Capture and Manage Photos for your Design - Sparkbox Mac App

You know that our world is well furnished with the exclusive services of artistic designers. It is a mater of fact that the designers do not work in a vacuum as their workings requires brows everywhere to manage the exact position of everything. Especially, when a web designer is workings with pictures the problem of managing them is very common. You need to collect the data which is composed of small pieces along with various references that will crowd the bookmark of your browsers or scattered in your image folder situated in your computer or any other electronic device.

The designers then require some sort of application that can organize and manage these images in such a manner that when they require any pic, it can be accessed again easily. For this particular intention, an outstanding app of Sparkbox has been launched for the perfect management of images for Mac which is very useful in helping you to classify your digital inspiration.

Sparkbox Mac App Use for Assortment of Photos

You can easily collect the data which you may require as this tremendous app provides you a wonderful platform of workings. You are given two types of ways for gathering of images which include drag and drop method of images collection from anywhere, from your device and the images can be taken from any webpage too either by using the built-in browser of Sparkbox or from the browser of Safari by adding plug-in.

Capture and Manage Photos for your Design - Sparkbox Mac App

Sparkbox Appearance

It is enrich with a great user interface which is very friendly. Sparkbox gives you two-pane view on the screen of your iPhones and iPads for working. The left side shows different resources such as Library, Tags, the most recent imports and the other classes for giving you an easy operational area. The right side discloses the preview of every selected tab on the left side. The Window shows other five tabs which you can discover on the upper side of the screen of your Mac device that include favorites, Colors and others. Almost all the functions speak their functionalities as we check their names.


Capture and Manage Photos for your Design - Sparkbox Mac App

Sparkbox Workings

As the many websites such as iTunes do not allow you to copy the images, so you can utilize the built-in browser of this magnificent app which permits you to grab the pics. There are two ways to work and get the desired images from the built-in browser of Sparkbox. The one is to grab the entire web page by just clicking the icon of cam which is given besides the address bar of the browser. The second one is the option of copy the some parts of the web page which you need in your project. The demanded images can also be collected with the help of other apps through the menu bar.

Capture and Manage Photos for your Design - Sparkbox Mac App

Sparkbox Management of Images

After collecting the images which you are required in your assignment, you are able to organize them just according to your cravings. The app permits you to add different types of Tags, the option of changing the names, choice of assigning ratings in the forms of stars and much other functionality such as marking your selected items as favorite. These all options can be acquired through the Organization tabs and you are able to make various kinds of categories and smart folders for your photos. The facility of zoom in or out is also included to give you the perfect view of the images. Another excellent option which you will get in this remarkable app is the facility of filtering by color for the intention of making you an authorized Manager of your images.

Capture and Manage Photos for your Design - Sparkbox Mac App

The Final Words

Sparkbox has been proved to be the best app which runs perfectly on iPhones and other Mac devices. Its browser gives you the basic function only and work just as an Address bar and it do not provide you the complete feature of a web browser. Although it is a new comer app in this field but still it has much more potential to cover all the requirements of the creative designers and you can use it for personal workings as well.

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