1. Introduction
  2. Tips to build a marketing strategy
  3. Conclusion

Nowadays as the economical crisis still has a bad influence on many countries the possibilities of a freelancer to gain more and good projects are increasing. This statement is based on the latest studies regarding the market and the large opportunities of the online medium; the companies have the tendency to hire very good specialists, for high quality tasks, paid in high amounts of dollars only for projects and not as full time employees. This sounds as very good news for all freelancers.

As a reaction to this fact the entire strategy of a freelancer should be modified…it is very true, and maybe unfair but expensive and interesting projects are taken in most cases by good freelancers who have a very active strategy of marketing and not by the most qualified or talented ones who do not promote themselves.

Here, I want to propose some good tips that will probably increase your opportunities to be hired, but the most important is still your work and not the strategy of promo; following my rules will make you more attractive but not a better freelancer.

Marketing is Everything

1. Use social media

Every freelancer is almost inexistent if he/she hasn’t a Twitter or Facebook account, to socialize in these world wide networks is a “must” even if some of us do not like them. One important reason of using these can be found with a simple search on Google…the average period of time spent on socialization websites is more than 5 hours per month …hope that the result is enough to convince you. It really doesn’t matter that you have few friends…all started with 0 friends and also your network of friends shouldn’t include only freelancers, designers or developers, anybody could need sometimes the services provided by you.

Another very good example is the great numbers of stars who have accounts on these websites and have a good communication with fans. Surely if they wouldn’t keep their accounts updated they wouldn’t have results, isn’t it?

2. Back to work…portfolio

Let’s suppose you have an intense activity regarding socialization, but to have a real effect over your chances of getting hired is in the same time necessary to show your skills. The best way of showing your skills is to create an impressive and super high quality portfolio; obvious it must contain your best works.

Very important: I am a logo designer but my portfolio is various: I posted my best logos, but I uploaded some websites layouts, nice retouches, some business cards and posters. Having a large palette of activities, the chances of getting hired are increasing.

Here are some good websites to post your portfolio.

1. http://www.behance.net/

2. http://www.deviantart.com/

3. http://logopond.com/ (only for logo designers)


3. What about a website?

This tip supposes that you are experienced and want to get well paid projects. A high quality website that presents you and your projects represents “the last frontier of freelancing”, I believe that it defines a complete freelancer. Much more, having a website allows you to keep in touch with a lot of potential customers, let them know your skills, preferences and prices.

4. Do not be shy to try

Probably one of the most important tips: try to offer your services to everyone who needs it, but do not avoid proposing yourself to potentials customers. The number of freelancers is great and nobody that is searching for the services of one of them can’t check all the portfolios, but if you express the demand of taking the project surely the chances of having the portfolio verified by the client are increasing.

Take my example, to post this article here I submit my offer to almost 100 websites which have the section “Write for us” and I am sure that I won’t ever be emailed by many of my customers that are content with my articles if I didn’t contacted them.

5. Ask everyone to judge your works

This tip is generally valuable: having multiple points of view over a specific drawing gives you more chances to notice the strong and weak points of it. It is a better solution to ask for these opinions people who are specialists in the field and take care of their advices. Personally, I used to put my logos on various websites and ask a lot of logo designers for their opinions…it was a big surprise…I have just uploaded the logo and instantly the comments came. It could be a problem: some of very qualified artists are rude with the small mistakes of the beginners. Pay attention to their observations, but if the comments are mean or unkind don’t let your hopes down. I really passed this situation; it was very difficult but somehow necessary. Anyway, by asking all people you are promoting yourself and a good work has many chances to be noticed by the clients.

6. Be patient and do not hurry

Maybe it seems to be a mother or grandmother advice, but I have passed the situation of being neglected by clients (I should take courses of modesty!) and really know how you are feeling. In my case all friends told me to give up my dreams of being a freelancer…the dream of having no chief! There were some moments when I believed that they were right, but fortunately they weren’t so. Keep in mind: a complete and effective strategy of marketing doesn’t mean that the result will come tomorrow or in the worst case the day after tomorrow…it could be a matter of months or years, and that means hard work and patience. Having multiple retweets or a website that is rarely updated doesn’t mean that you are promoting, it means that you are cheating yourself; a strategy is a long time plan that contains multiple actions.

Once again this tip can look as a very general one, but is definitely in your future activity, it is very important because it helps you to pass/overtake the very difficult situations.

Good luck and leave a comment with your opinion about my pieces of advices.

Gagandeep Singh is working for Go-gulf.com, a Dubai based web design company that provides web design solution in Kuwait, Sharjah and Middle East.