Some professions are just meant to be together. This sentence can go perfectly for designers and developers who often work together on web designing and development together. Both professionals have their respective skills and job requirement i.e. a graphic designer makes brochures, flyers, postcards and business cards etc, and a web developer develops websites. However, there are some projects or cases in which a developer and a designer are required to work together and a big example of such projects is website making. A designer may be asked to create layouts for marketing postcards which match the appearance of the website. It’s important that the web developer and graphic designer can work together to create a unified marketing presence.

During a website development the entire work is divided into two main categories. One is client side coding and the other one is server side coding. Now, you must be thinking what exactly the difference between both coding is. The explanation is simple; client side coding is visible to the site visitors. The design and the layout of the website are included in client side coding. When it comes to server side coding, it is basically to ensure a proper functionality of the website.

Server side coding helps the developer in making any sort of changes in the website if required. Since the applications are different, the appearance of the website will differ as well. So, to create harmony in the website, it is very important for designers and developers to come together and work with each other for a better functionality.

As a client, if you want to launch a website which is properly functional and an immediate call-to-action, it is important for you to make sure that designers and developers are totally in sync with each other and they understand each other’s requirements. Having a plan is easy; executing it is hard so make sure you are able to bring designers and developers on one platform. Since these two areas go hand in hand, following are a few tips which can help you in making the relationship as smooth as possible, as there can be difference of opinions:

Selecting the Right Partner

In any scenario, if you want things to work out for you in a smooth way, you should be able to select the right partner. Take any work situation, you will see that all of them requires a certain kind of set up to start off with and when it comes to coming up with a website, you will have to bring designers and developers together. So, if you have already selected your designer, make sure you select developers wisely. You will have to play with your strengths and you must find a partner compatible to your strengths in order to avoid any sort of issues.

The compatibility of the character is very important. Designers and developers should understand what they want from each other. Plus, they should get along well too for a healthy working environment. Apart from character compatibility, skills compatibility is way too important. In order to meet your expectations and make your project successful, choose your partner with great care.

If a developer is unable to understand your design or if a designer is unable to understand your coding, your project will fail and this will show your wrong selection of partners. This will bring also create a lot of other issues so you really need to take out time, think things through and then go for selecting your partner.

Communication – The Most Important Factor

In order to make any relationship work, communication is the most important factor. If designers and developers have to work together, they will have to be good at communicating things with each other so that there are no misunderstandings or issues. Communication can make or break your project.

Developers and designers have to pay special attention to what both of them has to say to each other in order to come up with a project which is exceptional. If both are unable to communicate with each other in a proper way, chances are that there will be a lot of loop holes in the project which cannot be fulfilled later on as it will be too late.

In most cases, developers expect designers to have some basic knowledge of developing and designers think that developers should be well aware of how designer’s area works. This proves that there are a lot of expectations of designers and developers both from each other. If things are not communicated properly, issues are bound to happen and in the end the project will suffer.


Ways to Communicate Properly

If things go wrong, only person should not be held responsible. Doesn’t matter if you are a developer or a designer; make sure whatever you have to say, you communicate it properly and concisely. You should also understand the terminology from the opposite field so that the understanding is clear. As a designer or a developer, if you both are discussing something, make sure you discuss it properly, communicate things well and then move to the next page.

Never ever lose out on your patience level. I understand, things can be hard but for a successful project, one has to be patient. Also, if you are unable to understand anything, ask them as many questions as you want because asking is always better than doing something wrong.

Importance of Compromising

As a professional, your work should be the most important thing and you should not let anything overcome it. There is no place for ego and issues if you are really passionate about your work and if you want a successful project. This in no way means that you should become a doormat but you should be able to learn how to compromise. If you have been working alone, you are obviously not used to compromising.

But when it comes to working as a team, you should really focus on compromising on right things. If a designer or developer not willing to compromise only the project will suffer and nothing else. So, in order to come up with a great project you need to learn to compromise as it is better to compromise than to let the project suffer.

Ways to Compromise

First thing that you need to do is keep the project in mind and stay focused. Ignore everything else and the most important thing should be the project. Also, while selecting a partner, look for someone who knows the importance of compromising and is willing to listen to your opinion. You should be exhibiting the same behavior. Do not work as a designer or developer. Work as a team and work together so that at the end of the project, it is a win-win situation for both of you.

Be Open to Criticism

As a designer or developer, your work will rejected a lot of times. You will have to be open to criticism and accept it if it’s a healthy one. If your designer have some valid issues with your developing strategies, accept it and try to improve it. Always remember that criticism will help you a lot in improving your work so accept it from your partners and try to make things better.

Keep User Experience in Mind

Apart from being communicative and friendly during the work process, there is another important thing that both professionals should keep in mind, both individually and collectively, and that is the ‘user experience’. Basically, users are the ones for whom both the designers and developers sit together and make a new product and to keep them in mind and design a product accordingly is very important. Beyond anything else, the user experience is what will win the game or lose it for you, so when you partner with someone you will want to be sure that this understanding is part of their collective knowledge base as well.

Final Thoughts

You might not get to choose your partner every time. However, make sure you work on the above mentioned things, regardless of what the scenario is. Your ultimate goal should be a good project for the client and for this you will have to cooperate with your team members. Ignore and compromise on a few things. Take things positively, for instance, a difficult partner can bring a lot of patience in you. So, if you are passionate about your work, you will definitely try your level best to work as a team.