The iPhone is a line of Internet and multimedia-enabled smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first iPhone was introduced on January 9, 2007. In this special roundup we’re presenting iPhone apps related to music bands, these free and paid iPhone applications helping you how can you start your own music band with your gadget device (iPhone).

You ever seen in YouTube videos of bands playing songs using only iOS devices and wondered about those apps? Yes we arranging those iPhone applications to provide you with everything you need for your digital band. We’ve got everything from guitar, piano and drums to music education. what ever you have or not music skills in these listed iPhone apps have some amazing Rock Band music gamers as well that will help you on stage and rocking out popular hits.

Hope you will all like these and share your musical experience with all our respected visitors and readers.


TabToolkit for iPad is an Apple Design Awards 2010 winner! TabToolkit is an incredibly powerful guitar tablature and music notation viewer, now with multi-track playback! An essential tool for learning and practicing music, TabToolkit includes an audio synthesis engine so you can listen to and control the audio for all tracks individually.

TabToolkit also provides playback tempo control, a metronome, and a tab upload and download manager. The app is a perfect fit for guitarists and musicians of all skill levels. Take your tabs and sheet music with you wherever you go!

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Ultimate Guitar Tabs is an easy and convenient application for viewing guitar Tablatures, bass Tablatures, drum Tablatures and chords. This is the only mobile application giving you UNLIMITED access to the world’s largest database of Tabs from Use this intuitive viewer to browse the collection of over 300,000 Tabs and then learn or practice your favorite songs wherever you are. All your Tabs are now at hand!

* NEW! Now with Ultimate Guitar Tools, available as an in-app purchase (NOTE: you will have to purchase it separately from within the app, for additional price)! The Ultimate Guitar Tools combines a top-quality Guitar Tuner, Metronome and Chords Library together with your Ultimate Guitar Tabs app, giving you the ultimate set of guitar tools.

Guitar Machine – SteamPunk Guitar Tools

Essential guitar utilities, with a steam-punk themed twist! Guitar machine is the ultimate assistant for tuning, timing, and chords, for the steam-punkishly minded guitarist.


PocketGuitar turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a virtual guitar. You can press and strum strings, just like a real guitar.

Along with several guitar sounds, you can also play Electric Bass and Ukulele in this app. You can also create various sounds by using effects such as Distortion, Chorus, Delay and Wah.


Essential guitar utilities, including an amazingly accurate tuner and a library of over 500,000 chords, all on your iPhone or iPod touch. One of the highest rated applications in the App Store.

Planet Waves Guitar Tools

Newly updated to support the vibrant, richly detailed graphics of the Retina display, Guitar Tools is the ultimate hand-held utility kit for guitar players of any style or skill level, brought to you by Planet Waves, one of the D’Addario company’s family of world-renowned musical instrument accessory brands. Enjoy the full functionality of the Chordmaster and Scale Wizard apps, the core features of ProTune and ProTempo, plus reference tools that make it easy to find the nearest music store or instructor wherever you may roam. Developed exclusively for iOS by the minds at Audiofile Engineering, Guitar Tools packs a wealth of easy-to-use, professional-grade guitar utilities into one elegant application for your iPhone or iPod touch.


AmpKit is the ultimate amp and effects studio for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch*, with extensive recording, re-amping, audio copy & paste, and sharing capabilities. To enjoy the best possible tones with AmpKit, use AmpKit LiNK to connect your guitar or bass to your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch*.


Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effect processor and mobile recording studio! Use the AmpliTube iRig interface adapter ( to connect your guitar to your iPhone/iPod/iPad and you are ready to rock!
Play, practice and record anytime, anywhere with world-class guitar and bass tones right in the palm of your hand. AmpliTube for iPhone gives you incredibly ultra-realistic tones and effects, plus full multitrack recording capabilities in a convenient mobile app, all from the leaders in analog gear modeling software for professional recording studios.


It is full 88 keys virtual piano. The feature includes:

1. Record piano play track
2. Record voice song track
3. Record every keys you have played
4. Generate Music Notation Sheet
5. Email sound track and music notation sheet
6. Simple and easy to change keyboard.
7. Double keyboards on the screen

News: This app supports iPad natively with full width and height.

Since all keys are recorded while playing, it can be used for many purposes. For example, you can use to record music or you can use to train someone to see whether they remember all keys for a particular song. Furthermore, you can email the sound track and sheet music to anyone.

This application only records the note in one beat. To compose music, please check out “Composer” Application.

