engine that supports JASON and more as well. It has lots of amazing features that are summarized below such as

Main Interface

It has simple interface and really easy to set up. After installing it users only have to set them at once. It permits users to save the setting and reuse them later on any other sheet they want to create.

Creates Sprite Sheet in 20 Seconds

Using texture packer there are three easy steps to generate user’s own sprite sheets

  1. Simply drag sprite sheets to Texture packer
  2. Choose exporter and image format
  3. Press publish button

Texture Packer Optimize Games

Download TexturePacker

Using Texture packer users can reduce memory storage and improve game performance. For best performance it directly exports to target system’s image formats such as PVR, KTX, and other as well. Texture packer supports various game engines right out of the box such as Cocos2D, Corona, Gideros, Sparrow, LibGDX, LimeJS, Ogre, Moai, CSS sprites, JASON/HTML.


If a user needs something special they can create their own export format, the template based exporters allows users to enhance Texture packer to match nearly any output.

Content Protection

Texture packer includes a new feature that helps users to protect their intellectual property and puts a stop to theft. It is called CONTENT PROTECTION that simply encrypts images. It has the ability to decrypt data but somebody else is going to have a tough time getting it done. All of this works with nearly no effort and does not have any impact on user’s games. Above all this feature is easy to use and implement.

Smart Folders

Instead of adding and removing each sprite sheet, Texture packer permits users to add a complete asset folder. Every image that is located inside of it users can easily add them to sprite sheets.

Texture packer maintains user’s folder structure in the sprite names in the data file, and allows users to easily group their sprites. It automatically detects all changes and automatically reads the new sprite data. With powerful command line interface users can update all sprite sheets at once.

Trimming or Cropping

Texture pack includes fantastic feature that is called cropping and trimming which removes transparent pixels from the borders of sprites. This has two advantages

  1. Reduces texture size
  2. Faster rendering

Trimming maintains the sprite size; the framework needs special support to re-establish the transparent parts when exposes the sprite whereas the cropping in contrast removes the transparent parts.

Image Formats

Users can introduce these file formats directly to Texture packer Flash animation, photoshop image, portable network graphics, Targa image file, joint photographic expert groups, tagged image file format and bitmap and for export these file formats can be used such as PNG, PVR, PVR.CCZ, PVR.GZ, JPG and KTX .

Integrate It into Build Process

User can use Texture packer command line tool to their build process. It is 5minute setup, saves hours of clicking, automated updates of the sprite sheets, building sheets only when things change, automated creation of HD and SD sheets, complete control directly from Xcode.

Resizing Images

This is a very useful feature for developer who target devices with multiple resolutions, Texture packer does all scaling while it creates the sprite sheet. Users do not need to use any external tool for resizing images anymore

Layout Alogrithms

Texture packer includes two layout algorithms

  1. Basic
  2. MaxRects


Works Perfectly With Operating System

Texture packer can be used under all major operating systems such as MacOS, windows and Linux.