With the great popularity of Smartphones and tablet the demand of responsive web designs has increased. Nowadays more and more website is adopting responsive web layouts and trend of responsive layout has become more intense as the percentage of mobile users has increased day by day. This progress has created great demand for the services of web developers and designers in this highly adaptable system of responsive website layouts. With the creation of developers and web designers users can find valuable web layout tools, prototyping tools, code generators, responsive web layout wireframes even a collection of inspirational website designs and much more that are easily available all over the web.

Responsive Web Layout

The responsive web layout has taken lead in responsive web design. A responsive web layout that can be viewed from any device and can be achieved by different practices such as HTML5, CSS3, FLUID GRIDS, FLUID IMAGES AND MEDIA QURIES. The design is the overall look of the entire website whereas the web layout can be defined as a structure of the main content areas of a single page on a website. A website can have one design but for others there is an opportunity to choose different layouts for every page. The design of a website includes color scheme, basic page setup, font styles, and often background images, the website design also helps to decide where on an each page the site title, site menu , page title and footer appear. A page web layout on the other hand helps to control the body of the page by determining where the main content of the page appears.

Responsive Wireframed Tool - Create Responsive Advanced Web Layouts

Responsive Web Layout Advantages

Web layout is an opportunity to convey the creating view of different things and phenomenon. Creating web layout users have a chance to get a web layout according to their demands and ideas and they are able to modify or change any detail simultaneously with the changes in their demands and moods or according to the new trends. In creating a web layout the users have the ability to make a page of their imagination quite real without any trouble. Providing a web layout gives users websites a more professional and appealing look. It is an ideal and cheap way to enhance the marketing strategy.


Features of Responsive Weblayout

Responsive WEB LAYOUT automatically adapts to the screen sizes, It means if users are looking at the page on a desktop browser at a normal width, users find a different layout If they are looking at it on a tablet or on small mobile devices. Responsive web layout is accomplished with media queries in CSS files. Users can define different layouts for different screen sizes. There are some cases that users find media queries not powerful enough to handle the optimization of responsive web layouts so the help of jquery plugins for building responsive layout is needed. Web elements such as navigation, image slider, font size, image gallery and other web elements are an essential part of the responsive web layout. Here is a list of responsive Jquery web layout plugins for making responsive web layout such as Rlightbox, jquery quick fit, Doubletake, isotope and much more.

Responsive Wireframed Tool - Create Responsive Advanced Web Layouts

Wireframs Can Be Defined As

The first step of any good design is to sketch out user’s ideas and determine the placement of different elements on a web page; wireframes are helping tools for this purpose. Wireframe is a fundamental value guide that is used in interface design to propose the structure of a website and its relationship between pages. A wireframe is a similar design of the layout of basic elements in the interface. There are various responsive wireframe tools easily available on the web such as Blasamiq Mockupsm, Axure, Pidoco, Visio, iplotz and many others as well.

Wireframes In Responsive Web Layout And Features

Wireframes are basically illustrations of the structure and component of a web page and generally it is the first step in the design process, it reflects what the creators have in mind regarding the placement of an element of a web page, site navigation, the labeling of elements, site content and defines how users interact with the website. Wireframe can help to clarify what exactly needs to be on the web pages on the website. Responsive wireframes are a good starting place for learning how responsive web design elements stack in typical layouts and determine which area of the web layout will get the emphasis across different browsers. Common wireframes include a home page, guided entry, promo entry, and product detail and comparison pages as well.

It clears the picture that what information needs to different pages of a website. Focus on the layout or content of a website. It helps to understand what the site will react to various visitors without the confusion of colors or design elements. It adjusts the planning process to move along smoothly and efficiently. It gives designers or developer a clear set of visual conditions. It gets the client deeply involved in the planning process. It helps to avoid scope creeps and rework.

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