The world is rapidly changing and technology is all about keeping up with the changing world. The same trend has been seen in the world of social networking and social media websites, where new advancements are taking place to cope up with different requirements of different users. People nowadays, are also working to bridge the gaps and cope with discrepancies of the existing social networking website.

What is Zurker?

One such splendid effort is being carried out by Zurker, a special new concept in social media websites that is based entirely on its members. Members control the data, members control the content, members take part in all major decision making, and members even ‘own’ the network. Isn’t this amazing, when an incredible social networking website like Zurker enables you to be the boss alongside being its member.

What Makes Zurker So Special?

What Makes Zurker So Special?

Zurker is world’s first member-owned social networking website that empowers its members by giving them the right of ownership, thus dissolving the boundary between membership and ownership. Zurker has a number of other special features as well like:


  • Members are the backbone of Zurker success and in return, Zurker takes care of its members by giving them a chance to share its growth and profits. Instead, they don’t have to spend a penny other than a little time
  • Open books policy that enables you to access the financial flows keeping up with transparency of the system
  • A total democratic approach towards major decision-making (members take part in the decision-making through votes)
  • Total control over your privacy with high confidentiality of member info, no advertisements and almost no spamming
  • Efficient product support that is every ready to entertain all your queries
  • Different Zurkers for different regions and separate pages for personal and business accounts
  • The member base or Zurker is much educated as compared to the contemporary social media websites

What is vShare?

One of Zurker’s best features is vShare. vShare works in a way that once you have signed up at Zurker, you can earn two vShares per signup for the next 24 hours. After that it is one vShare per referral leading to lesser vShares. Members can review the notes in their account about that. Another way is that you can buy vShares at the rate of $1 per vShare anytime. Once the figure reaches to 10K members of Zurker, the vShare price goes up, causing an increase in its value. Once all 1 million vShares are allocated, a corporation will be formed and transform your vShares into real shares and you start getting revenue percentage from Zurker’s income as Zurker itself will do.

How to Join Zurker?

Zurker was launched at the beginning of this year after a long research and a lot of brainstorming to make is as interesting for users as possible. However, Zurker at this moment is in its beta stage in which you cannot go to the website and join it immediately. Zurker can only be joined through member invitation. Therefore all you have to do is to click here to join Zurker and be a part of such a magnificent concept in social networking websites right from its beginning.