Rio’s samba groups unsealed two days of Carnival parades with a dazzling evince that included a rousing invited for one of the elite bands that confiscate most of their clarify colorful costumes and floats in a fire last month. The Portela set prefabricated a melodramatic entree into the beat Sambadrome stadium last Sunday. its 300-strong precussion section dead quieting its thundering drums and hunkered behind in a nowadays of quiet for its losses in the sack.

We are getting this beautiful carnival photographs from famous resource ““, these are awesome photo shot on the colorful carnival event where too many elite samba groups were preparing for Carnival, incinerating more than 8,000 feather and glitter costumes and many of the big, meticulously decorated floats. Once the shock passed, however, it became clear the 2011 Carnival would be marked more than ever by the festival’s quintessential ability to bring hope and happiness, even if fleeting, to those who have little. It also steeled samba group members’ fierce allegiances in a city where fans are as devoted to their groups as they are to their soccer teams.