Awesome Image Gallery for Mobile Devices - PhotoSwipe Responsive Plugin

jQuery Image Gallrey

jQuery has already gained popularity because of its simple design it is very fast and brief javascript library simplifying different event handling, soft animations with minimal coding. With jquery user can enjoy a new way of web development and image galleries are the best way to use it well. For some web site image galleries are essential, portfolios are the first come to mind but image galleries are also helpful websites, eCommerce sites, and any site that regularly display several images on a single page. jQuery image galleries are very common on portfolio sites and also very functional for any other type of site of displaying images and photos. The image galleries that are based on JavaScript have improved dramatically.

jQuery Image Gallery Plugins Usability

There are thousands of jquery image gallery plugins that can be used for an attractive image gallery for a company website or personal blogs. These plugins help users to create an attractive image gallery having fluid and responsive layouts. Theses plugin is easily available on the web so they can be easily downloaded such as TN3 GALLERY, AD GALLERY, GALERRIA, POPYE, PHOTOSWIPE  and more as well. Galleries are a source to deliver someone important message because the embedded images deliver a remarkable message and leaves an important impact upon the minds of the readers. Plugins are very spontaneous way to grasp people attention and perform multiple functions as well.

Awesome Image Gallery for Mobile Devices - PhotoSwipe Responsive Plugin

jQuery Image Gallery Plugin Functions

Jquery image gallery plugins are very effective way to display case user’s work, selection and anything for which they want the attention of their guests. The slider is normally located in places that are in line with the user center of attention. These image gallery plugins not only provide just life to the website, they can also help ever-increasing the time users stay on their websites. The image gallery responsive plugins are pretty powerful as they include configurable settings, callback, events, touch swipe support on mobile platform and incredible transitions also.


There is a wide range of responsive image galleries, slideshows and sliders to better handle photos, screen shots, and other form of images on any website. Responsive image gallery plugins are very common on portfolio web site and helpful for any other type of site which displays images and photos. These responsive image plugins are also given a good user experience and make image viewing pleasant on a website.

Photo Swipe a Gallery Image Plugin for Mobile

Photo swipe is an image gallery plugin for mobile and touch devices such as iPad, iPad, blackberry 6. It works brilliantly with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet explorer in a limited capacity on widows’ phone 7 and also run great on desktop computers.

Awesome Image Gallery for Mobile Devices - PhotoSwipe Responsive Plugin

Based on Html, JavScript and CSS

This image gallery plugin is based on Html, Javascript, and CSS it is specially designed to target mobile devices.


It provides an interactive image gallery on mobile website for developer and designers with the look and feel of a native app. . It is an image gallery for all designers and developers’ .This slider image gallery is a source to fulfill their requirements so they can able to use an interactive image gallery on their mobile devices with a look and feel of a native app
This image gallery plugin has a simple intuitive interface that allows users or visitors to interact with images on their mobile website.


  1. It is specifically designed for mobile devices running a webkit browser
  2. Works perfectly with modern browsers
  3. It includes multiple input options such as swipe gestures, keyboard control.
  4. It is fully responsive to the device
  5. It has the ability to automatically scale the images to maximize screen size
  6. It provides zoom and pan features around the image.
  7. It can rotate images easily
  8. It offers a slideshow feature that automatically plays through images in the gallery.
  9. It allows users to use hardware acceleration that applies for smoother transitions and effects as well.
  10. It supports single image and also multiple images at a same time.
  11. It has the ability to make mobile optimized images.

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