Brand New Web Designs Coming Up - New Decorative Unique Web Designs

At the end of every year we all predict and thing about what will be new in the year coming up. Everyone feels curious about upcoming fashion and trends. Trends are never same. They come and go. Some of them remain for a long time while other is just for a short run. Web trends and ideas are evolved from the older ideas. Just like other fashions, web designers also wait about New Year web trends.

1. Receptive Web Design

Receptive Web Design

Receptive web designs or responsive web designs will gradually start vanishing. It is not due to the reason that it will go away but due to the fact that people will start expecting this design. Mostly web designers are not familiar with this kind of design so, there is a chance that it will be introduced in the upcoming year 2013. The continuation of modern mobile devices and applications in the coming year makes it more obvious to be a year of receptive designing. It is expected that designers would prefer fluid layouts on fixed width.

2. Fixed-Position Navigation

Fixed-Position Navigation

This technique is present in most of the sites. Mostly people are aware of it as it has been found on personal blogs and sites.  If the website doesn’t contain several navigations then you can give some small links. If you keep links visible to every user at every time then this will help you improve the performance of your website. This will also blend out the page layout easily.

  • Role of jquery:

jQuery allows for quick prototyping of this kind of effect. One can implicate fancy CSS also with or without the JavaScript. This would help in replication of the sticking nav effects. In 2012 mostly navigational bars has been following the movement of user from one page to another.

  • Be creative about panels:

One never considers to keep his/her webpag contents setting into slideshow kind panels for ease. This can remove the threat of screen resolutions but the navigation is simple to work with as it can carry over efficiently into the mobile browser. You can consider this technique for upcoming year.

3. Circles


This trend has been used lately but not in major sites. This design had lower ratings from the past few years but there is a chance of it to appear as a major web design trend in upcoming year. Sometimes people use forgotten techniques and this is one of them. It has now become unique and different.


Also, one can design circles and other shapes without copying from any other image. Circle shapes are attractive and different. This will attract the users as people are always attracted by something new and different. Moreover, these shapes are easy to create. If the shape is only in the back ground, this can also help in modify the look of the web page.

4. Big Vector

Big Vector

Big vector art can also be considered as upcoming designs. There have been many blogs and sites in which people are actually using this art to catch user’s attention. This design is unique and attractive. There have been a little use of this trend so; there is a huge chance that web designers will be focusing on this specific design in next years. MailChimp is a great example which had the bar even higher than before. It focuses on the mailman monkey throughout the site. It is also in their android apps.

5. Multi-Column Menus

At times, websites have several links to be handled at one time. Websites now-a-days are getting vague and huge. They contain several links which are difficult to manage. If you are facing any problem like that then you can use multi column menus. This will help manage and organize the topics and genres. As websites are actually getting more material, they will need this design in upcoming year. So, do consider this design if you have a huge website to be tackled. You can also modify this idea by your own creations. You can make folders and then sub folders, having variable colors.

6. jQuery/CSS3/HTML5 Animation

jQuery effects are often recommended by designers especially when they are applied in tiny proportions. The design must encircle the all user experience and fancy aesthetic etc. fortunately, modifications in the jQuery library and also CSS3 allows designers for few excellent effects which has few lines of codes than previous ones.

In the past few years, some educational tutorials have been found in all webs. Jquery masters in front browser effect but it has a flaw that it cannot boast 100% support. If you use a fall black method along with CSS, this means that the website’s compatibility is with of all visitors which can still give an exclusive experience.

7. Ribbons & Banner Graphics

Ribbons & Banner Graphics

This design isn’t famous yet but it is expected to be popular for 2013. There have been many tutorials written on how to design page ribbons, banner, bookmark designs and many more. This idea of design can be very vast. You can create many variations in the idea. This can be very useful for creating your upcoming website in 2013 or renovating your current website to attract more and everlasting users.

A good web design can not only maintain the current users but it can also increase traffic on your blog or site. So, be aware of the latest trends. If your site has the latest designs and creations, then the only thing you need to do is maintain the site.