Working as a freelancer is a new working trend in the professional world and has also become very popular source of income these days. Either you are working alongside a regular job, or on a work-from-home projects, freelancing has its own unique charm for professionals and especially the graphic designing community.

A great number of graphic designers work as freelancers. This is the kind of field that gives you the flexibility and margin to do self-employed projects, and it often pays them very well. When it comes to being a freelance graphic designer, you can see endless discussions of pros and cons of being a “freelance” graphic designer.
A great number of graphic designers in the field are of the view that working for a company on regular basis as an employed professional is far better than sitting at home and working as a freelancer. However, for people who are in the freelancing pattern and are enjoying it well say that this is a good way to earn money and also to exhibit their creativity out of bounds. In this article we will discuss advantages and disadvantages of being a freelance graphic designer. If you are planning to be a freelance graphic designer, make sure that advantages outweigh disadvantages for you.

Being a Freelance Graphic Designer – Good!

1. Flexibility

Flexibility of the timings is the best thing about being a freelance graphic designer. Time flexibility is especially useful for people who are currently studying or need to give time at households and family and is a great way to earn some extra money off and on. Also, freelancing helps you gain experience or keep in-touch with your skills and profession as well. Also, there are certain people who simply cannot handle office jobs which require you to stay in office from 9-5. For such people the flexibility of hours of freelancing is a great blessing.

2. Exhibiting Your Creativity

Since you would be working individually, without any external pressure, you will be free to take your own decisions (design-related and other). Basically graphic designing is an extremely creative profession and when you won’t be having constant pressure on you from your manager or supervisor, you would be free to create whatever you want to juicing out all your creative sense.

3. Being Your Own Boss

Just imagine that you don’t have to report to anyone or you are not answerable for every move you make, your professional life will turn into a heaven on earth. Such happens when you work as a self-employed freelancer. Being you own boss is a greatest advantage of being a freelance graphic designer.

Yes, you will receive a few notes from your clients but that’s about it. You can then work on the project exactly they way you want to and you won’t have to get it approved after every color combination or animation you use in order to create a good website.

4. Working From Home

You can sleep whenever you want to; you can wake up on your own convenient timings because you won’t be having any sort of restrictions of reaching office sharp at 9. You can simply work from your own place which will also help you in spending some quality time with your family. Since there will be less distractions, you can concentrate on your work more.

5. Being Selective

If you have been successful is earning yourself a good reputation as a freelance graphic designer, you can be really selective about the projects that you select. If you think a project is boring or your client is being unreasonable on something, you can simply refuse to take up the project. You can enjoy the best thing about being a freelance graphic designer and that is having the authority to accept or rejects projects based on your likings and disliking. Always keep in mind, this is no office job where you have to do every task you are assigned.


6. Comfortability

You won’t be having any dress code so you can work from your home and that too in your sleeping suit. Freelancing offers you a comfort level. You can work on your own time, at your own place. You can wear anything, eat anything anytime. The freedom in being a freelance graphic designer is something you would not want to exchange for anything.

Being a Freelance Graphic Designer – Bad!

1. Instability

With so many advantages, you will have to compromise on the instability which at times gets really hard. Financial stability is very important and the worst thing about freelance graphic designing is that you might end up on projects very soon. The new work might be not in the row. So, financially you will have to suffer which is unacceptable in most cases.

2. Constant Client Searching

As a freelance graphic designer, you might feel that you are always looking for a job. It is important for freelancers to keep on searching for new projects, dependable clients. If a project ends, most of the clients are expected to disappear so in order to earn continuously, you should have back up clients and looking for opportunities constantly can be very stressful.

3. Handling More Than One Job

You will have to take care of multiple tasks since you would be handling everything on your own. You will have to do your own marketing, get projects and handle them, deal with clients. Obviously you will have to be expert on graphic designing but these are a few things on which you will have to focus to be a successful freelance graphic designer.

4. No Perks or Incentives

As a freelance graphic designer, you will be earning only for your work. You won’t be getting any extra perks or incentives like health insurance. If you are working for a big company, you will have added benefits other than your salary. When it comes to freelancing, there are no such things.

5. Boredom

Working all alone can be really boring at times. Initially you might enjoy the freedom and flexible working hours, but you do need company. Staying alone in home, designing websites all the time with no second opinions can be very stressful. People who are social cannot handle freelancing as for them it gets way too boring.

6. Pressure

You will have a constant pressure on yourself of multiple things. For instance, if you are unable to meet a deadline, you will have only yourself to blame. You are the one who will be handling clients, finding projects. Taking care of so many things will keep your mind occupied for almost entire day.


Everything in this world has its advantages and disadvantages. If you really want to be a freelance graphic designer, you can work on the disadvantages and focus more on the advantages of being a freelancer. Obviously, freelancing has become quiet popular and common these days but it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

One must keep in mind that either it’s an office job or a freelance job, dedication or effort is required to get successful. Even if you are working as a freelance graphic designer, you should be able to focus more on your creativity and projects instead of focusing on comfort, leisure. If you manage to keep a balance between things, you are sure to be a successful freelance graphic designer.