In this digital era mostly movies using fiction art and also we seen really influence of CG Digital art work there in famous movies, most of digital artist working as Multimedia Developer, they always draw imaginary graphics on canvas and some time these kind of arts help in cartoon movie characters too, in this best ever roundup “40 Stunning Invented CG Artwork Tutorials” where we listing some famous artists work placed as trainings, which helping to newbie’s and some beginners digital design inspirations.

Create an Ivy Covered Tree Stump with 3ds Max, Ivy Gen, and VRay

Centuried Street

The Outcome

An Archiviz Workflow Overview in 3ds Max, Sketchup, and Digital Fusion

Making of Gladiator

Making a weaved pattern

Making of the Joker

Mouse Love

Open Umbrella

Chuck Berry

Modeling of Kreacher

Making of Willpower

Facial Animation Rig for Delgo

Hard surface textures

Making of Varga In MAYA

Rihanna Digital Painting

Modeling of Coca Cola bottle

Create an Abstract Disco Ball Scene with Cinema 4D


Making of Red Assassin

The Making of Wonded Ork by dori3d

High polygon realistic character creation

Making of Clara

Create an Abstract Armored Sphere Scene in Cinema 4D

Chaleur et paix by Mohammed Khalil

The Making of Eastern Dragon Rider

Creating Bicycle Model in 3DS MAX

Creating Normandy SR1 in 3DS MAX

HDRIs using Vray 1.5 RC3 Renderer

Making of Halloween Witch by Amber Chen, Georgia

The Making of Zhao Zhuang

VIDEO: Modeling of Portal Cube

Making of Klara Medkova

Create an Awesome 3D Future City

Making of The Package They Carry

Brazil2 GI Tutorial

Making of Jonathan Shroud

Making of By the Sea by Adrian Baluta

Making of Portrait of a Magic Warrior

Making of Rollerblades

Lord of the Rings Painting Exercise