A friend of mine recently started a company and like a first step in establishing all enterprises, he wanted to have a quality logo design for his business. For that he kept looking for a logo designer and design houses, but wherever he went, and whoever he searched for, he did not find a good match for him. Designers from whom he contacted, were either too slow in producing the logo or if they agreed on giving him a faster solution, wanted a ridiculously high amount for it. After days of search, he came to me, and when I told him about 48Hourslogo, he regretted wasting the whole time on wrong platforms. For my readers, here is a review of 48Hourslogo, the place to get high quality and professional logos in no time!

How 48Hourslogo Works

How 48Hourslogo Works

48Hourslogois not only a great platform for getting desirable logos for your business, but it’s also very unique in many ways.  Being a business owner wanting to have a professional logo, all you have to do is to start a custom logo design contest at 48Hourslogo just for $29 and once the contest is on, a number of designers gather around to take part in the contest and produce the best logo for you through an environment of healthy competition. Once the contest is over, you be the judge and choose the one that suits you the best from a number of choices and pay the rest of the amount upon your satisfaction. When you are done with all the payment and formalities, you will receive all the suitable formats of the logo file to be used on any platform.


48Hourlogo works beyond just logo designing, and offers its services in print designing and web designing with equal efficiency and quality.

Unique Attributes of 48Hourslogo

Professionalism – all the designers at 48Hourslogo are highly professional with a strong hold on the trends and requirements of today’s market. All the competing designers have an attractive portfolio of designing highly appreciated and famous logos and designs.

Efficiency – as the name says, 48Hourslogo takes the minimum possible time in producing logos and other required designs for its customers. Efficiency makes them a preferred choice over many other logo design companies in the market.

Responsiveness – the logo design process at 48Hourslogo is very responsive and upholds the value of two-way communication. During the designing process, the client has the liberty to give feedback and the designers respond to it accordingly. Moreover, you can interact with the designers to put your message across and make them understand about your needs.

To Conclude

Although there are many logo design companies and online logo design services available, however, the things that have been commonly seen in them is that they are either expensive, non-professional or delay the task too much. Here is where 48Hourslogo comes in, the best logo design solution for small and medium businesses, which requires a small investment on money and even small investment of your time to get a high quality professional logo in no time!