To keep the storage of your professional and working data for a long time is a big point now. For this many apps have been introduced that has the capacity to store folders, files and data for a long period. Now in these days Android power apps are ruling everywhere. These devices have hidden advantages. No matter you are using tablets or Smartphones the reality is that in large variety Android devices are being activated. Though every Android device has a different storage capacity yet their features are same. If you want to store more data or contents the use cloud storage apps and get free online cloud storage space. The 2013 is bringing many storage devices with latest functions while the best Android cloud apps are as:

FolderSync Lite

Android has introduced several apps for the ease of customers so they can get maximum benefit by sitting on their seat. FolderSync is also a useful application that allows simple sync to the cloud based storage to and through local folders on the contrivance memory cards. In simple FolderSync is a sophisticated sync of files between Android devices and cloud storage. Currently it’s supporting different Amazon S3, WebDAV, SFTP, NetDocuments, Dropbox, Google Docs, LiveDrive, FTP,, Ubuntu One, FTPS, SugarSync, SkyDrive, HiDrive or Windows share accounts and to maintain additional platforms are planned.

Now you are tension free because it’s easier to sync your files, store your work files, pictures and music as well through the phone to your cloud storage.  Rather it’s not easy as it seems but the local support makes it possible grained control of your sync. FolderSync also compile a complete file manager that is beneficial to manage folders and files locally and in the cloud. Do what you want copy, move or delete them. The lite version is the latest that has no Tasker support neither sync filter.

FolderSync Lite

AntTek Explorer (File Manager)

The market is getting more advanced, Now Android apps are giving its users complete file manager “AntTek Explorer” that is useful to see all the directories on your Android device, search local network and working with files. However steering inside your memory card, you can easily work with data, reducing the use of a computer to execute advanced and trouble free tasks. AntTek Explorer is a useful file manager that helps you to control everything without connecting any device with a computer. It’s a complete automated system where you can delete files, explore local network, compress data and create directories.

The crossing point of the app calls is notice to the organization and simplicity. All elements are organized spontaneously for simple viewing of files and folders. If you seize your gadget in horizontal position an auxiliary panel becomes visible on the left corner of the screen. The basic advantage of this is that it shows different shortcuts connected to the directory where you are. This exclusive file manager is also beneficial to explore local networks like FTD shared Samba servers and Windows.

AntTek Explorer (File Manager)


Now use your Android devices with proud because it’s loaded with an influential SkyDrive. Getting surprise with the news but its fact few months ago Microsoft has fulfilled its vow to introduce SkyDrive for Android devices. The folks has made an announcement that the crazy users of Google operating system can be stuck now through this app. This cloud storage device allows users to access and browse all your required documents, files that you want to look and photos as well. Moreover it’s easy to check the history of recently opened documents and all docs that other parties have shared with you.

With this latest Android app it’s easy for to select videos, photos, additionally you can upload files to SkyDrive. Moreover it’s easy for you to get a link to share files through email. The fundamental benefit is that you can open files from any Android apps. This app has features in the queue that are also available in windows and IOS applications. The design of SkyDrive is very influential and smart as well having instant search, HTML5 sorting, drag and drop organization, thumbnail multi select and a contextual toolbar.


WebSharing File Media Sync

Now you can move without any worry, as no more need to hold wires in your hands for the transfer of data. WebSharing allows users to transfer data wirelessly through your phone/devices with a web browser. With this Android app you can play music, manage your files sitting at distances and see your pictures captured by using WI-Fi network. Moreover it features the facility to manage your phone as a WebDAV share.

Videos and Photos: the featuring photos and video browser helps you to download photos and videos on computer. It also has a video playback in some phones. Music:  the music player gives you a complete entertainment as you can stream music from your device to your P.C. You can browse your favorite music by artists, singers and playlist. You can download and upload tracks wirelessly, can also send and receive several tracks at once.

File Browser: WebSharing helps you to transfer data from your device as well as you can upload and download data. It’s a complete functional file manager having ability to delete, move, copy and rename folders and files on the phone. Moreover you can upload multiple files in a single moment.

WebSharing File Media Sync


Let’s have a quick access to your phone with Box for Android. It will help you to access all your contents directly from your phone. It keeps users connected while he’s far away from the office or staying on hill station or living at a distance for its vacations. Once you will upload all your docs and folders to your box you can view, edit them directly and search them for production on the go.

