How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

Every creative person can come across creativity blockage. Obviously, it is not an easy task to come up with something new and extraordinary every time you sit with a pencil and a paper. Like designers often get tired of making brochures, flyers, post cards and business cards etc. and face a strong blockage of creative ideas in their mid. Writers, being in the brotherhood of creativity, often face the same hitch. Being creative is a challenge in itself and for every creative professional, in general, and writers, in particular, to come up with an interesting topic every week can be difficult. The topic has to be interesting and it should grab readers’ attention at once so writers have to think hard or get inspired from the things around. Start by writing something basic. Even coming up with a new tagline to use on your business cards can open the creative thought process.

As a writer, if you have come across such a situation, you are in a little trouble but don’t worry, this article is to help out writers like you. Even if you have not come across a situation, even better, you can avoid getting into a difficult situation like this by following the tips given below:

Always Know What’s Going Around

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

A writer should have knowledge about everything and it is very important for writers to stay up to date about the happenings in the world especially news related to your expertise. If you can, do find ways to get the news first so that you are the first one to write on something new. For instance, if you write about graphic designing or gadgets, you should search and try to find out what’s new or upcoming in the market so you can write about it before other writers write about it.

Being a writer, you can visit the best and most popular blogs related to your industry on regular basis. You can even subscribe to their newsletter so that news can be emailed to you.

Always Keep a Notepad with You

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

It is a fact that when you are thinking about a new idea intentionally, ideas won’t come to you. This world is full of inspiration and in most cases; you will get ideas when you are not actually thinking about a topic to write on. So, you should always carry a notepad and a pen with you so that you can write down ideas then and there. This way, you won’t be forgetting the ideas you get and you will continue to find new and interesting topics to write on.

Also, you should read blogs by someone else and write interesting points. You never know, these points might be your next topic.

Reading Posts from Other Writers

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

There is nothing to worry about if you are unable to come up with ideas. As mentioned earlier, reading other writers will help you a lot in overcoming writer’s block. It is entirely up to you to read random writers or people from your own industry. The best way to come up with something interesting is to write in response of someone else’s blog.

However, make sure you do inform the other writer about your post and sending him a link to view the post. He might appreciate your work and you can get a response of your blog too.

Social Media Websites Can Be Of Great Help

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

These social media websites can help you with hundreds of new and interesting topic. These websites are always filled with the topics related to current events or something more interesting so visiting these websites will give you a lot of topics to write on. Also, you can find out the most popular topic and write on something related to it. An interesting topic has a room for discussion too and an on going discussion of visitors can generate a lot of traffic on your blog.

Reader’s Questions

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block


A lot of readers will post comments or ask questions from you related to your industry. You can always use a question as a post and write your opinion or answer for that question. The best thing about acknowledging a reader’s question is that you will be creating a healthy relationship with your visitors by interacting and also, this question might be in the mind of other readers as well so, your one post can prove to be quite informative for a lot of readers.

Interact with Your Readers

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

As mentioned earlier, by interacting with your readers or responding to their comments you will open rooms for discussions and discussions can always give you a millions of ideas and that too from readers. So, in a way you will be writing on what readers want to read. Moreover, interaction will develop a loyal relationship between you and your reader.

Go Through Your Old Posts

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

It is always good to go through the old posts that you have written as some posts might require updates. You might have written on an issue a few months back on which there has been some update. So, you will get a topic to write on the current happenings. In addition, you will update the readers about the current situation regarding that matter.

A lot of posts may require elaboration so you can go a step further as a few topics have so much associated with them that they cannot be covered in a single post. You can find a topic which can be turned into series and this can help you every week with the topic.

Don’t Try To Be Perfect

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

Writers are supposed to write casually in order to connect to their audience. You do not have to worry about being perfect and coming up with a topic which should sound intelligent and hi-fi. Be yourself while writing and that is what will help you in coming up with topics which are close to your heart and you would be able write better on them.

Give Yourself a Relief

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

Don’t worry as this happens to everyone. Do not make yourself suffer because you are unable to come up with a topic. Give yourself a relief and get away from that computer for a while. Also, writing with a pen is a lot easier than typing on a keyboard, minus the time issues, ofcourse. Trust me, you are not wasting time and you are relaxing, which is something you deserve.

Read Magazines, Newspapers

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

Newspapers and magazines are very informative and full of interesting things to read. Look for things which are not available online. This might be hard as every kind of information is available online but I am sure you can always find something if you want to.

Maintain a Blogging Schedule

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

Even if you are going through a creative block, do not forget to post on your blog. Make a habit of posting to your blog on regular basis regardless of the fact even if you do not feel like it. Set targets for yourself but do not make your suffer.

An Overlook of the Post

How to Unblock the Writer’s Block

Everyone involved in a creative professional goes through a writer’s block once or twice in his/her life. It may happen to you during an important project or while you are sitting idle at home with not much work to do. There is no specific reason or source of a writer’s block i.e. it can happen to anyone at any However, the important thing is the different ways with which you can manage the deal with this writer’s blackout.

Hopefully, the points mentioned above can prove to be really beneficial for you and enable you to be on your toes for a call-to-action writing. The good thing about these points is that they will help you in getting inspiration always. There are endless things to talk about in this world and you can think of them. Take it easy and then go for a brain storming session.
happy writing!