Imagine if you are on a trip to some nice plan, spent good amount of money, had fantastic time and took numerous photos. But when you are back and looked at the photos you find not a single one to put it on Facebook or other social media. You can certainly neither go back for the sake of retaking of photos nor you are not very proficient in Photoshop. In such situation you need to have a tool that can fix the problem because you cannot afford to trash the photos because they preserve some very cherished memories.

This tool is Snapheal it is a super hero of your photos. It is a magic tool for mac users that simply remove the redundant things out of your photos without distorting the image. This magic is done while collecting the information from the surrounding environment of erased things. Keep reading to know more about Snapheal.

Snapheal: Super Hero Features:

Erase it if you don’t like it:

Erase it if you don’t like it

One biggest feature on which Snapheal embarks is erasing anything you don’t like in your photos. There are numerous options of erasing smallest and biggest thing in the photos. You can remove anything with the help of freestyle eraser, or you can do it in bit more geometrically. The eraser and stamp is available in various sizes ranging from low to highest quality. Once removed you can see the difference as well as adjust the saturation.

One Done Then Share:

Photoshop is good tool in fact very professional tool to manage your day to day graphical tasks but it does not let you one click option to share your creation on social media. Snapheal on the other hand does offer it. Only one click is required to share your photo on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other platforms.


Gain Knowledge While Removing the Image:

Gain Knowledge While Removing the Image

It is not very significant feature but for me it seems very unique. Yes! Snapheal while processing/removing the object from your photo offers you to read an amazing fact that can help you in gaining some knowledge while sitting idle. It shows that Snapheal paid attention to little details while developing this super hero photo-editing app.

It Costs What You Can Afford

It Costs What You Can Afford

Normally super hero kind of applications cost a lot especially if that app is on Apple store. But Snapheal costs $30 in normal days but these are not normal days which means you can get the app at 70% discounted price of $9.99 and will never be charged for any update. It is quite affordable considering the features it offers. You can buy the app from the store at this price but this offer won’t remain forever so you need to hurry.

Our Verdict:

Despite of some limitations in this app, I would still recommend it because Snapheal does not promise you everything. However, it does what it promise. It is by no means an alternative of Photoshop, better or worse than it, it is just your beginner level photo retouching application that does a wonderful job. So, if you don’t want to learn Photoshop and at the same time play around with your photos then I would definitely suggest it.