Internet is the most advanced medium of information, entertainment and infotainment being used all around the world. This medium has pretty much replaced all the other physical and electronic mediums. Nowadays, every other tool of communication, which was previously available in physical for, is now available in soft form on the Internet. You can even use offline methods including handing out your printed business cards to promote your online magazine.

In today’s prevailing monopoly of Internet on the field of communication, you will find brochures, flyers, postcards and even a person’s business cards on the Internet. The reason behind it is the increasing number of Internet users and its greater access to a large number of people. My question here is that if so many other tools of communication are available on the Internet, then why not an online magazine!

There are already many innovative minds, corporate and individuals, who have launched their online magazine and are maintaining it well. If you are one of the creative individuals looking to start and manage an online magazine, following tips will certainly help you in this regard:

Selection of Magazine’s Target Audience

Finding a topic to write on isn’t very easy task for many of us. It always takes some time for everyone to finally decide to focus on something. However, by the end of the day the freedom of choice allows us to decide to write about topic we think has human interest. The same rule applies for magazine as well.

If you have interest in launching a magazine then you will have to come across with same questions of choosing the focus area. Apprehension is not a way to deal with it because the topic on which you have been writing or reading should always keep you intact. To start with, I would like to say that one should never worry about the market size before launching the magazine however; the focus should always be on quality content. In this post we will be talking about launching IT or Digital magazine.

Never Run Out of Words

The biggest problem with most of digital magazines is lack of content. It is not unusual to find cases when people launched their IT magazine sites with great zeal and enthusiasm but they soon run out of content and quit entirely. It is notable to ask that is it really true that we don’t have enough data/content on it? I would out rightly refuse to believe in this proposition.

The actual problem can never be insufficient content. In this age of technology, the information is just a click away however; the usage of information depends on you completely. The basic problem lies in level of interest. Those who are not passionate about their chosen topic will soon end up at nowhere.

Think before you choose your topic give it considerate amount of time. Try to ask tough question to yourself like Will I be able to do it? Do I have interest in it? Can I keep myself interested in this topic long enough to see it succeeding? I suggest you that a perfect way to start is by limiting a list down to your top 2 or 3 topics in this way you won’t run out of options. Once you shortlist the options, now try to make a list of 20-40 possible article headlines you can write about for each topic, it will give you confidence when you go with some plan. This activity will also act as litmus test to your topic because if you cannot find 20 potential headlines then you should be certain that it is not your best choice.

Keep your Eye on Success

You should be pragmatic all the time. The realistic and sensible approach is to understand how you’ll be gaining readers. Don’t fall victim of old saying “build it and they will come”, it doesn’t truly work in today’s competitive market. You need to be strategic and realistic. A small marketing strategy and set of goals can help you for few months.

Here comes Google because it is the best place to start. Use Google to search the latest trends, the tips, research similar communities related to your niche and check out their user base. Registering an account on forums or networks and meeting new contacts with similar interests is not a bad idea. Joining these communities will help you not only in making contacts but you can find some people willing to write for your magazine. It is a mundane task and can make you really tired but you should do it for better results in long run.


Social Media Buzz

The time of spending huge sums on marketing and spreading word about your business has long gone. The advent of social media has changed the way we communicate altogether. Today, you have websites such as Digg and StumbleUpon who have made it easier for the little guy to market and grow a small following. Start with having an account on all of the popular social news and sharing websites. Soon, you will notice that people give your posts some attention.

Greed is menace and you should not do that because it is unreasonable to run accounts on 20+ networks and market among all of them. You need to be strategic so choose which web applications have the best-suited structure and audience for your magazine and stick to those.

Visualize your Magazine’s Design

Today, you don’t need to be a professional when it comes to web designer however, you should be creative enough to choose a perfect design theme for your magazine. The advisable way to start is to look for already existing web magazines related to your niche. Be very picky and choose elements you like and make a collective list with back-links to each individual site for future reference.

If you have your pocket full of money and can hire a professional web designer then I always recommend getting a custom design created. However it is not essential to do especially in the early days of a magazine launch. Keep your ideas written down for your ideal design and you can get it done once you start earning from your magazine.

Never underestimate the power of old ways of doing things because inspiration doesn’t need to come directly out of the Internet all the time and you can get ideas from physical magazines as well. Today, you can easily transform the trends from physical magazines into the digital world.

The excitement of launching a website magazine will be over after launch and within a few weeks things will start to settle and mundane and then you will ask yourself, why do I even got started? This is a certain phase of this practice. Don’t give up soon and never doubt on your abilities. Keep the passion high for entrepreneurship and remain determined to build a powerful blog empire.

Work, Work and Work!

Working hard is the key to success in this business. Writing is the first step in the process of working hard. You will have to write a lot for few months after launch. Ultimately the whole purpose of a magazine is to give sufficient content to readers which they will find interesting which cannot be done without enough content. Once again to get the ideas and inspiration you need to check out similar blogs or magazines with posts related to your content.

It is a good idea to write few posts in advance. It will help you to keep your supply up in case of any unforeseen event. It will be helpful in emergency, vacation or even in writer’s block days. This is the good thing about having blog site because you don’t have tough deadlines to meet and no exact time line for publications.

Read more for Writing Good

The best writers in the world have proved themselves through their writings but they never gave up reading as habit. Reading is directly proportional to writing, because the more you read more you will get ideas to write on. It is not advisable for inspiration only but it will also help you in learning more because when you take an hour or two of break time to read, you will encounter new words or phrases which you’ve never seen before. These small tips can really do magic for you, but don’t forget to pass these nuggets of wisdom which into your own pieces of art.

With these tips in consideration, you will be able to start and manage an online magazine well and if you keep consistent, you will soon be on the road to earn a handsome amount of money from your online magazine.