How to Strategically Plan Out Your Website Content

If you are just a beginner in designing industry, you will envy those big companies who have everything to offer to their clients. I can say it on client’s behalf that they love to have a one stop shop where they can get every service related to their website. It is quite a hectic task to find a web designer, graphic designer and then a content writer. These big agencies have a solution to every problem. For instance, client will not have work on webhosting services or SEO. They will get it all from a single company. Now, where the market is full of competition, you must be thinking that as a freelancer or a newbie, it would be really difficult to compete with these companies right?

As a matter of fact, no it is not that difficult as a little struggle would be required but you can carve a niche for yourself in the designing industry as well by just making a few changes.  To start off with, you can simply offer web content services to your clients. This could be a great way to understand what your client really wants in his website.

Also, as said earlier, clients do not like to roam around in the market to get everything done. You need to provide them a little more than web designing and you can attract a lot of clients. A client would be more than happy to get done with the web designing and content writing both at the same time and from the same source. Just like you plan out a booklet printing project, you want a website to be strategic and direct readers where you want them to go.

Advantages of Offering Content Writing Services

Advantages of Offering Content Writing Services

Your clientele list would be increasing with this service off course but there are other plenty of advantages that web content writing services will bring along. Let us define a few advantages you will get by offering web designing with content writing services.

Work Efficiency
Having authority is very important while working on something. When the work is divided with different agencies, having full command over the project gets impossible. With so many things going on, you will obviously have to make a lot of sacrifices and compromises. If you are working on the entire project and you have full command over all the aspects, you will definitely see a great improvement in your work efficiency.  Since you will be dealing with everything, there will be less confusion. Also, making any kind of changes will be your responsibility and you can easily get the design and content synchronized.

Design and Content Will Complement Each Other
As said earlier, when you will be in charge of everything, you can design the website in a way where you can add the content according to the web design. This way the web design and content will complement each other. The content and web design should go hand in hand so harmony is definitely required and this can be done if everything is taken care of at a single place.

Brand Positioning
You will be providing your client with a content that will bring a very good impression of the brand hence making its position a lot better in the market.

Meeting the Deadlines
When you are working with other companies, without any doubt, you will have to face a lot of delays. Since you will be handling designing and content writing on your own, you will be getting done with everything on time therefore, you will be meeting deadlines and there would be no delays.

Work on the Optimization
If you will be providing quality content, various search engines will rank your website on higher positions.


More Projects
If you are providing professional content writing to your client’s website, it will definitely improve the worth of your client’s website. If they would be making more money via your content writing, the chances of you getting referrals and more projects gets a lot higher.

Good Help Won’t Do Any Harm
If you will hire a good freelance content writer, he can prove to be of good help as well. Writers who have been working with website development have good knowledge of web designing as well so they can give you some very good ideas to incorporate into your website. So, you will not only be getting good content, you will be getting some really good ideas.

Building Personal Relations
Your services do not end with the website launch. There is always some redesigning or content updating required after the launch of your site and if you do that for your client, they will definitely get back to you whenever they need any sort of changes.

Ways to Add Content Writing
There are plenty of easy ways to start with providing good content writing services along with web designing. The best thing you can do is developing referral agreements as this is indeed a great option to incorporate content writing to your company. The easiest way to go about things is to hire a freelance content writer who can write for you. You can even subcontract with any web content writing company and they can work with you. If you are not satisfied with this, you can hire a few of your own content writers. Let us take a look at how these options will work for you.

How Does Referral Agreement Work
Now, this is a two way street. You will be referring your clients to a web content writing service provider and they will refer good clients to you. But before you get into all this, you need to make sure that the web content company is capable of providing you with good clients. Also, it should be trust worthy and reliable. Do not go for just any web content writing company. Be developing referral agreement, you would be providing your clients with content writing services and you will not have to handle the hassle of content writing as well.

This will definitely resolve a few cash issues as well as you won’t be handing over the money to your hired writers from your own account. This is a great way to get things done and generate the business as well.

Hiring Freelance Writers
This is another great option for getting things done. You can simply hire a freelance writer who can work you but you will be responsible for coordinating with him throughout. The best thing about hiring a freelancer is that you get to save money as you will be paying only when there is work otherwise you do not have to pay to him. This option can be a little risky as well because if your writer is not available, your work will be delayed. Similarly you are not sure if he will deliver on time so reliability factor would be missing.

Opting for Subcontract
In this option clients will hire you for getting the work done and you will be hiring another content writing company to get the work done for you. Since they have permanent writers working for you, they will be able to deliver on time and can even meet tough deadlines. However, it can cost you a little more and you cannot be sure if your work has been given enough attention as they will be dealing with a lot of projects.

Hiring Your Own Writers
This is by far the best way to get things done. You can simply hire your own writer who can work for your company and your projects. All you need to do is find a writer who is capable of writing on anything.

Final Thoughts

How to Strategically Plan Out Your Website Content

Content of any communication material matters much to its target audience. Like brochures, flyers, posters, business cards and other materials from the printing medium, the website or a product or service impact the reader in many ways. The Above mentioned tips are meant to help you develop an effective strategy for yours or your website’s content. Give extra advantages to your clients for hiring you and you will be generating good business.