Manage the WordPress Sites - Multitasking Made Easy For WordPress Users

If you are running multiple wordpress sites at a time and have no tip to manage this complexity, then you have come to the right place. In this article you will know how to manage multiple wordpress sites at a time. Multitasking is not an easy job. It takes time and management.

If you have more than one wordpress installs or your clients run wordpress site that you have the responsibility for, and then it is very difficult to log in to every site each time you need to fix, update or edit something.  After the introduction of wordpress 3.0, we can now develop network of wordpress site by only one installation through its features of multisite. There is a chance that you need something more than multisite. For this purpose, there are other options available too.

Luckily, there are several solutions for management of multiple wordpress sites from a single location. In this article I will explain few options which will help you in this purpose.

after a detail experience we use this inspiring post from a great blog just as an idea to show on our audience these of all ultimate tools of managing multiple wordpress websites.

WP Remote:

WP remote is a simplest and free of cost solution which allows you to perform a few basics related to the management of multi wordpress websites. You have to install the WP remote for every wordpress installation when your admin panel to manage your websites is in single location on the WP remote website.


It has different features which include the bulk update, create off-site backup. It also updates the plugins that you can update through wordpress plugin page. You can also update themes that can be updated through wordpress theme page.

Infinite WP:

IfiniteWp’s basic features are free of cost but to update any new feature or plugin, you will have to pay for it. The basic features in infilitewp are very simple and actually basic. You might not need the paid features in future if you have the basic ones. The basic features include one click update for the new version of wordpress. It also includes the installation and management of themes and plugins. It has the ability of restoration, downloading and deleting backups.

Paid features:


Its premium or paid features include installation of wordpress, cloning of a wordpress installation, schedule automation backup, managing wordpress users, saving and running PHP code on multiple websites. It also brands the infinitewp plugin with the company’s name or it hides the plugin once and for all. The premium adds on include the integration with Google analytics, managing posts and comments etc.

Manage WP:


Managewp has many free features which is its plus point. One click can update and centralize admin dashboard. This tool can allow you the management of five websites in a row for free. Its premium plan starts at 4$. Through this you can access the managewp premium feature.

Pro features:

Its premium features include, one click update, all sites in one dashboard, automated log in at one click, installation and managing of plugins and theme, removal of spam comments, optimizing database, page view traffic stats, notification of available updates, IP add accessing restrictions, two factor login through e-mail. manageWP has three paid premium plans. If you subscribe one plan, you can own as many sites as you like. Few more features include, user management, bulk add new post and page, seo analyzing, integrating with Google analytics, uptime monitoring, backup plans.


This will allow you to manage networks for wordpress sites in single location. A couple worpit features are backup and recovery and bulk updating wordpress plugin and themes. If you have worpit, then you will be able to manage single site for free. It has six paid subscriptions. It ranges from 5 sites for 1$ a month up to five hundred sites for $150 a month.


Worpit features include one click login, updating the installations with the new wordpress version, automated backups, on demand backups and restoration, auto installation of the preferred plugin and theme to new websites.

CMS Commander:

CMS commander is an extra ordinary thing for the wordpress sites. It not only allows you to manage multiple wordpress sites but also allows you the management of multi Drupal, joomla and phpBB websites also.

Five sites can be used as free through CMS commander. Its paid subscription prices are from $9 a month up to 64$ a month for 200 sites.


Its features include, plugins managing, updating and activation deactivation of plugins, themes managing, automation of site backup, cloning the site, automation of affiliated links, post management, common managing, users management, Wp setting managing, category managing, auto blogging and bulk posts managing.

All the solutions explained have some free features or some paid features. Your work can be done even by the free features if you cannot afford the paid subscriptions, but if you have many sites then you will have to get the paid features. The above mentioned solutions will help you manage your wordpress sites at one time and not consuming your precious time.