50in1 Piano

Learn to play the piano, create your own songs and even sing to your compositions! 50in1 Piano lets you do all that with one single app! It combines a piano keyboard, 50 studio-quality instruments, 100 piano lessons, real-time effects, 100 beat loops and much more in a user-friendly interface.

• Photorealistic 85-key keyboard
• Instant positioning and resizing with gestures
• 2 keyboard row mode
• Key labels (Cs only, all keys, all keys colored)

• 50 studio-recorded instruments (sampled from real instruments)
• 100 piano lessons (from Mozart to Jingle Bells)
• 100 drum beats
• 18 demo songs
• Microphone recording

• 4 real-time effects:
• 6 reverb styles
• Delay with adjustable timing and feedback
• 3-band equalizer
• Pitch bend controlled via device tilt

• External hardware suppor (MIDI IN only):
• Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer
• Akai SynthStation 25
• Core MIDI

• iPhone 4 Retina Display resolution graphics
• iTunes file transfer: exchange your saved song with your Mac/PC via USB
• Detailed in-app user manual
• Low-latency, high-polyphony, battery saving audio engine


“FingerPiano” allows you to play the piano with just your finger. You don’t need any skill, scores or practice.

You only need a motivation to play the music.

Instead of reading the score, scrolling guides appear on the screen. Just touching the keyboard with scrolling guides, that’s all you have to do. This application provides you with 88 pieces of famous music.

The price is scheduled to increase because of an update in the future. Buy it now! There are 2 ways you can play. Play with one hand or both hands. These are all famous masterpieces, you might have listened to. If you are able to perform well, enjoy a musical session with your friends and family.

Finger Piano Share

Don’t worry if you can’t play the piano! FingerPiano will help you play music. Just touch the keys by following the scroll guide and you can play a song. Wish to play a song from your favorite artist?

FingerPiano Share can do that. Upload a MIDI file on the web, and you can play the song.


For all of December we are celebrating new Wurlitzer electric piano sounds with a low sale price, and with the Wurlitzer Electric Piano Song Quiz online. Go to and Give It a Wurl! This is by far the best app to record full length songs! Now I can change any part of it without any hassle. I love this app so so much! – Doctor Songwriter Who

Piano Studio is an amazing tool for any striving musician and the possibilities for music composition are endless. – TouchMyApps, Grab It! Awesome app. Let’s you totally customize your chord voicings. Layout is absolutely brilliant. I’ve never been this excited about an iPhone music app. Or probably any app for that matter. – Benyamin5

Featuring a unique and truly playable interface designed specifically for the iPhone, PianoStudio lets you compose and perform complex songs that are impossible to play with other apps that limit you to tiny keyboards with limited ranges. PianoStudio is the first piano app for the iPhone and iPod touch that helps you explore musical ideas, learn songs, write your own tunes, and even play along with your iTunes music.

By placing individual notes, entire chords, and even complete musical phrases onto a set of buttons that you can arrange and play, you can write and perform real piano music with chord progressions, “two-handed” patterns, and melodies in Allegro, all right on your iPhone or iPod touch.


NESynth is a synthesizer that simulated 8 bit sound of video games in the 80′s.

Pocket Drums

The MOST features of any drum app, including 22 high-quality stereo drum kits, multi-track recording, 3 dozen unique drum loops to play along to, variable pitch control, drum rolls, double bass drumming, play to your favorite iPod music from within Pocket Drums, variable metronome with over a dozen unique sounds, 4 different drum layouts, and much more!

iGOG: Massive Drums

Are you ready for the real thing?

iGOG is a massive multisampled drum machine unlike anything else available. iGOG sounds better than other drum machines because it uses Drumagog technology. (Drumagog is our award winning drum replacer, used by recording engineers worldwide for over 10 years). iGOG features up to 384 multisampled drum hits per pad. It combines dynamic, random and positional samples to form a drum sound so realistic, you’d swear it was the real thing.

Genuine Touch-sensitive Pads
iGOG introduces the impossible: touch sensitive pads that respond to how hard you hit them! Using WaveMachine Labs own patent pending* VelAUcity technology, iGOG accurately responds to your touch. The harder you strike the pads, the louder the drum hit. Finally, a drum machine that plays like a real kit.

