Whoever is on the Internet and reading this post might know what blogging is, and many of us are regular blogger too. A research showed that almost 75% of Internet users read blogs on daily basis which shows how popular blogging has become. Different people seek different benefits from blogs. These benefits can range from information, entertainment, learning, inspiration to advertisement and social interaction.

A decade earlier, blogs were considered nothing more than a random diary of a person who likes to write about himself and his opinion every now and then. Now, blogging has become an important source of business and money-making and since it has a huge market, it is now being used as a marketing tool. Companies and individuals are taking advantages from the popularity of blogs and it is a good way of promoting your business as well.

So Many Things in So Little Time

The blog business requires a lot of traffic for its popularity and to reap benefit for the owner. Increased traffic means increased benefits and popularity of your blog. However, either we are on-job employees or freelance graphic designers, maintaining your blog in a way that it catches and then retains reader’s interest in it can be pretty difficult at times. For those who are managing a full time job and still want to maintain their design blog in a catchy way, following tips will be very helpful..

Create an Interesting Topic

Blogs are for readers and the only thing that can attract reader’s attention is an interesting topic. Bogs give you freedom to discuss anything or everything in them. Keeping in the bounds of your field of graphic design, you can discuss the whole universe and the interesting topics never run out.

Even if you write about some serious issue or are up to teaching something, the key is to explain it in an interesting way. Always keep in mind that blogs are meant to be informal and intimate. However, informality does not mean that you go out of limits and turn obnoxious. Content attracts the largest chunk of readers to your blog, so keep it as catchy and friendly as possible.

Share the Relevant Insight

Well, in order to make your blog catchy for your target readership, you need to share the interesting insight through your blog. This insight can be tips and suggestions related to graphic designing, reviews of products and services of the field or it can even be your personal opinion about a certain topic.

Also, when you are writing something, it should have a meaning and whatever you would want to share, make sure it has a point of view. This will not only attract a reader’s attention but it will also create a respect for you in the eyes of the reader.

Add Images and Pictures

It is not possible to have a graphic design blog and not having images or pictures in it. It should be rather said that a graphic designing blog is absolutely incomplete without having cool images and pictures in it. Images attract readers to the content and (in the case of design blog) images a great source of design inspiration for the readers. If your blog will have a reputation of having a collection of great images, it will tempt the readers to keep coming back for more and they would clamor for every new post on the blog.

Design Your Own Icons and Theme

Your graphic design blog should show that it belongs to a graphic designer and not just any other person. For that you can make a custom designed theme, out of some original design of yours. Also, you can design your own customized icons of Twitter, RSS and Digg etc that will add to the uniqueness of your blog.


Involve Your Online Business Links

If you want your design blog to be successful, you need to work on your networking. If you like someone or admire them for their skills, you can mention them in your blogs. You can promote their ideas or link your blog to their blog. The good thing about blogging is that you can market yourself and that too without handling and financial issues. Imagine marketing yourself without any finance, isn’t it interesting?

Give Importance to Keywords

Let’s talk sense here. You want your blog to be catchy right? This means it is important for your blog to show up in search engines more frequently. For this, you need to give importance to keywords. Use the keywords that you think users will use in order to find a relevant topic. You can also check your Site Stats on Word press to check out the words that have been used by readers which lead them to your blog. Also, never forget to add tags in your blog. The advantage of having a blog is that you can use a keyword as long as you want which can make your blog more visible during various searches.

Write with Facts and Figures

Do not write about anything unless you are very sure about it. Your blog should make sense to the reader so write about something which you know. You can take help from the bundles of informational data available on the Internet. Never write on something which is not clear to you as blogs are a kind of open forums, you won’t be able to have a healthy conversation with the readers if you are not fully aware of the topic which can give a negative impact of your blog. Facts, figures and stats catch human interest, so it is good to add them in your content where suitable.

Make your Blog a Part of Your Signature

In order to attract readers to your blog, you need to advertise it. The best way is to make your blog a part of your signature. If you are interested in blogging it is pretty obvious that you are someone who spends a lot of time online. You must be sending loads and loads of emails everyday for one thing or the other. Add your blog’s link into your signature. This will surely increase the number of visits to your blog.

Stay Up-to-Date

Keep yourself and your blog updated on what is happening around your world. People should find something new and interesting to read every time they read your blog. If they really like your blog they will bookmark it in order to read it whenever they want to. But that does not mean that your blog will be bookmarked forever. If you will fail to keep it regular and up-to-date, you will lose your bookmarking. So by keeping it updated, you have become a part of social book marking.

Avoid Too Much Marketing

Promoting yourself every now and then can be a little annoying for the reader. Do not utilize every opportunity to market yourself. Give your readers a break too and discuss something else. Remember people are not visiting your blog to learn about you. They are more interested in reading some useful articles which will increase their knowledge so do provide them with that.

Cozy Writing Style

If it is a blog, you should not be using a language which is way too formal. For blogs, informal or comfortable language is always better. As said earlier, people can relate to blogs and their content only because the writing style is simple. Your writing style also depends on your target market. If you are targeting corporate class then obviously you will have to use a bit of formal language. If everyday readers are your target market then make sure you stay connected to them by using every day tone.

Be Genuine

If you really want people to like and appreciate you, you have to sound genuine in your blogs. Sounding fake or making up various stories to make things exciting will put off the reader and there are high chances that he would not visit your blog again considering it to be useless. If you are posting your blog on social sites, in a way you are promoting your blog on social media which is a great thing. Thousands of readers will go through your blog so be genuine to them.

Serve the Purpose

The main purpose of blogging is to market yourself and the main purpose of marketing is to develop long term relationships between your business as design house or yourself as a designer and the general public/ potential clients. Once they will start liking your blog and will trust you, they will eventually end up buying your products or start marketing your blog which will be very beneficial to you.

Active Archive

Give readers an opportunity to read your previous work as well so create a good archive. Readers should be able to read previous topics and discussions. Also, make your blogging site more interesting by making the site a little attractive. People should want to stay on your website.

I hope all, or some of these tips prove helpful for you and your graphic design blog in future.

Happy blogging!