Flash or HTML5? Customer Orientation makes you Easy to Decide

HTML5 or flash? Which way would you choose to realize the animation for your website?As a web designer, it’s an essential choice to make; and the answer will be determined by your customer, in another word, your choice will be made according to the orientation of your user. So before you make a choice, let’s see the difference between the two.

HTML5, without any doubt, is one of the hottest topics in recent years. It was put forward by WHATWG in 2004, after 7 years’ development, it has turned to one of the most expected trend in IT industry. So what kind of unique features does it have to draw so much attention?

Flash or HTML5? Customer Orientation makes you Easy to Decide

Although HTML5 is a draft at present, according to the submitted content, it has some unique features.

  1. It enriches the terminal web application without any plug-in, which releases web from those unopened plug-ins. As a result, the video play can be complete by the built-in function of browser. So it saves resources.
  2. It is an open standard. The application can be used in different platforms for just one program writing; you don’t have to develop IOS version or Android version for a same application.

Flash or HTML5? Customer Orientation makes you Easy to Decide


New tags were added which makes it more functional; it’s the combination representation of HTML+CSS3+JS.

All these awesome features make it more competitive on mobile application. So as a web designer, it’s necessary to analyze the composition of your web visitor. Suppose most of your visitors are mobile application holders, especially iPhone or iPad; then HTML5 is more suitable for your web animation.

Despite the rapid development of HTML5, the dominate position was still taken by flash. Flash has more than 10 years’ history, which makes it the major animation technology. It dominates the majority of desktops. The reasons are obvious:

  1. Flash is popular, especially in desktop application. It supports transplatforms and transbrowsers. Most of the games, advertisements, movies and other interaction content were developed by flash technology.
  2. It is not only video transmit tool, but powerful interaction provider, which is hardly realized by HTML5.
  3. Flash is easy to upgrade. The strong developing team guarantees the new function can be added in time.

Consider of the popularity of flash and its wide application in different fields, it is wise for you to adopt flash as the tool of animation realization if your customers are common oriented. Because HTML5 is not popular compare to flash.

Then what about the visitors contain the both orientations? Indeed, some website contain different kinds of visitors, under such situation, you need a conversion tool for HTML5 and flash such as Sothink SWF Decompiler, which is very popular among web designers for its powerful function of flash to HTML5 conversion.

So, it is not hard for you to make a choice after you understand the orientation of your web visitors.