Should Monetization or Trust Be the Basis of Your Blog

Behind every action there is a reason for sure. Even if we are not clear about the exact reason behind our acts, we do have an idea as to why we are doing something. Similarly, when it comes to starting a business, website or a blog we have our reasons to do so. Some people start a blog solely because they love writing and staying connected to people of their community. However, most of the people start a blog or website due to economic reasons.

Generating revenue is something we all want and no one should deny this fact. If we are investing in something, we have every right to expect some revenue generation. The sources of revenue could be any for instance, selling services, and selling products or through advertising. When someone starts a blog, the most important thing for him is to be able to make it a call-to-action and earn profit out of his work in any way and when you expect profit, you bring in the whole concept of monetization.

You will hear different and mixed opinions regarding monetization as some people would suggest you to monetize your blog from the initial days and some people would tell you to let it be the way it is and try to make some profit out of it in the first place. Let’s understand what is more important monetization or trust.

You need to understand the importance of both separately. You need to come up with your priorities and see if trust is the primary factor and if you are able to postpone monetization for some time. Let’s split these two most important things and analyze the importance separately..

To Monetize or Develop Trust

Should Monetization or Trust Be the Basis of Your Blog

Well, anyone would agree with the fact that trust is the most primary factor in every relationship. When it comes to a blog, building up trust is as easy as making brochures, flyers, post cards and business cards for a designer.  All you need to do is provide readers with a worth reading content. Blog is basically an interpretation of who you are and what your personality is. By reading your blog, people will create a personality of yours and by trusting your blog; they will be putting up their trust in you. So, if you are true to your blog and people you would be able to build trust in no time.

Ways to Build Trust Factor

Should Monetization or Trust Be the Basis of Your Blog

As I said earlier, creating a trust factor won’t be that hard. All you need to do is put up some genuine information in your blog. Do not give importance to portfolio based information instead give importance to the authentic and genuine information. People will start visiting your website solely because they get something good to read.

Well, during the whole trust building factor, one thing that you might have to sacrifice is “profit”. So, you need to decide if you need to monetize your blog or you should wait.

Deciding the Right Time of Monetization?

Should Monetization or Trust Be the Basis of Your Blog

A very honest answer would be NO. You should not be postponing monetization as it can create several problems. Following are a few problems that you may have to face without monetization.


  1. When it comes to monetization, there is no pre written moment about monetizing.
  2. You won’t be able to build sales skills without monetization.
  3. You will lose out on clients if you do not monetize.

Analyzing the Points in Detail

1. There Is Set Time Defined For Monetization

Should Monetization or Trust Be the Basis of Your Blog

There is no time defined or set of rules defined before monetizing your blog. You can do it as soon as you start the blog or you can do it once it is an established blog. It is entirely up to you to understand the importance of monetization and decide when to go for it and how to go about it.

Mostly people go for monetization according to their own convenience. A blog owner find a need to monetize of he is offering a selling service or a selling product. Also, if you have added some pay per click ads on your website, you have found a reason to monetize. But you need to be able to differentiate between selling aggressively to generate revenue and the actual reasons behind monetization.

Also, people are not only confused about if they should or should not go for monetization, people are also not aware of the procedure on how to monetize. Well, the first thing that you need to understand is whether you need to go for monetization or not. If you have something to sell, you should monetize instantly. However, waiting for building an audience first and then going for monetization is not a good idea. My advice to you would be, monetize your blog as soon as possible.

2. Monetization Helps You in Building Effective Sales Skills

Should Monetization or Trust Be the Basis of Your Blog

You need to understand the difference between writing articles and selling a product. Monetization will help you in learning how to sell your products or services in a better way. If you decide to monetize in the initial stages, you would be selling on a smaller scale and this will help you n learning things in a better way. Also, you would have an opportunity to make mistakes and to learn from them as well.

3. Sustain Your Current Clients by Monetizing

Should Monetization or Trust Be the Basis of Your Blog

This is one of the biggest reasons why you should go for monetization. When someone buys a product from your website or blog, obviously they are putting up a trust in you and your blog. You need to make that relationship a solid one and you need to have a solid audience to make a client stay. Following are a few reasons which can make your client go away:

  • If you do not give them a powerful audience or good services, they will simple leave your website and buy it from somewhere else.
  • The general concept of free services is that they won’t be up to the mark. People end up dismissing something that is for free. But if someone is paying you, you need to make sure you provide them with a very good product so they can trust you in the future as well.

It’s Hard to Build a Clientele

Should Monetization or Trust Be the Basis of Your Blog

Whenever a person builds a website, he expects it to be a hit also he expects a lot of traffic on his website. Honestly, building an audience is never an easy job and if you do not have any audience, you might never find a need to go for monetization. You will have to make a lot of effort to build up an audience as things won’t start working on their own. But, if you won’t do anything and wait for building an audience first and then go for monetizing, it would be a great mistake. Honestly, this would be a big risk so you need to understand the importance of what, when and how to handle things.

Wrap Up

So, you need to learn what you want to monetize and how to monetize it. Also, you should not be waiting forever to monetize as it is not a good decision. Understand the importance of monetizing and being true to your audience and your blog will be a success.