Photography - Japan Earthquake and tsunami After One Week

As many famous resources reported Japan disaster and now showing after-effects as an Photos, most of area destroy after this world horrible earthquake even tsunami were also there, we getting these images from “” and would like to appeal ahead of world for make maximum help for get back same life back with happiness, we know too many families are lost their family, business, financial and now face reconstructions, we hope they will build again as an brave nation. says as: KARAKUWA, Japan (AP) There may be no water, no power and no cell phone reception in this tsunami-struck town, but in the school that serves as a shelter, there are sizzling pans of fat, pink shrimp. Relief supplies have only trickled into the long strip of northeast Japan demolished by a powerful earthquake and the wave it unleashed a week ago, leaving affected communities to fend for themselves.

Many have risen to the occasion.
No water for the toilets? No problem. Students in Karakuwa bring buckets of water from the school swimming pool to give survivors the dignity of a proper flush. In the kitchen, a giant rice cooker given to the school by a resident sits on a table, steam rising from the heaping mounds of rice inside. There are hardships – a junior high hardly offers the comforts of home – and while the sense of community runs all along the coast, not all survivors are as well off. Blustery snow, fuel shortages and widespread damage to airports, roads and rails have hampered delivery of badly needed assistance to more than 450,000 homeless trying to stay fed and warm, often without electricity and running water in shelters cobbled together in schools and other public buildings. More than 6,900 people are confirmed dead so far and another 10,700 are missing.