Mic Triggering Mode
iGOG also lets you play other objects, such as a table and turns those hits into real drum sounds while you play! This gives a whole new dimension to “air drumming”.  To see iGOG in action, go to Youtube and search for “iGOG”

Drumagog Technology
iGOG contains a powerful drum sample engine which captures every nuance of a drum hit. Because a snare drum sounds different the harder it’s played, iGOG’s samples are packed with Dynamic Multisamples to ensure a faithful reproduction. iGOG’s Random Multisamples guarantee that no sample is ever played twice in a row, making rolls and flams sound realistic. Hi-hats take advantage of iGOG’s Positional Multisamples, which provide a smooth transition between closed and open styles. Simply slide your finger across the rectangular pad. iGOG also automatically switches between left and right hand samples, making drum rolls sound amazing.

DJ Mix Tour

Test your sense of rhythm in a crazy club atmosphere: as a famous DJ, mix your favorite licensed hits in the hottest places and make hundreds of people get on the dance floor!

An astonishing tracklist: 16 songs, mixing the most popular radio hits, club songs and dance classics! Play with Poker Face, Just Dance, Womanizer, Get The Party Started, Open Your Heart, Ibiza, Four to The Floor, Cry For You, Show Me Love, De Janeiro, Infinity 2008, Alive, Sandstorm, The Bomb, Ecuador, and Sing Hallelujah.

Live an immersive musical experience, thanks to exclusive features:
- MIXING TOOL: listen, mix and scratch the game’s songs on the touch-sensitive turntables!
- Travel through 5 dream locations, from Ibiza’s dancefloors to New York nightclubs.
- 3D animation and environments: fire up the dancing crowd!
- Choose among 5 characters to play the Career Mode and become a star of mix.
- Up to 4 levels of difficulty – for both beginner DJs and music experts.

Drums Challenge

Drums Challenge is a music game where you’ll be drawn into musical battles with the world’s best drummers. Have fun tapping on a virtual drum kit on your iPhone and iPod. Challenge drummers of different styles such as Jazz, Blues, Funk, Country, Metal, Punk Rock, Latino and Reggae!

Metronome: Tempo

Bestselling and most accurate metronome on the app store. Featured as “New and Noteworthy” by Apple during the week of 24th March 2009. Now with RETINA display support. TEMPO 2 is also available now.

Tempo 2 has a more powerful set of features meant more for advanced users. Please review both versions to make the best purchasing decision. Tempo will continue as a parallel product. Please visit our website for more information.

How do you choose from the seemingly countless number of metronome apps on the app store? Here’s a hint: go with the masses. Ever since its release, Tempo has been consistently in the top 100 of the Music category in over 30 countries. With over 100,000 copies sold, Tempo is simply the best-selling metronome app for the iPhone OS. It is used daily by performing artists for their gigs, by teachers in their lessons, by musicians in their practices; by golfers to time their swings. Even our competitors have taken to copying our interface.

Tempo gives you the features you really need without sacrificing usability. Its engine is written from the ground up for high accuracy and stability. Over that is wrapped an attractive, simple and yet comprehensive single-screen interface. It keeps going even in device lock mode, making it a useful aid for live drumming.


Visual Metronome

Visual Metronome is a metronome for the iPhone and iPod Touch that provides extremely accurate audio and visual beat indication. It is by far and away the most flexible metronome in the app store.

Beats – BPM, Metronome

Beats combines a BPM counter, an advanced DJ metronome and a key-mixing aid. It won’t mix the records for you or get you a drink from the bar, but it might help you become a better DJ. The versatile metronome in Beats supports beat, duple and triplet timing, and can be “pushed” and “pulled” to get it in sync with songs in the same way DJs beatmix with CDJs or Technics 1200s.

Musebook Metronome M30 Pendulum Style

July 2010, musebook metronome m30 was reborn as a pendulum style to be the best metronome app for iPhone and iPod touch; to be the best accurate and intuitive metronome app. For more information, visit

- musebook metronome m30 pendulum style
- accurate and stable beat timing with any tempo
- easy to use and intuitive interface
- iOS4 multi-tasking supported
- multiple setlists(preset lists)
- wide tempo range from 1 to 300 BPMs (1 BPM step)
- various meters from 1 to 20 and 0(zero)
- various sub-beats (eighth, tuplet, sixteenth, and rests)
- configurable beat rhythm patterns (accent, on, off)
- three metronome sound sets
- beat flash when in a noisy environment
- mute and master volume control
- support bluetooth headset
- tapping and auto-start
- reference tones from A0 to C8 (88 keys)


Newly enhanced and redesigned by the minds at Audiofile Engineering (creators of Chordmaster and FiRe – Field Recorder), ProTempo is the quintessential digital metronome for iPhone brought to you by Planet Waves, one of the D’Addario company’s family of world-renowned musical instrument accessory brands.

