10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

Blogging is surrounded by the most interesting and beneficial bustle being done over the Internet now a days. In the flux of blogging, you have a superior opportunity of earn the bread; it is personal and money-making marketing source, a platform to display your aptitude. In other words we can say that, blogging is the kind of social networking. Blogging is not just the inheritance of all and sundry, every person who wants to move toward in this field must have to create his expertise by his own efforts.

Just see in your mind’s eye if a dealer comes to you what he desires in his maiden speech, he wants to convince you as soon as possible. He wants to allure you just like you feel alluring to see your favorite, brochures, postcards, business cards, calendars. Same is the case in the field of blogging; your visitors come on your blog, if the design of your blog is according to their need. So, one of the greatest benefits of a blog is that, you can easily modify its appearance or theme without having it designed all the time. The most significant quality of a high-quality theme is that it should fulfill your necessities as well as your visitors. . This post presents a guideline for the bloggers to evaluate the helpfulness of their blog theme. Think of your blog as your business card printing efforts which are shown to the world. Pick a theme that represents what you offer.

 1. The first concept to choose theme

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

The first conception when starting your new blog is, which theme template should employ to make your blog stand out. The initial concept of your blog is extremely depends on the theme as a fundamental visitor is paying attention by a design before reading the content of your blog. When opening a fresh blog, the initial step is to choose a platform. There are lot of alternatives including WordPress, Typepad and Blogger. Just do a quick investigation and you will start checking out the various platforms that are to be had. One of the most well-liked and adaptable is WordPress.

On the other hand you can also get inspiration from different blogs like Dzinepress, Appstorm and Smashing Magazine .So, be serious to choose a theme it is a famous quote, “he first impression is the last impression” and it’s also valuable in order to choose a theme.

2. Role of SEO

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

Taking part in online business atmosphere is not a trouble-free job and it takes a lot of time and effort to having stability in blogging. There is motionless a lot of puzzlement as to what started first; was it website development or was it SEO concept.  A common false impression about SEO is that it relates to the content of the blog only. Search Engine Optimization runs a blog just like petrol runs a means of transportation. If the theme of your blog will be striking and eye-catching then, visitors prefer to come again and again on your blog. Like this your blog gets good ranking in Search Engine. So, there are a lot of plugins are available on wordPress like:

WordPress plugins

3. Readable content of your blog

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

Readable content of your blog is the key building block that makes or breaks your visitors. As a blogger, your most important clients are your readers and the client is the king. If you really want to make your blog readers feel like kings you have to, offer them quality blog posts and present and organize them well. If the content of your blog is not attractive then you’ll not get good results, usually, dark text on a light background has the best readability. The example of the good content is “Why iphone needs to be redesign” and “Why typography is the soul of web designing”.

4. Effortless structure of your blog

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog


The structure of your blog is like a road if you don’t know about a road then there will be great chances of your misplacing. On the other hand if you know about a pathway you’ll reach wherever you want. So, if the structure of your blog isn’t easy to understand then it is not good in the fame of your blog. For example, both old and new visitors to a blog are most involved in reading the well-liked Posts or want to visit the associated Posts of a certain article. So, a visitor counts on your blog and wants to come again and again. However it’s a piece of advice for all and sundry choose a theme which is already prepared with maximum direction-finding options. If the structure of your blog is not good as it should be then, Google doesn’t prefer your blog for high page rank.

5. Importance of sidebars

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

The importance of sidebars is quite clear it plays an important role to engage the visitor with your blog. Over the past quite a few years, with the increase of blogs, people have come to agree to blogs for their often cluttered, excessively used sidebars.  Sidebars nowadays are used above all for ads, linking to well-liked pages, and other sites or articles. Put some additional attempt in improving the form of your sidebar and think about what would be the most helpful content to include that would instantly get noticed. Disagreeable sidebars are often deserted, and as a result they become rotten and uninteresting for your blog theme as well. It is also significant that Facebook fans widget and the name of famous posts with thumb nail image should also mentioned.

6. Color combination for your blog

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

It is the most important part, while designing or re-designing a theme of your blog, the hardest part is to find the perfect color combination. As new visitors turn up at your blog, color is one of the most significant design features for creating a positive first feeling. It is good to experiment the usefulness and pleasant appearance of your blog with different color schemes.

Effective color alterations can be a fast, trouble-free way to help your blog situate out from the crowd particularly is you are using a very ordinary theme. When your blog stands for a specific company or group, try to make use of the corporate colors of that company or group and not just any color. So, the color scheme of your blog should be like that, that doesn’t disturb your articles and your ads. It doesn’t seem to be a blog full of crowd.

7. Matchlessness theme

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

It’s the age of technology and advancement has made it wonderful simple for just any person to start a blog and administer it well as he can. It is a business which is growing very fast day by day. If we give a light glance towards the world of web, even a green person running a blog. So, in the flux of blogging the theme of your blog must be unique and matchless because it is entail for every blogger.  You don’t essentially require having a theme that will convince your visitors, however, your theme should have something so rare and unforgettable that will help for branding purposes.

8. Shorter load time

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

Just imagine for a while if your blog gets a lot of time in opening, will a visitor prefer to come again on your blog? Definitely a visitor prefers such a blog which takes shorter time to open. Most blog readers might not be patient enough till all content shows up. So, they prefer other blogs.  In this regard you have to choose such a theme which takes short time to open. Attempt to find a blog theme that has moreover a shorter load time or strive to create lighter pages yourself, without touching the pleasant appearance of your blog. So, Maxcdn provides you its services, Maxcdn is very helpful for your blog as well. Maxcdn decrease your losding time and your blog gets a chance to get a good page rank on the other hand it also decrease the bounce rate of your blog.

9. Proper space for ads

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

Your blog is a platform for your personal business, if you make use of the knowledge in your individual fields to produce high-quality content that pull towards you visitors as well as advertisers. Ads space on your blog is one of the most used ways of earning money through blog. Hence, your blog theme should have proper space for advertisements, without blending with the necessary content. However, this a little good turn for you, if you might want to do for yourself. Keep remember one thing in your mind that the content of your blog shouldn’t disturb due to ads.

10. Make your choice good

10 Vital Ways to Choose A Theme for Your Blog

With the growing of your business the fame of your blog increased that we call turning point. If you choose the right theme for your blog which is according to you blog’s design then you’ll get incredible success. But it isn’t a plain selling job to choose a right theme for your blog. Some themes won’t present a large amount of flexibility or room for growth, be sure that your theme isn’t disappearing to limit you.