Now we can say that there is almost every person is using internet basically its part and parcel of every department of life, if we look around our daily routine life there is no work which is completed without the use of internet and technology. Moreover it’s also the source of survival of many peoples in my life I have seen many skilled enough people who are earning a suitable amount to sit even at home, it is just the facility of social media. I’d like to say that social media is play pretty valued role in this advance flux, there are also many people who considered it a cause of time waste, they just don’t know about the significance of social media. My today topic has also a touch of social as you can see above Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, before I get started to elaborate on my topic I just want to say something about the Google.

Now a day’s Google is playing most important role in the wide world of internet, our any search isn’t completed without Google, because Google is able enough to provide a perfect result of our quest (we often call it browsing), we can easily find our top priority content. Similar to other services of Google AdWords is also it’s famous service, there are also many people who want to learn about Google AdWords because it has lots of importance. Google AdWords is Google’s main advertising product and main source of revenue we can say that Google is earning lots of amount through this service.

And similarly Facebook Ads are also playing a most important role the main purpose of both to publicize the other’s content. We can say that Facebook is also playing most important role for all and sundry, it’s not only a place where you can stay connected with your friends and family you can also promote your business as well. However today I have decided to present you the value of both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords and it’s my main topic, if you are a blogger or running any website for your business you will learn lots of about these two services. It’s also important for you if you are deeply interested in internet in this way you can also increase your knowledge about Google’s and Facebook’s services as well.

Main look and Feel

Main look and Feel facebook ads

Main look and Feel Google Adwords

It’s the first main difference that I observe in these two extremes both are whenever you’ll log in to Facebook you can see different ads at the right side. Basically facebook presents ads of that content which is available in the facebook like if a website is dealing in iOS apps and he has a page on facebook he can make a page and similarly this page can also be displayed through ads to the other users of facobook your ad will reach over 800 million people where they connect and share. And similarly when you’ll open any blog or websire you can see, there Google ads on the top, center, left or right or any other place that also look like text or in the form of image.


The main difference is the look and feel of both kinds of ads Facebook presents ads on its range and Google ads can also bring you direct on the website that the ad is appear. So, in this way we can make the first difference between both kinds of ads.

According to their Niche

According to their Niche

According to their Niche Google Adwords

It’s also the main quality of both kinds of ads that both are presenting a look according to their niche and you can easily understand what the main purpose of this ad is, for example if you are dealing in Android devices, and you want to have an ad and the main presentation can easily make understand your readers. It’s the main quality of both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords that viewer can easily understand the niche of the ad, whenever I go on any blog and on my Facebook account I can easily understand about any ad’s niche.

So the look of the ad should be according to its main theme or niche because it can prove valuable for every person specially viewers.

Publicizing your Content

The main purpose behind the both ads is to publicizing your content because if you have the facebook page and you want the maximum likes then you can get strategy of ads. Because in this way you can easily promote your Facebook Page or website or you can also make use of the “Like” button to increase your ad’s influence and you can also put up a community around your business. The benefits of Google AdWords are also similar because you can also easily get the visitors and build a good fame in this vast world of internet just to display your ads through Google.

According to my research Google’s total advertising revenues was USD$28 billion in 2010 and you can make an idea that how is it valuable for Google and similarly it’s also valuable for the Facebook, because you can choose your audience by location, age and interests.

Final Thoughts

In the end we can say that Facebook Ads and Google AdWords are fruitful for both Google and Facebook and for you as well. The main purpose behind this article is just to make you understand about the purpose of Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. If you are a blogger or running a website you can easily get the maximum advantages from these two services and easily get your targeted traffic, because it’s essential for your benefit. In this way you can also increase your income that you are earning from online business.