Whether you’re practicing, composing or recording, the ProTempo metronome app delivers unmatched utility and convenience for musicians at all levels. Use the touch-screen Tap feature to dial up a basic click-based tempo instantly, or create and save your own customized rhythm patterns using ProTempo’s richly detailed controls. Choose from a set of high-quality sound samples that can be assigned and balanced within a single pattern. Adjust parameters including meter, accents, subdivisions and more. From the simplest click track to the most complex rhythms, ProTempo provides iPhone and iPod Touch users with a versatile, user-friendly metronome to rival any of its portable counterparts. Players looking to improve their feel can also utilize the integrated Trainer. With adjustable settings for difficulty and sensitivity, the Trainer listens to your playing and indicates how accurately you’re hitting each beat.


• Hyper-accurate timing
• Set tempos numerically or with tap-tempo
• Create and save unique tempo profiles for individual songs
• 16 high-quality sounds and instrument samples
• Precise control of rhythmic accents, meters and subdivisions
• Customize sounds and settings for each note in a pattern
• Conductor screen with visual bounce and flash cues
• Adjustable “Trainer” for play-along practice


PolyRhythm was developed for all professional musicians, regardless of 
instrument, whether composing, performing or conducting!
The app produces the most common rhythmic overlays (such as 5:3) using 
two different clicks accompanied by a display of the score.

Available rhythmic overlays range from 3:2 to 13:4 on a systematic 
basis with adapted speeds for best study results. A regular metronome with decadic BPM-steps is included.

“PolyRhythm, your precise metronome for complex rhythmic structures!” – Wolfram Winkel, author and co-developer, lecturer for rhythm and 
percussion at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich..


With this classic style metronome you will no longer get out of step!

- Accurate metronome
- Speed from 1 – 210 bpm
- Setting for the accentuation of the 1st time

Rhythm Trainer

The Rhythm Trainer is a revolutionary educational tool for all musicians. It combines a highly advanced metronome and a rhythmic sequencer all into one package.


Learn how to read and play music on your iPhone & iPod touch for the following instruments:

- Piano
- Classical Guitar
- Electric Guitar
- 4, 5 & 6 String Electric Bass Guitar
- Mandolin
- Banjo
- Cello
- Viola
- Violin
- Ukulele

* iReadMusic is a tool to help you learn to read sheet music (standard or TAB notation) on your iPhone/iPod touch.

* You’ll improve your sight reading ability by naming or playing notes that are displayed on the musical staff.

* You’ll master the fretboard of your stringed instrument by knowing:

- The note name of each string/fret location
- The sound of that note
- The note location on the staff for each string/fret

Note Tutor

Are you a beginner musician, or thinking about playing great music again? Then Note Tutor is for you. Basic music theory is presented in a fun, flash-card game format, enabling you to memorize the basics you need to read music quickly and effectively, wherever you are.

Note Tutor starts from the beginning, and helps you build music note recognition through random repetition.  Learn basic note recognition in a fun, flash-card game format. Master the basics quickly and easily. Applicable to all instruments and styles of music.
Start from the beginning, and advance to the next version of Note Tutor to build on your solid basic music theory skills.

To use Note Tutor, simply identify the note by pressing the correct A, B, C, D, E, F, or G button. If you are right, you get one point and advance to the next note! If you are wrong, you lose a point, but you get to try again. The score shows how many notes you are recognizing correctly per minute. If you slow down, your score may go down, even if you do not make mistakes… so try to go as fast and as accurately as you can!

Note Tutor now allows you to choose whether you want to practice only the treble clef, only the bass clef, or both clefs at once.
We have also added an option that allows you to choose how Note Tutor displays the score: kids may prefer to see the points scored, while more serious students may prefer the “points per minute” display that helps you improve your speed and accuracy.

Both new features are accessed by pressing the “i” button to reveal the flipside control screen.

Karajan – Music & Ear Trainer

Karajan is an easy to use music and ear training application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It provides lessons for learning to recognize intervals, chords, scales, pitch and tempo (bpm) with detailed statistics. Karajan is a great tool for music theory students, whether they are in junior high, high school, or college. It is also very useful for every hobby musician.

