Most of the Web Developers and Designers are using mostly JavaScript as per latest design requirements, because now many modren techniques are available on world wide web, we always follow various web techniques and scripts for best user experience, we sharing most wanted JavaScript Tutorials as per modern web needs.

We always try to arrange something really useful for our respected readers and visitors, in this article we making another great roundup which fully contained various JavaScript Techniques and trainings.

JavaScript libraries helping to help make design and development easier now. We’re with some major JavaScript libraries that developers using example: jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous, mootools and Dojo.

Building a 5 Star Rating System with jQuery, AJAX and PHP

How jQuery Beginners can Test and Improve their Code

Using Twitter’s @Anywhere Service in 6 Steps

How To Create A ‘Mootools Homepage’ Inspired Navigation Effect Using jQuery

Hyphenation in Web

jQuery Tutorial – Create a Sliding Menu Using jQuery


iPhoto-like image resizing using Javascript

Creating a Floating HTML Menu Using jQuery and CSS

Accordion Menu Using jQuery

Drag & Drop Sortable Lists with JavaScript and CSS


jQuery – Vertical Slide Fixed Height Menu #6



Unobtrusive Slide Out Menu

Rich Text Editor

jQuery Tutorials for Designers


jQuery Tutorial – Simple Lava Lamp Menu Tutorial with jQuery


Sliding JavaScript Sidebar Menu


Textboxlist Auto-Completion

LavaLamp for jQuery lovers!

Lightbox 2



jQuery Dropline With Current Selection

jQuery Tutorial – How to Make a Smooth Animated Menu with jQuery

Step by Step

Combining Modern CSS3 and HTML5 Techniques

Fun With Canvas: Create a Bar Graphing Plugin, Part 1

Fun with Canvas: Create a Bar Graphing Plugin, Part 2

How To Build a Widget to Display your Buzzing

Quick Tip: An Introduction to jQuery Templating

How to Use the jQuery UI Autocomplete Widget

Learning Server-Side JavaScript with Node.js