With Box for Android:


  • You can view all docs and key docs, and can create anytime
  • Store files to your SD card to see them when you are offline
  • Upload videos, several color images and files from the SD card
  • Easy and simple to share folders and files via links
  • Search content quickly with built in search
  • You can access to your drop box from other Android apps. Also can edit and create new files.
  •  Include a shortcut and widget or folder on your home screen to view news and updates on files farm fellows and colleagues.



Good news for Android users, now they can use the updated drop box, taking the oft used to share services and cloud storage to version 2.2.2. Integrated is the regular assortment of unstipulated bug fixes. We are addicted to seeing updating in each point while there’s one a significant improvement of note, the ability to look out the folders and files. Definitely this may not seem like a radical move on the company’s part, however for photo obsessed users that have the facility set to auto upload, the change is appreciated, indeed. Now you can see it on Google play store because it’s live, so head on over to the resource to get an abrupt download. A drop box is a cost free service having abundant features the uploading, editing facilities. Not just this if you lost your lost your Android you can recover data.


  • You can recover your stuff from any location
  • Save videos and photos to your drop box
  • You can send and receive photos and videos from your friends and relatives
  • Easily edit, delete and create files

Dropbox Android App is the hottest Android app having all qualities of browsing. It’s the fastest growing data file management system and a cloud storage. This new Android device has all features that once requires. It is designed for all users having multiple features like users can share content with multiple people in a single moment. Moreover with this cloud service you can discover, collaborate with colleagues at far distances and store data.

The latest Android device and will give users an exclusive experience and avail 10GB of free online storage to play with. Bandwidth is on tap to begin sharing and uploading today.

  • Enhance your Cloud Service level with exceptional features:
  • Check out our latest offer having 6GB free storage
  • 10GB free storage
  • Interactive association with colleagues, family memebers and friends  including comenting
  • You can share contents of public and private as well
  • Sky-scraping security with limitless bandwidth
  • Sync your data anywhere you want


Daum Cloud 

Daum app is best for those who are lover of the latest devices. With this app you are just far away from few touches. By installing Daum cloud in your touch phone and iPhone you will feel easy for the sharing, downloading and uploading of files, simple this daum cloud app is just a touch away. What more you want an entertaining series, you can upload music players, videos and photos directly from your device. The Daum cloud app gives  users complete company as they get fun, entertainment and can easily manage their files, data, records. This storage device also maintains uploaded Daum cloud that gives an incredible sync for your PC and mobile.

Features of Daum Cloud

  • You can see all images and photos from Daum cloud or by moving to the photos album
  • One click on photos endorsement and videos on Daum cloud directly from your contrivance
  • It’s more simple and convenient to access to all folders uploaded to Daum Cloud
  • 50GB free space
  • You are in safe zone because the lock option is provided

Daum Cloud

Carbon – App Sync and Backup

Carbon is the latest Android app that has the capability to restore all your apps and for backup of data. This does not need any root. All Android users who are looking for an authentic application Carbon sync and back is suitable for them. Carbon allows user to back up data in cloud storage or to your SD card. With carbon it’s easy to sync app data from other Android apps….. Even if they are from different networks. If you want to store data and never want to lose it the carbon cloud storage will be worthy of this.

Setup of Carbon

  • First install Carbon on Android
  • Install and run Carbon
  • If you are a window user then must install drivers as well
  • Connect Android to computer
  • Sometimes a USB connection to PTP is connected
  • Android Carbon should now be enabled.

Free Carbon Features

  • Backup from card
  • Backup from PC

Carbon (Premium)

  • Android sync
  • Drop box
  • Cloud backup
  • No ads
  • Automatic Backup schedules
  • Google Drive

Note: Carbon is not available on Motorola because it has bugs Android backup mechanism. These are fixed by Motorola.

Carbon - App Sync and Backup

CloudAround Lite Music Player

CloudAround is useful to experience music of your own choice. This cloud provider gives streamline. Select from Dropbox, Rackspace Cloud files and Amazon S3 or all the three through multiple accounts as you want. There are many accounts are near to introduce. You have no need to sign up just download now and begin to stream out your music quickly.

CloudAround Features

  • Local storage media are connected with your music via the cloud
  • No need of account setup
  • Music is downloaded directly to your phone
  • Complete album cover support
  • Gapless playback
  • For the data protection complete SSL support
  • You can add several cloud accounts

CloudAround Lite Music Player