The other day I visited a friend who makes hand-made decorations and household stuff. I was so impressed by the quality and diversity of her work, however, the only thing in my mind was that she needs a better platform to sell her products. At that time I gave her a suggestion of opening up an online store so that her work gets better exposure. She immediately refused my suggestion saying that she has no experience in starting e-commerce and that she doesn’t want to waste her time and energy in running after different resources needed to start an online store. And to all her reservations my only reply was “Shopify is all you need for a winning e-commerce breakthrough”. For those who do not know about the wonders of Shopify like my friend, here is a review.

Shopify sounds like software that can aid your endeavor of having an online shop. However infact, Shopify is much more than that.  As the name says, Shopify is the service that turns your offline product or service into an online shop. The thing that makes Shopify just so perfect is its 360 degree solution providing feature i.e. from your online store’s design, its CMS and web hosting to financial handling and customer care, Shopify deals with every aspect of e-commerce.

So, whenever you are ready to start an online store, just go to Shopify, pick a design for your store from an assortment of hundreds of impressive designs, start receiving payments through credit cards and ship your products to anywhere in the whole wide world. You would not have to divide your budget into several major and minor costs for having an online store, because Shopify gives you comfortable packages and offers in one single budget figure so that you may not waste any of your precious time mulling over petty issues, rather put all your energies in successfully launching and running your online store.


Shopify, All You Need for a Winning e-Commerce Breakthrough

The Shopify website, with its simplest navigation and user-friendly interface, guides you through all the specifics and lets you all that you want to know. It’s not just the designing and development part that Shopify deals with, when I said 360 degree solutions, then I actually meant that. Here are some incredible features offered by Shopify to its customers:

  • Design Your Store with hundreds of store layouts and design option at Shopify theme store
  • Get all the tools and software support to Run Your Store seamlessly
  • Secure Shopping Cart with incredibly efficient shopping cart software
  • Get the best and most powerful E-commerce Hosting made right in accordance to deal with your needs
  • No need to worry about the Marketing and SEO of your business because it will well taken care of
  • Put your store available for mobile phone access from anywhere through Mobile Commerce
  • Get a number of apps to empower your business management from Shopify App Store

All of this an much more with a comfortable option to have a 30 day free trial, so that the potential customers of Shopify may know all what is being offered and experience its effectiveness themselves.