It is natural for human beings to desire change because it refreshes them and motivates them to do more. So, be it your life, home, car, website or even in your blog, making a few changes here and there for the sake of a fresher and more vibrant look won’t do any harm. These days, the concept of starting up your own blog is getting really popular. According to a research there are more than 27 million established blogs available on the Internet.

With so much competition in the market, do you think your blog can survive with same old components and color combination’s with which you started it long time back? A simple answer to this question is “NO”. As a blogger, it is important for you to understand the right time to redesign your blog so that your blog stands out in the crowd to get noticed. Similarly, in order to get your blog noticed, keep on making changes for good.

Always keep an important ancient saying in mind that ‘the only thing constant in today’s world is the change!’Especially when it comes to the communication material that serves the purpose of marketing and promotion like flyers, brochures, business cards or posts cards, a change is inevitable. A blog can be redesigned for various reasons or even for no reasons. Sometimes, coming up with a new look for your blog is very important. It might not be practical to change the design of your blog every other month however, you should realize when is the right time to redesign your blog even if it is once in a blue moon.

There can be a lot of reasons due to which you might want to redesign your blog. Take this post as a litmus test and if you find one or more than one of the following ten things in your blog, it is high time that you redesign it immediately:

1. Blog Has Gotten Messy

With the passage of time, a person has to add a lot of different things in a blog. This addition and subtraction of content can end up in making a blog messy. Remember, content is the most important thing of a blog. So if you think that due to new and previous additions, blog has gotten messy, you should definitely consider a makeover for your blog.

2. Adding Extras

Let’s accept it, you blog is not perfect. Nothing is perfect and there is always a room for improvement. If you think that the current theme for your blog is perfect, well, think again. There might be a lot of new features that you would want to add. Adding them in the existing design of your blog will only mess it up more. If you want to add something extra, then it is the right to consider redesigning of your blog. While making a new layout, you can add in new features, remove the old ones which are no longer required. Anything that you think has been missing from your blog can be added again while redesigning of your blog. So, if a lot of new features have to be added, consider redesigning your blog altogether.

3. Give A Refreshing Change To The Visitors

When it comes to websites and blogs, new things are being introduced everyday. If your blog is still running on old features, this might put off the visitors. If you want to maintain the list of your visitors, you have to give them a reason to come to your blog. A complete redesigning of your blog will give them a refreshing change. As a matter of fact, a lot of internet users like to explore various designs and layouts. A complete makeover if done in a right way can bring in a lot of visitors. It is just like giving yourself a complete makeover and enjoying the attention.

4. Carving A Niche Of Your Brand

Establish your blog as a brand. It is very important to carve a niche for your brand in the blog world. If your blog is simple with no logos or theme colors, you need to redesign your blog. See, logos, theme colors, images and different icons will help in establishing your blog. If you have been ignoring these things for a long time, then start giving importance to them now. These things will help in making associations with various visitors.


5. The Content

The content is the most important part of any blog. No designs can help if readers do not like the content on the website or if it is not viewable. You need to go and visit your own blog and make sure if the content is easily available to the readers. If it takes time to find the content you have been looking for on your own blog, you need to redesign you blog and bring the content to the forefront. The perfect readability, alignment and typography are the most important things to consider while redesigning your blog.

If your old design has odd color combination’s due to which users are unable to read the content properly, you have been losing out on visitors. Give a lot of importance to readability of your blog as this is the reason why people are visiting it.

6. Know Your Enemies

With the on going competition you need to realize the importance of knowing your enemies and also keeping a check on their activities. Sometimes you need to redesign your blog just because your fellow competitor has been making a lot of changes in his blog to attract visitors. Give your competitors some tough time as well by redesigning your blog and coming up with something exceptionally well.

7. Small Changes vs. Big Changes

If you have been redesigning your blog on regular basis then small changes every now and then are suitable. However, if you have not changed your blog design for years, small changes won’t even register. Your visitors won’t even notice the small changes so if you want to redesign your blog, redesign it completely in order to give your visitors a good, welcoming change.

8. Attract New Visitors

If you have been witnessing the same amount of traffic for past sometime, you should definitely consider redesigning your website. It will not only be liked by the old visitors but you will also attract a lot of new visitors. A classy redesign will bring in a lot of new visitors.

9. To Make It User-Friendly

Improving the functionality of the website is really important for a blog owner. While you plan to redesign your website make sure you make it more user-friendly otherwise a new layout won’t even help. So, if you have been getting a few complaints about the layout not being friendly, it is the right time to redesign your blog.

10. Redesign Because You Want To

Sometimes you might not have any reason to redesign your blog or you might have redesigned it a few months back. As a designer, you can always come up with something exceptionally creative so if you feel like your blog needs a few changes go for it. As said earlier, there is always a room for improvement so if done in a right way, redesigning can help your blog a lot.

Things change all the time in our daily lives. Sometimes we like changes and sometimes we don’t but change will always be a part of our lives as it helps in learning and accepting things. Changing the design of your blog is as important as changes in your daily routine to keep you motivated.

Remember to have a small research upon your blog’s performance and reputation from its readers and your friends. You can do so by posting a request on the same blog asking the reader that what kind of changes they want to see in this blog to make it more interesting for them. So, don’t be afraid that the change might bring bad luck to your blog’s traffic, rather take it as a chance to make the most out of it through the new change. Good Luck!