Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has become the hottest trend. It is gaining popularity day by day it can be defined as a technique of a web design that allow users to craft a website or blog with most valuable viewing experience for web visitors or viewers. The website can be built with easy reading and navigation by offering features such as resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices such as Android device, tablets and even desktop computers. This technique is not limited to small devices; it can provide easy ways to create flexible websites, blogs or personal projects. This kind of layout automatically adjusts to any screen size.

Responsive Wireframe jQuery Plugins

Various tools and responsive plugins have been created by developers and designers for web designing; one of them is responsive jquery framework plugins. These responsive wireframe plugins are an excellent way not only because the matter of space limitation but it also gives a site or blog developer  to make their visitors engaged in one single page for a long time. These jquery responsive wireframe plugins give life to the entire website; these plugins include simple interface very easy to use. These plugins have a catalogue of functionality which allows users to save production time as well as make less effort.

These responsive jquery wireframe plugins are fully customizable and have amazing flexibility to adjust to any website effortlessly. Jquery plugins have set of features to assist beginners and experiences developers and designers in a similar way in order to create responsive websites or blogs. These responsive wireframe plugins are easily available on the web for free for users and they are easy to install such as WIREFY, RUBBER CHEESE, UXPIN, GRIDSET, JETSTRAP, OLD SCHOOL and more.

Agnostic Responsive Wireframe Tool - Wirefy jQuery Plugin

Wirefy Responsive Wireframe jQuery Plugin

The Wirefy is based on CSS and JS file that is designed to help users to rapidly experiment with responsive wireframe. It permits users to create responsive functional frames using standard elements. Wirefy is completely flexible; most of the frameworks provide quick layouts and base styles. The wirefy plugin is built to focus on the content rather than the subjective designs decision. Using Wirefy users can get everything to create functional wireframes. Wirefy is a style agnostic tool if developers or designers are making a responsive web site their major concern will be content which is the base for any responsive design so wirefy jquery plugin is the best tool for them. Along with CSS and javascript user can start building flexible wireframes without messing up through countless calculations.


Building statistic wireframe can be great but some time users do know how they function or change the base on different devices. Creating functional wireframes help users or designers to communicate web visitors better and work as a base for fluid design with losing view of the importance of the content.
It works brilliantly with the framework, and categorizes the content quickly. This is a simple and easy way to quickly check out ideas and allows building a plan that focuses users or designers frameworks.

It is a helpful plugin in making specific layout designs and guidelines for users’ content. Functionality is the most important part in making a site, sometimes it can break the flow of a site some ideas are better with static figures but they do not work  in the real world. With the help of wirefy users can get through these iterations faster.

It has the ability to discuss the functionality and the foundation of wireframes with clients by presenting them as working examples of how the site will work. It provides a conversation towards more useful collaboration with customers. This plugin delivers a fast approval on users frameworks.  Once these wireframes approve users can use their wireframes. Using this plugin client can have a better understanding of the final product. This plugin is designed to work properly with mobiles and tablets. This plugin is fully customizable; user can easily resize the wire frame.

Wirefy jQuery Plugin Features

  1. The Grid
  2. Slide Show
  3. Gallery
  4. Menus
  5. Tabs
  6. Breadcrumbs
  7. Pagination
  8. Pager
  9. Tables
  10. Forms and more.

The wirefy includes base grid that is based on 16 columns and 960 grid systems, the best part is that fits to any viewport size. The slideshows and galleries are very useful in building a solid user experience; they verify has the ability to provide slideshows and galleries. These galleries provide help to set project requirements such as logos or portfolios thumbnail. It has introduced a menu feature that includes collapse menu, standard menu, toggle menu, It includes pagination that is simply scalable and provides larger click areas as well. It includes a table that is a simple way to display data sets to the clients. It provides various styles such as typography, forms, buttons, and much more as well. Wirefy has been designed to in a way to get wireframes up and running faster. It includes already formatted template files as well.

Download Responsive Wireframe Tool – Wirefy jQuery Plugin