- Intervals
- Chords
- Scales
- Pitch
- Tempo (BPM)
- 5 built in instruments
- Detailed statistics function
- Reverse play
- 4 different play modes

Keywords for search:
Music, Eartraining, Aural, Training, Theory, Exercise, Perfect Pitch

Free iPhone Applications


TouchChords 2.0 shows you how to play songs on guitar while you hear a backing track — even the original song. Our tab 2.0 helps you learn visually and by ear. See hand images for each chord, and If you have the iTunes track, play the original recording in time with the tab.

Virtuoso Piano Free 3

Virtuoso, the world’s most popular Multi-Touch piano ever, is back with amazing new features. Built upon the critically acclaimed app, it’s the most beautiful sounding piano you’ve ever seen. And it’s still free.

Be the maestro with Virtuoso Piano 3, the most amazing instrument for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Learn and play the piano anytime and anywhere. With it’s unprecedented sound quality, Virtuoso Piano 3 is the perfect free piano to learn the basics of music or just having fun. Easy as a toy, accurate as a professional instrument.

Introducing a new feature called “TrueVelocity”. Touch the keys higher and emulate a softer touch. The sound is not just quieter, but actually softer. You won’t believe how expressive your songs will be.

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar Application

Gibson has partnered with Legacy Learning Systems, producers of the Learn & Master Guitar course, the most comprehensive guitar instructional series on the market, to provide you with a must-have application for any guitar player. This application provides you with essential tools to help you become a better guitar player as well as free full length lessons from the award winning Learn & Master Guitar course that will take you from beginner or intermediate to advanced.

Bongos – Dynamic Bongo Drums

The ultimate Bongos for your iPhone and iPad with dynamic sounds: Depending where you hit the bongos, the pitch and the volume vary! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional musician, want to become a bongocero or just want to drum for fun – you should get this app!

Pocket Shaker

Turn your iPhone into any percussion instrument you can imagine. Just shake it to make the sound.

Drum Kits

Drum Kits is an easy to use programmable drum machine with 16 different sound banks. It allows you to compose rhythms and patterns by touching the screen. Free Trial.

DJ Mixer 3

DJ Mixer gives you free tracks from Adam Freeland, Bassnectar, Steel Fisher, PENTyRAID and others, to play and mix using the ultimate iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad music player and mixer. New! Beautiful iPad optimized lifelike turntable and CDJ mixing interface.


This simple metronome allows musicians to mark time by giving a regular tick sound at a selected rate. Drag the arm horizontally to start the arm. Tap to stop. Drag the arm vertically to change the tempo. Tap the “i” button to access application preferences.

Steinway Metronome

Steinway & Sons, maker of the world’s finest pianos for more than 150 years and a name that is synonymous with excellence in music, has created a full-featured digital metronome for the 21st century musician. Whether you’re a performing artist, music teacher, or music student, this app ensures that you have a fully functional metronome wherever you go.

With Steinway’s Metronome, you can dial in the tempo of the piece you’re practicing, or just tap along to let the app find it. Customize the time signature, visual indicator, and sound options to your own preferences. You can even change the app’s interface based on your personal taste – or to match the wood finish of your instrument. Best of all, it’s free!


Create compelling, original music on your iPhone® or iPod touch® with PatternMusic®. PatternMusic was designed to inspire creativity, learning and experimentation in music enthusiasts and experts alike.


Ever wondered what the key of a song being played is? Wonder no more! Just use the built-in piano keyboard to play along with a song’s melody. As you confirm notes that coincide with what’s being played, KeyFinder will narrow down the number of possible keys the song is in.

Arcade Rocker

Arcade Rocker is a groundbreaking music/rhythm App in the spirit of Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Tap Tap Revenge that lets you rock out with YOUR music collection. No longer are you stuck with playing the tiny selection of songs that other companies choose for you, instead, Arcade Rocker lets you play along with songs from YOUR collection.

This version of Arcade Rocker lets you play your three most-listened-to tracks unlimited amount of times for free. IN ORDER TO PLAY ADDITIONAL SONGS YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A PLAY PACK.

Tap Tap Revenge 4

The longest-running, most-dowloaded music gaming app of ALL TIME just got a brand-new UPGRADE – it’s our biggest, baddest, most mind-blowing version yet! Tap and shake to the music of your favorite artists like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Taio Cruz, Jason Derülo, Metallica, and more! With a huge library of today’s biggest hits, plus over 100 FREE TRACKS, Tap Tap Revenge is the most addictive, adrenaline filled game on the App Store.

LINKIN PARK’S latest smash “Waiting For The End,” plus “Sing,” the new single from MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, and “House Music” by BENNY BENASSI come bundled with the download.