If you are a freelancer, or work from your home on self-employed basis, you will come across many people who think that you do not work at all. Basically, freelancing, especially in the field of graphic designing, is a new ‘in-thing’ in professional field. This new and prevailing trend has become very famous among professionals of the world and every other day more and more people are switching from salaried individuals to freelancers. Use your best designs for your own business cards, postcards and website. These are items that will be viewed by potential clients.

However, working as a freelancer is not at all an easy thing to start and then maintain. In fact, establishing yourself as a successful freelance graphic designer easier said than done. Yes, you do have a lot of advantages of being a freelance graphic designer but, at the same time there is a lot of effort that needs to be put in from your side to gain success. Flexibility of hours is one thing which attracts people the most towards becoming a freelance graphic designer. Imagine, you will not have to wake up early in the morning, sit in an office for almost 9 hours but still you can earn a lot. Sounds interesting and tempting right?

There is no need to get carried away, because due to the competition present in the market, running a successful freelance design business is not at all an easy task. In freelancing, graphic designing is not limited to brochures, flyers, post card or business card designing. One has to face a bundle of challenges and diversify accordingly throughout the course. And if you are unable to handle things properly, you might not be able to establish yourself as a successful freelance graphic designer. If you are dedicated and passionate about your work, nothing can stop you from succeeding. Always keep in mind that there are plenty of clients that you can find. All you need to do is prove yourself worthy.

Following are the points that you should keep in mind in order to be a successful freelance graphic design business owner:

Discipline and Dedication

Well, one of the biggest advantages considered of being a freelance graphic designer is that you are your own boss and you do not have to report to anyone. You will have no higher authorities constantly nagging you to finish your work, sit for hours and no one would be giving you deadlines to meet. Yes, in a way, it is a great thing because many people dream of such work place however, since you are completely on your own, you have a great responsibility on yourself too. In order to be successful it is extremely important that you maintain a discipline at your work place.

Fine, you are not reporting to anyone, you do not have a boss to question you but you are answerable to the passion you have towards freelance graphic designing. Your dedication will make sure that you follow a certain discipline in order to meet deadlines. If you are planning to make a career as a freelance graphic designer, you need to be very careful of your initial steps.

These baby steps matter a lot and the first step towards becoming successful in any field is to act responsible and follow discipline. If you have a carefree attitude towards your freelance design business, you will find it difficult initially but with the passage of time you will realize the importance of following discipline.

Managing Your Time

It is a natural that when you do not have a check on you, you tend to ignore your tasks and postpone them till the time you can. If you really want to be a successful freelance graphic designer, you have to have good time management skills. It is very important to be efficient with your time if you want to make more and more money by sitting at home. Being a freelancer does not mean that you should be working round the clock. However, if you are organized, you will start seeing benefits of it pretty soon.

If you have issues in managing your time, start analyzing where did your time go. You need to know where are you wasting your time and stop doing it instantly. Once you have an idea about your activities, you will definitely be able to make some positive changes to cut down on your useless activities. Identify the distractions and remove them.


Communication Skills

If you are working as a full time employee or if you are working as a freelancer, communication skills are essential to succeed in today’s world. Since you are a freelancer, you will have to be excellent with your communication skills. Since, you will be initiating or coordinating with client over the phone or emails, you should be able to communicate your things in a better way. You will be working as a freelance customer service representative for yourself as well. If you are good with communication skills, you can avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

Build a Good Relationship with Your Clients

Finding new and good customers every now and then is not at all an easy thing. As a freelancer you might not be able to meet client face to face. The relationship between a client and a freelancer is carried forward through emails and phone communication. Keeping clients happy while not being able to meet them is a hard task which you need to do if you want to be a successful designer.

Show your clients that you care about their project and you are keenly interested in discussing any issues. Never ever ignore a client’s call or email. Even if you are not done with your work or have met the deadline, respond to your client’s email or call. This will help you in sustaining clients and once you have a good clientele, you will have to work less hard in order to get to new clients. Another advantage of keeping existing clients happy is that they promote you in front of other people.

Treat It as a Business

Just because you are working from home does not mean you should take your work lightly. Treat your freelance project as a business and keep regular working hours. Also, follow all the terms and conditions before taking a project. Get a contract signed, send reminders for the payments. Online business can be a risky thing. The reason is that people might get their work done and not pay so you need to beware of such clients.

Promote Yourself

In order to increase your clientele, you will have to promote yourself. The best way to promote yourself is to create your own website and mention it in your signature. Also, your own weekly newsletters can be of help.

The Wrap Up

To be honest, nothing will provide a 100% guarantee for succeeding at this career as you may or may not succeed. Your success merely depends on your actions and reactions. Since you will be handling all of your tasks on your own, you need to be good at multiple things. If you really want to excel as a freelance graphic designer, this article will share a few important points which will help you in attaining the success you have always dreamt of. Obviously, time and effort is required but if you have dedication in you, nothing can stop you.

Attaining success is never easy. You will obviously have to work hard and as a freelancer, you have to put in a little extra effort to be successful. It might be easy to survive as a freelance graphic designer these days but becoming successful needs a strategy. By following the above mentioned points, you are sure to succeed. All you need is dedication and passion towards your work and you can reach for the stars. Good luck!