Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

I personally think that each and every person in this world has the capability of being creative. In fact everyone is creative in their own unique way. The difference is that some people are good at conveying their creative ideas and some are not. Also, some people lack confidence due to which the underestimate themselves. If you can present your idea with a great amount of confidence, people will not only like your confidence but they will also like your creativity.

Freelancers are always working on so many projects that they do face creative blockage at times. In such conditions it is very important to boost the creativity of a freelance mind but in some cases getting rid of that creative blockage is not at all an easy thing, especially when it comes to make call-to-action designs. Frequently view other designers portfolios, they may have a different approach for printed flyers or website designs and you can get inspired from their work. Following are a few tips that every freelancer and creative person should keep in mind to boost their creativity:

Carrying a Notebook

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

You might have seen people carrying a notebook with their shopping lists or other to-do lists.  Well, as a creative person you need to carry a notebook just to jot down your ideas every now and then. One thing that everyone agrees to is that there is a lot of creative inspiration around us and that is exactly what you should look for as a designer.

Another reason why you should carry a notebook always is that you never know when a new idea can strike in your brain and you would need to write it down so that you don’t forget it. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to carry a notebook and stay attentive because you have creativity all around you.

Consume Culture

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

Culture all over the world has so much creativity in it that it can be used for centuries to come. You can visit historical places, read books, go to museums and watch movies from all over the work. Not only you will enjoy it but this is the best way to improve your creativity. You can borrow creative themes from different cultures and by this I do not mean that you should copy the exact same theme. Take inspiration and you can come up with something exceptionally creative.

Seek Out New Experiences

New experiences will always help you in broadening your creative horizon so you should always try your level best to seek out new experiences. If you can, you should travel every six months. With traveling you can adopt a lot of new hobbies as well. Try something new every now and then that you enjoy as well. These experiences will be of great help in your creative life.

Breaking the Routine

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

The same old, boring routine can be on the major reasons for your creativity blockage so it’s nice to get out of your regular system and break the routine. The same and rigid routine can get very annoying so if you want to stay creative, you need to break the routine and take a break on and off.


Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

Either you are designing a brochure, flyer, postcard or a business card, brainstorming sessions are very important for creative people. so you need to have a brainstorming session with yourself every now and then to keep the creativity alive. The best way to do this is by writing your project’s title on a piece of paper and start writing ideas about it without thinking too much. Write down everything that pops in your mind and once you are done with take a break for 5-10 minutes. Later on you can read all your ideas and select the best ones for your project.

Mind Map

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

Mind map is basically a diagram used to represent words and their relationship with each other or with ideas. You need to create a mind map of the ideas you have come up with during brainstorming session and then link the best things with the best ideas. Some people prefer started working with the mind map itself rather than starting from brainstorming.

Contrast Conflicting Ideas

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds


At times a person is unable to come up with any creative idea. Now, this does not mean that the person is no longer creative. It’s just that he or she is going through creative blockage. Such people can always look up to their old ideas in order to come up with new ones. Write the old concepts and then you can take the best components from each idea and try to form a new one.

Discussing Ideas

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

You must have heard that no freelancer is an island. Also, nobody is perfect enough to work all by himself. If you really want to stay active in your creative life you should discuss your ideas with fellow designer on and off. Some people might just help you in improving your ideas which will prove to be a good thing for you.

You can also brainstorm in a group so that bunch of people can help you with various ideas of yours. You will definitely see a positive improvement in your ideas by discussing them with others.

Talk To Everyone

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

Discussing ideas with fellow professionals is not a good idea to everyone. By discussing I do not mean that you should disclose your secrets but there is nothing wrong in a general discussion. Also, if you do not wish to talk with professionals, you can talk with anyone you know. In short talk to everyone about your creativity, designs and other important things.

Sometimes a stranger can help you in coming up with a great idea. Children are a great way to improve your creativity level as well so when you are unable to come up with anything, talk to a child. You will be amazed at his creativity.

Find Your Creative Peak

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

There are creative peaks for instance, some people are thinking best early morning but there are people who cannot think or work at all in the morning. You need to identify your peak timings of being creative and also of being not so creative. You should be strictly working during the times you are creative and you can schedule your other tasks later.

Regular Breaks and Exercises

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

If you don’t want to burn out, take regular breaks and exercises to keep yourself healthy and fresh. A lot of work will only drain you so you need to exercise. Exercising not only relaxes you but clears your mind and all the negative thoughts. You can then start working all over again. Also, staying healthy is very important so make sure you are taking good sleep.

Correct Stationery

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

Always keep correct stationery for usage. Correct stationery is any kind of stationery that you are comfortable working with. For instance, plain papers are far better than lined papers for creative people.

Find Your Creative Space

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

Creative people always have a special place where they come up with perfect creative ideas. You need to find your creative space. It could be any library, a park, your own room, public bench or office. It has to be peaceful for you to think with concentration and you should be comfortable with it.

Be Confident

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

You should be courageous and confident enough to own your ideas. Even if you think that you have not come up with a perfect idea, present it with enough confidence so that people can think twice before discarding it. Confidence can take you a long way but make sure you are not over confident.

Stimulate Your Brain

Tips to Boost Creativity of Freelance Minds

Your body is not the only thing that needs exercise because your brain needs exercising too. Do some online quizzes, crosswords which can keep your brain active.