Things to Look for While Naming Your Baby Business

I have often heard people saying that name does not really matter and it is quite amazing to hear. We all are known by our names, that is what we are recognized from and even then considering names unimportant comes across as a very strange statement. It becomes even more important if it’s a business name. Most of the big companies have very interesting names and some clever thoughts are at the back of those interesting names. You cannot just a pick a random name and use it for your business. Careful thinking is needed to select a great business name.

Your business name has to be catchy, innovative and off course very engaging. A great company name can take you a long way off course provided the fact that you are providing good services. It also helps a lot in establishing a great brand name. In this article we will be discussing some characteristics of a great business name.

Secrets to Gain Success via Business Names

Secrets to Gain Success via Business Names

When it comes to business names, everyone has their own point of view. Something that you like might be disliked by someone else. Some people will say that an interesting name has to be an abstract and other will say that only informative names are interesting. It could also be playful or practical. It does matter the kind of business name you choose but added on to that your marketing strategy should be strong enough to promote that name in a better way.

If you are planning to start out on a new business journey, do not ignore the importance of having a great business name. Following are a few characteristics of a great business name that you should keep in mind while you are thinking of a business name for your own business.

  1. Availability of the Business Name

Having a name that sounds cute or interesting is not the only important thing to think of while coming up with a name. Your name should have the strength to grab attention and it should be visible enough to do that. If you have thought about a perfect name, make sure you do a good research on it especially a domain search. The URL for your selected name has to be available so make sure you do not set your heart on a name that is already taken. You will only welcome confusion if you have selected a name which is similar to some existing popular brand. If the URL is available for your favorite name, wait no more to get it secured. As soon as you get to know it is available, get it registered so that no one else takes away your favorite name


  1. Brevity Plays An Important Role

You must have heard that less is more or shorter is sweeter so while you are thinking of a name, do keep this thing in mind. All the successful and famous companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Nike and Apple have short names and they are punchy as well. Your business name should be suitable enough to be easily read on a small stickers as well as large poster or billboard, otherwise your customers or potential customers may have a hard time in remembering it well. The goal is to keep it simple, keep it short yet keep it attractive. The reason why shorter names are better is that shorter names are easy to remember. People are too busy these days to remember long and difficult names.

  1. Think Outside the Box

A great business name can be in your own language. There are plenty of famous brands that have used this strategy to attract attention of viewers. I am sure you have heard of Gizmodo, Lego and Weebly. They are not proper words but are made up words. If you want to have a long name, you can combine two words together. You have to experiment, get innovative and think outside the box to come up with an extremely innovative name. Sometimes you can even come up with an excellent name by just spelling a word incorrectly or making little changes here and there. People really appreciate such brands that have courage to do something different. So, think outside the box and come up with something really interesting.

  1. Keep It Natural

Just because you have to be innovative, you should not come up with a difficult and strange sort of a name. Try to keep it simple, natural and realistic. The biggest example of a natural and realistic name is Apple and Blackberry. Both are famous and very simple names. Now this does not mean that you should search for fruit names in order to get a name. You can get inspiration from anywhere. All you need to do is make sure that the name is catchy enough but simple enough to be memorized.

  1. Keep Your Options Open

Avoid naming your business after geographic location or generic terms. This way you are binding yourself with a certain locality of term and you are closing your ways to further expand your business. Try to come up with a name which allows you diversification in your business in the long run. Always think big because you might be starting with a small business but you never know when you might want to expand so always leave room for that.

  1. Get Help from Branding Experts

Being creative is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yes, you can think of a lot of names but none of them might sound great enough to be your business name. It can also be frustrating so why not take off some load from yourself and get help from a branding expert who has been dealing with corporate naming. They will not only help you in coming up with a great name but will also help you in dealing with issues regarding trademark and copyright law. Yes, they might be expensive but once they start helping you, you will realize that the entire money was worth it. It will definitely save you from a lot of hassle in the long run.

It is always good to change your brand name for the betterment of your brand. If first time you did not get the desired results, it is good for you to avoid taking a chance the second time and take help from branding consultants.


Selecting a name is a very personal choice and you might have to face a lot of difference of opinion. The characteristics mentioned above can definitely help you in selecting a great name for your business. Just make sure that the name you have selected fulfills the criteria by having all the characteristics mentioned above in it.