Some Incredible Offline Mediums for Business Promotion

Due to increasing popularity of the Internet, a good number of people are promoting their business online but still nothing can replace the effects of offline advertising. There is no point in starting a business if you are not willing to promote it. If you want to have a clientele, you need to reach out to them first and this can only be done via advertising online or offline. Traditional postcard printing and mailing is an offline method which stands the test of time and can do wonders for promoting any business.

There are various advertising agencies who are working on designing advertising campaigns for various products in order to promote them. I have seen such products as well where manufacturing cost is less in amount than what is spend on advertising. If you want your product to be a success, you need to reach out to a large number of clients in your domain and following are a few effective ways to promote your business offline:

Understanding the Word ‘Promotion’

Some Incredible Offline Mediums for Business Promotion

In simple words, promotion means reaching out to the target audience and educating them about your product. Promotion is way too important for any product because with no promotion, no one would be aware that your product exists in the market. This article is to help you in promoting your online business via offline means. There are a lot of ways to do it but we will be discussing the most effective ones.

Difference Between Online and Offline Promotion

Some Incredible Offline Mediums for Business Promotion

Online promotion has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Each and every person who owns a business big or small is trying to promote their business online. The best thing about online promotion is that it is cost effective and it reaches out to the global audience. Social networking websites are a best way to promote your business without having to spend a single penny.

Since online promotion looks like an easy task, a lot of people are ignoring the importance of offline advertising. If you are to get your marketing strategies right, offline advertising can do wonders for your business or product.

How to Promote Your Business Offline

Some Incredible Offline Mediums for Business Promotion

Following are a few tips which can help you in promoting business and that too via offline means.

1. Promotion Via Company URLs
It is pretty obvious that if you are running a business, you will have a website for that. You need to put your company URL everywhere for instance, emails, business cards, letter heads etc. If you are sending out an email, make sure you have mentioned your company URL with your signature so that client can get any sort of information he wants through company’s URL.

You should have proper letter heads of your company with the names registered on them. Apart from this business cards are of a great importance in promoting your business. So, make sure you have a well designed business card which has your company name and URL on it.


2. Round the Clock Availability
If you want your clients to trust you, make yourself available 24/7 over the internet. You should be sending out a reply to any query as soon as possible. The message can be displayed that you will be replying to queries within 24 hours but try to make it as quick as you can. There is nothing more impressive for a client if he gets a reply even on holidays. If you are unable to reply, make sure an acknowledgement is email is send to the client.

3. Well Informed Employees
The biggest turn off for any client is if the company employees are not well informed. I personally hate it when I ask a question to a customer support representative and they go blank. So, you need to make sure that all your employees are well informed about your company, latest happenings and your business webpage. Even the new hiring should be well informed about any recent developments.

4. Reaching Out To Your Clients In A Different Way
There are various ways to get into the lives of your clients and it is not a hard task to do as well. You can send your clients gifts during holidays or occasions. The gift items should have your company name and URL printed on it and the items should be useful. You can send clients with company calendars, clocks, pen, maps, sticky notes and a bunch of other things. The main purpose of this activity is to stay in the life of your client and remind him of your existence via these gifts.

5. Customized Complimentary Items
You can always get customized company items made for instance t-shirts, mugs, handbags, notepads etc. You can always give these complimentary items to your old clients and even new ones. This is a great way to promote your business offline. You can also give out these complimentary items to general public as well. Apart from all this, you can go for the recent trend as well i.e., your own company vehicle.

6. Clear Advertising
The main purpose of advertising is to get your message across to the audience so it should be clearly visible and understandable. The URL of your company should be clear during the promotion. I have seen people ignoring the importance of URL and logo by placing them on the side or in the corners, which is wrong. If people are not seeing the URL of your company, you have lost the goal of advertising. Your advertising platform could be any for instance billboards or newspaper, just make sure that the URL is clearly visible.

7. Real Life Networking
The best way to promote is via real life networking. You can start off with a fewer number of audience and then take it to the next level. You can promote your business to extended family and friends initially and once you think they are happy with your ideas, you can expand your real life promotion. You can promote your business in shopping malls, restaurants and other famous places.

8. Joining Relevant Groups
Joining relevant groups is also a great way to promote your business offline. You can join chamber of commerce or business groups and this can prove to be really beneficial for you.

9. Become An Event Sponsor
Becoming an event sponsor can really help you in reaching to a large number of audiences. You can sponsor an event which is a social cause as well or you can sponsor and entertaining event. It depends on what you like and how much are you willing to spend. Sponsoring any fund raising events would be great as well. You need to give away mementos during these events with the details of your company so that your brand name can reach to a lot of people.

10. Direct Mailing
Have you ever thought about direct mailing? Direct mailing includes sending out our flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, posters, booklets, rack cards, calendars and other marketing material via the mailing services. The concept is losing its touch but I would strongly recommend it because it is indeed a great way of reaching out to a good clientele.

11. Press Release
Writing an article for a blog is a great way to promote your business online. Since we are discussing offline ways to promote your business, you can write an article for a magazine or a press release for a newspaper. People will trust your brand more if they will see it in a popular newspaper or a magazine as they rely on their information.

Final Thoughts

The above mentioned tips can definitely help you a lot in reaching out to a target audience. Offline advertising is still a lot stronger than online advertising. Therefore, if you really want to increase your clientele, promote your business online and offline as well.