Are you really good at graphic designing? Are you one of those people who hate sitting in an office for 8-9 hours? Do you want to establish yourself as an independent design business owner? If yes, then you should be seriously thinking about becoming a freelance graphic designer. Working as a freelance graphic designer can actually be very rewarding and convenient at times. Just imagine not having a nagging boss breathing under your neck and the best thing is that you don’t have to go to office and be nice to hundreds of people that you don’t really like. Sounds interesting and exciting right? It becomes more exciting when you get to know that you can earn as much as you want to (provide the fact you have enough potential).

Becoming a freelance graphic designer can make your life quite easier, however, one should always keep in mind that there are pros and cons associated with everything. On one hand, being a freelancing looks like a great thing to do and on other hand it is not that easy as it may appear to you initially. If you are planning to become a freelance graphic designer, you need to be aware of a lot of stuff. Since you will be new in the market, you have to be really careful. You need to make sure that you handle yourself and your clients really well. Make sure you order professionally printed, stylish business cards which include your current contact information.

Some Tips to Manage a Good Start

I have seen a lot of talented graphic designers suffering merely because they were clueless in the beginning and because they did not get a good start, their creativity and career suffered. Accepting too many projects initially is not going to take you anywhere. Obviously, there is a lot that one learns as the time passes by however, following are a few tips that you should know before stepping into the world of freelance graphic designer so that you can make a good start and establish a strong base for a strong career in freelance designing:

Select a Perfect Name for Yourself

A good and impressive name is very important in the world of freelancing. The reason is that freelancers hardly meet clients in person so the first impression of any freelance graphic designer is his name. The best thing you can do is avoid attaching freelance to it as people should know that you are working with a team and not on your own. Initially it is important otherwise people will not trust you as a newcomer.

A Suitable Workstation

Well, the best part about freelancing is that you won’t be going to office. But, it does not mean that you should not have a dedicated workplace. Even if you are working from home, you have to have a separate workplace, away from various distractions so that you can concentrate on your work during working hours. Also, keeping it organized is the most important thing. It will be a lot easier for you to work if you know where to find what. Make sure you are comfortable at your workplace because if you are not, you won’t be able to work with sheer dedication which could affect your work quality.

Accompany Your Business with a Website

Start off with creating your own website. This will give clients a preview of your graphic designing skills as well as your website will be a good promotion for you. Having your own website also brings the reliability factor plus you will look professional and clients tend to trust such people.

Keep Your Clients Happy


You cannot ignore clients in any case as they are the ones who are providing you with business. Keeping them happy is the essential part of becoming a successful freelance graphic designer. Since you would be new in business, you have to do everything possible to make your clients happy and retain them. You have to have a good knowledge about how to deal with clients. Yes, it is true that they are the most important thing for freelancers and keeping them happy is necessary however, never undersell yourself. Never ever over commit or entertain their unreasonable demands.


Working as a freelance graphic designer is not a walk in the park. You will not only be working as a graphic designer but you will be acting as a receptionist, accountant, customer service representative, marketing executive etc. So, being creative and talented is not all you need to be a successful freelance graphic designer. You will have to make calls, handle your client’s queries, promote yourself, and handle your accounts and a lot more. Since you will be multi tasking, you will need to work a little hard and give some extra time in the beginning. With the passage of time you’ll learn.

Time Management

In the beginning of their career many freelancer do not give a lot of importance to time management and this is exactly where they mess up things. To give a boost to your career you will have to handle multiple projects at the same time so you need to utilize your time effectively in order to meet the deadlines. Delivering a project on time will make a good first impression of yours in front of the client and they will provide you with more projects in the future.

Act Professional

Even if you are not going to office, act professional. You cannot ignore client’s call or delay the response to an important email. This will completely ruin your impression. If you have any issues discuss them with the client but ignoring calls is a complete NO. As a professional, you will also have to hear all sorts of comments about your project and clients will criticize you. Do accept positive criticism but if there is something you do not agree to, convey your point humbly. Freelancers hardly have to meet clients in person, but if you have to, show up on time and dress formally.

Market Yourself

Any new product has to be introduced in the market for the target market to know about its existence. Same goes for a new freelancer. Since you are new in business, you will have to promote and sell yourself to the clients. If you cannot afford to advertise yourself, get the word out in different ways. You can make calls, add your website in your signature, make your own blog etc.

Work On Hourly Basis

Just because you are working from does not mean you will have to work all the time. Decide a few hours and work only during those hours. Even as a freelancer, you need a break so give yourself enough time to freshen up. Also, work for only five days a week and keep the weekend for yourself so that you can unwind.

Do Your Best Work

Last but not the least; your work will speak for you. While working on a project, give your best shot and make sure you listen to clients requirements as well. In the end when you hand over the project to the client, it should satisfy your client and he should be happy with it.

Becoming a freelance graphic designer might be easy but staying in the business is not. You have to work really hard. Apart from that there is a lot that you need to handle while working as a freelance graphic designer. Be very careful during the initial procedure and your hard work and dedication is sure to take you a long way. I hope that above mentioned points would help and encourage new freelance graphic designers.