Comparing Content of Netflix, LOVEFILM

Through the wonders of the internet we, the public, are being offered a whole host of services designed to make life easier, more convenient and provide entertainment from wherever and whenever we can access the World Wide Web.

Taking advantage of this platform are companies such as Netflix and LOVEFiLM; if you aren’t already a member of one of these websites then you will at least recognize the names and you will have definitely ran in the opposite direction when a salesperson in your local high street has tried to sign you up for a free trial.

Well next time you might want to stop and hear what they are offering; both companies advertise free trials, but both also allow the user to cancel subscription with ease so if you love films and television then read on. These rivals barely differ in their operations and concept, offering a library of films, television programmes and even games available to download onto a laptop, tablet, android, PS3, a device that can be attached to a television; any device with the internet pretty much!


Users that have been enticed by their free trial can then sign up for different packages on a monthly basis. With Netfix, users can stream their favorite shows and films for £5.99 a month however, LOVEFiLM has rivaled this with £4.99 a month and although both Netflix and LOVEFiLM offer the option of ordering DVD and Blue-ray disks, Netflix UK does not offer this option to people residing here which definitely gives LOVEFiLM the edge in this respect.


Unfortunately, due to window releasing, neither websites are as up-to-date as your rental shop or a pay-as-you-go service through your digital supplier might be, but the convenience, price and accessibility is the real appeal of using these sites. For the more recent films LOVEFiLM is your best option with slightly more recent releases available for streaming than Netflix but also with the DVD option you can order newly released films too.

So in the battle of LOVEFiLM vs Netflix there is a clear winner: If you are in the UK and are unsure as to which website is best for you then LOVEFiLM tends to come out on top particularly if you are looking for the library with the most recent films. In addition to this, it is British, enough said.  “