Enjoy Windows Features on Mac OS X

Our thinking change daily therefor we change our styles. Nowadays we can see lots of people who are migrating from windows to Mac in the whole world, for all those this post is much useful. Now you can use windows features on Mac OS X

True Window Maximization

True Window Maximization

You click on maximization green button to maximize your window, RightZoom is a tool that changes the behavior of this button causing it to maximize the window. It’s amazing option we’ve found. You can grab flexiglass, will maximize when you right on the button but it’s $10.

Window Previews

Window Previews

When you place your cursor on taskbar in Windows 7, it show a preview of open windows, its fast trick but in OS X, you can right click on  dock icon to see the open windows and the lack of thumbnails makes it hard to distinguish between them. If you prefer Windows feature the Hyperdock $10 will help you.

Aero Snap’s Window Snapping (and Then Some)

It’s useful for those who work in multiple windows at once. By clicking and dragging a windows to the edge of the screen, you could snap them to fit half the screen and use side by side. You can drag a windows to the top of the secret to maximize it. See some of them below:


  • Hyperdock: This brings window snapping to OS X by both clicking and dragging windows and keyboard shortcuts. In addition, it has the window preview feature mentioned above, as well as the ability to move and resize windows from anywhere—not just the titlebar or window corner (another feature we miss from Windows).
  • Flexiglass: Flexiglass is also $10, but has a slightly different feature set than Hyperdock. It too can snap windows, as well as move and resize them from anywhere. However, it also adds the ability to fully maximize windows by right-clicking the green plus button, as well as quit apps by right-clicking the red x button, two features that Windows users on OS X will probably miss. It doesn’t, sadly, have the window previews in the dock, so you’ll either have to buy both apps or decide which features are more important to you. Again, both should have free trials available.
  • Cinch: If you’d rather not buy an app, you can grab Cinch. Cinch is technically $7, but it’s nagware, meaning you can run it forever for free as long as you don’t mind a request to buy every time you launch it. Cinch adds the drag-and-snap feature to OS X, but doesn’t include keyboard shortcuts. For that you’d need…
  • SizeUp: From the same developers as Cinch, SizeUp is a program that lets you snap windows, maximize them, move them to different monitors, and otherwize manage them with keyboard shortcuts. It doesn’t include the drag-and-snap features of Cinch and the others, but if you’re only going to use keyboard shortcuts anyways, it’s perfect. Again, it’s $7, but runs free as nagware if you prefer.
  • Cinch
  • ShiftIt: ShiftIt is a free tool that lets you maximize and snap windows using keyboard shortcuts. It’s similar to SizeUp but doesn’t have quite as many options. It is, however, completely free (and nag-free).

Cut and Paste in the Finder

In Windows you cut and paste files according to your wish but in Mac finder lets you copy and past you can cut. Use this way to enjoy this feature MoveAddict $8.

Get a Better Window Switcher

Cmd+Tab is switcher for anything that’s built-in, if you like a more amazing Windows tool, use Witch in just $14.

Get Windows-Style Keyboard Shortcuts

Now you can use Windows-style keyboard in OX S, means you use sohotcut keys to enjoy any feature like copy Ctrl+C and past Ctrl+V. Now enjoy this feature in Mac OS X, just use DoubleCommand.

by lifehacker